Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It Takes Guts: Part 1- Just like Coldplay, I will try to fix you. ( Just like Coldplay, I can't fix you)

We all know that Thomas Edison was a smart guy.  You are sitting somewhere reading this, by a light, that you most likely turned on by a switch, thanks to him
( And others.  I know. Who invented what isn't the point here.
Why are you still arguing?).
I wonder how many times he and other inventors like him failed before they got the final product.  When they got the final product, I bet there was a small window of time that they were happy with what they had done, and then started seeing ways to tweak it and make it better.
The light bulb was a good idea that has been improved on over the years due to lots of work, trial and error, and persistence to make the light bulb work at its most efficient level. It didn't have to be reinvented every time.  The basis was there, they just did things to make it better.

My health and the health of my family is an already invented invention.
(I'm pretty sure there is a better way to say that.
Just go with it.)
The basis is there. The things we need are there.  
We just have to figure out how to put it all together to make it work.
It is taking years of work, trial and error, and persistence. 
We have not arrived.
At all.
Not even close. 
I'm drinking Starbucks iced chai while I type this. 
(Most of you just said "What's wrong with that?") 
We are however, better off  than we were when I was ignorant to the issues of our health and that is what I want to share with you.

"The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition." ~ Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison didn't just know about light bulbs, he knew the value of nutrition in our lives.
Sounds like he had high hopes for the health of future generations.
I do too, but the future is now and we can't keep ignoring the role nutrition plays in our lives. 
(That was brilliant.  You can quote me.)

Think of all the ways our lives are better because of the light bulb, the wheel, indoor plumbing, or any other convenient invention we use on a daily basis.
Think of all the ways your life could be better if your body was healthier. 
Just like all these other created inventions, God created our bodies to work and run a certain way.  
When we don't screw a light bulb in the right way, it doesn't work.  
The components that make up the light bulb didn't change, we just aren't using it the right way.
Our bodies are much the same.  The components are there for us to function properly, we just have to do things the right way.
Screwing in a light bulb is easy.  
(Unless you are short and can't reach.  Not that that ever happens to me....)
Figuring out how to effectively plug in all the parts so our bodies are well, not so much. 

Thats where the idea for this series comes in.
Let me just first say that I am not, nor do I claim to be an expert on health.
There is a lot that I don't know.
There is a lot that I do know, but don't do.
Much of what I have learned has been through people that are way smarter than me.
Much have what I have learned has been through trial and error.

So why should you listen to what I have to say?
That is a good question.
A really. good. question. 
The answer I have is that I truly do believe that so many of us walk around sick, struggling with disease, etc, when we don't have to. 
I don't have all the answers.  Not even close to all the answers.
But I've done the research, I love my friends, and I hate to see people suffer.
Especially when that suffering can be helped!

I have seen through my own experience how making changes, makes a difference. 
So listen to me, don't listen to me. 

You'll have 7 more chances to do what you want.

(Which of course is to hang on my every word.)

In this 7 part series, I am going to do my best to lay out the following:
- Our Story-  Why you think I'm crazy. ( Don't even act like you don't)
- Gluten-  It's like a smelly cat. (That's for all my cat lover friends)
-The Gut- It's not a litter box so stop treating it like one. (Not even kidding)
- Autoimmune Disease & Food Allergies- Why your grandmother didn't have them. ( She probably had bunions though) 
- Natural Remedies- Why charcoal isn't just for your grill. ( Neither is gas)
- Now What?- Practical baby steps. ( You'll have to change your own diapers)

I am hoping to give you a new part every Monday.
I am not superwoman.
I require much grace.
I'm a busy girl. 
I want to do a good job articulating the information, so some weeks may take me longer than others.
Because of the fact that Lana (daughter) and I eat gluten free, many of you think that is the main point. 
At the end of the day, I want to explain why that is only a piece of our health. 
That's why its going to take 7 parts. 
So listen close ok!

Thanks for reading along.  I'm excited about this little series and I hope you are too! 
If you aren't, shame on you.
Just kidding.
Don't feed me gluten.
I'll tell you why later. 

Now for the fine print.
1. I am not a doctor nor do I have any medical training.
2. I am not anti doctor nor do I run to one every time we are sick.
3. I do not have an xray machine therefore I utilize the orthopedic doctor. A lot. 
(If you don't know, my kids have had 4 broken bones in 2 years.) 
4. I am not super fit or super healthy.
5. I am not doing the best I can.
6. I still make excuses even though I know the facts.
7. I didn't make all the changes I have made in one day.
8. I still have a long way to go.
9. I've made a lot of progress over the past 2 years.
10. Just when I think I have something figured out, something else pops up.
11. I cannot tell you what to do.
12. I do not judge you.
13. I want to fix you. 
14. I can't fix you. 
15. I am not remotely close to being an expert. 
16. I believe that modern medicine is amazing and has its place in our lives.
17. I believe that food is amazing and has its place in our lives.
18. I believe food heals. 
19. I want this series to be informative and helpful.
20. I want you to look into stuff on your own.
21. I want you to make at least one change.
22. I want to eat chocolate right now. 
23. I don't want to run today.
24. I need to run today.
25. I'm done.

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Praying for you as you do this series.