Sunday, November 30, 2008

You know I'm all over this!

Woohoo! I don't usually do the MeMe things...but this one is about Christmas, so I am all over that stuff.

1.) Wrapping paper or gift bags?
I love a nicely wrapped gift.

2.) Real tree or Artificial?
I love a real tree, but I have an artificial one that my Grandmother gave us, so it is free.

3.) When do you put up the tree?
Thanksgiving day

4.) When do you take the tree down?
Sometime in January

5.) Do you like egg nog?
yes - I love Quinn Hills Egg nog!

6. )Favorite gift received as a child?
Cabbage Patch Doll

7.) Do you have a nativity scene?
Yes- Its just one of those one piece deals, but Logan gave it to me, so its special!

8.) Hardest person to buy for?

9.) Easiest person to buy for?

10.) Mail or email Christmas cards?

11.) Worst Christmas gift you ever received?
Stacy bought me "Sleepless in Seattle" 3 years in a row! Bless his heart.

12.) Favorite Christmas movie(s)?
White Christmas, Its A Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol with George C Scott.

13.) When do you start shopping for Christmas?
I like to be done before Thanksgiving except for small things.

14.) Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?
I'll never tell

15.) Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?
Our families special coconut creme orange drink and Johncies Jello. Plus I LU-V me some Ham.

16.) Clear or colored Christmas lights?
Both....I do mostly clear, but I like colored in the kids rooms

17.) Favorite Christmas song(s)?
O Holy Night, Breath of Heaven, O Come O Come Emmanuel

18.) Travel at Christmas or stay home?
Both- Last year we traveled, this year we stay home.

19.) Can you name all of Santa's reindeer's? Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen and Rudolph!

20.) Angel on the tree top or a star?

21.) Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning?
Siblings open presents from each other on Christmas Eve- all else on Christmas morning

22.) Most annoying thing about this time of year?
WAAAYYYY to much commercialism. It's getting really ridiculous. Also this whole "Merry Christmas"- "Happy Holidays" debate.

23.) Favorite ornament theme or color?
I love my old nostaligic ornaments and the ones that the kids make

24.) Favorite dinner for Christmas?
Ham! Remember I said I LU-UV ham! (just like my Aunt!!!) Mashed Potatoes, PA Dutch Style Grean Beans, and a Shoe Fly Pie!

25.) What do you want for Christmas this year?
A dishwasher that works

26). Do you bake lots of goodies during the holidays?
Does the sun shine? Seriously, I just filled an entire over flowing shelf in my pantry with baking stuff for the Holidays. White Trash, Sugar Cookies, Creme De Menthe Brownies, Rocky Road Fudge, Candy Cane Cookies, and a few new ones for '08.

27). Do you decorate different rooms of your home?
Yes! Living room, den, kitchen, and the kids both do their rooms.

28.) What decorations do you put outside?
Garland and bows on the railings. I don't have any outdoor plugs so no lights for me. My poor kids ask for them every year though. Maybe some day.

29.) How do you spend Christmas Eve?
Enjoy a nice dinner and dessert, read the Christmas story, kids exchange gifts between each other and watch A Christmas Carol.

30.) Is Christmas your favorite holiday?
I'd have to say yes.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Twilight, Toes, and Christmas Decorations

Topic One: Twilight-
I went again this week. Loved it even better the second time around. I will go again. I tried to go today but Mary didn't answer my text. Mary why didn't you answer my text?
Anyways...I just have to say this about Twilight and then I will move on...
I love that they are vampires, and could have, do, act, however they like, and yet they CHOOSE to be upright, moral, non killing, vampires. It adds this human dimension to them of fighting their flesh, and I like that about them.
I think that Stacy and I are going to see it together next week for his birthday. Happy Birthday Missy, I mean Stacy. ;)

Topic Two: My Toe-
Crissy graciously offered to take me on Wednesday to have my toe taken care of. It was comforting to know that she was in the waiting room listening to Rob Pattinson sing, while I was having half of my big toenail removed.
I must say that I never knew that something like a toenail could cause so much pain. I had been trying to treat it at home for 2 weeks to no avail.
The worse part was them giving me 3 shots in my toe to numb it. And then as he started to remove the nail, I could feel a digging pain. Yeah, not supposed to feel that. So he had to give me another shot, straight down the top of my toe. Then he proceeded with the removal. It was a horrible sound, and feeling. I could hear the tools, and feel the pressure of him ripping out my nail. Pleasant. Then he bandaged it up all big and fat so that I couldn't wear a shoe. So I've been shoeless since Wednesday.
I even went to Thanksgiving dinner at Kim Postons with no shoes on. Which by the way was such a fun time having Thanksgiving dinner with that fun group of people! Kim Poston made everything imaginable! It was amazing!
Back to the toe- Hubby is about to remove my bandages and re wrap them smaller so that I can wear shoes. I must go grocery shopping tomorrow, and I've already been to Wal-Mart once with no shoes, I'm not doing it again.

Topic Three: Christmas Decorations-
Tuesday the kids and I decorated the den, and the kids did their rooms. Very cute they are by the way. Then yesterday we put up the tree and decorated while watching White Christmas. Can't get any more festive than that! Then today, I decorated my living room. I think I've mentioned before that I do my den, living room, and kitchen, and I do them all differently. It's just something I like to do. I like the differences. Downstairs is snowmen and silvers. The living room is golds, and more rustics. The kitchen is whimsy and fun.
And lest you all think I am rich, a lot of the stuff I have inherited...the rest I have gotten gradually over the past 10 years.
I look forward to a lot of you coming over to my house on the 9th for the Ornament Swap. If you didn't get an email invitation, consider this your official invitation! (unless you are a crazy person)

Alrighty then, I have covered my desired 3 topics for the evening. Now I will go let Stacy bandage my toe. Fun for him huh?!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tinsel Tuesdays

I'm feeling festive today!
Can you tell?
Not even Thanksgiving and I've already put up my Christmas blog. Deal.

I have never done any of the day of the week blog thingys.
But during this Christmas season I have decided to do "Tinsel Tuesdays".
Yes, I made that up. Shocking, I know.
On Tinsel Tuesdays, and there will be 5 of them, I will share Christmas ideas and tips.
Edge of your seats...I know you are!

Today's Tinsel Tuesdays tip is Planning. Come on friends, say it with me, Planning.
If there is one thing I have learned about this time of year, it is Planning.
I always have kept a notebook or binder with Calendar pages in it. This year, sweet Virginia gave me a handmade planner that I have already filled up and LOVE! Thanks Virge!

Anyways...things that are in my planning notebook:

1. List of people I need to give gifts to-what the gift will be and how much it will cost.

2. Recipes and how much each of those recipes cost to make. (trust me, this is helpful!)

3. Parties- the date, time, what I need to bring, how much it will cost me.

4. Entertaining- the date, time, what I need to provide, how much it will cost me.

5. Baking Schedule- I need to pace myself and don't want to make everything at once, I gotta spread my baking love!

6. Craft ideas- Any crafts projects I or the kids want to do...again how much it costs, and a general day we might do those.

7. Christmas Eve and Day Menu- This year my parents are coming to our house for Christmas, so I need to be prepared. I have been writing down ideas for our menu.

8. Christmas Budget- This is just me and my financial analness, but I do highly recommend making a budget for Christmas. Include any baking, entertaining, parties that require gifts, giving, and misc holiday stuff.

So my friends, I give you a week to PLAN! Check back every Tuesday between now and Christmas for more Tinsel Tuesdays.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Rainy Day Randimonium

1. Baking Chocolate Chip Banana Bread today.

2. Kids are cleaning out from underneath Logans bed.

3. Children found a very old waffle underneath Logans bed.

4. Lana freaked out when I told her to pick it up.

5. Found a piece of paper on my desk...with Logans handwriting. It says, 2 times..."Laser Hair Removal". Yeah, not sure what that is about.

6. Trying to attack the mountain of laundry that piled up over the weekend.

7. Really wanting to go see Twilight again. Yes again. Yes I am obsessed. If you haven't read the books, then hush.

8. Had the best time Thursday night at midnight seeing the movie with 8 other women.

9. Stayed home from church yesterday morning with Sinus crud, horrible cramps, and a very painful ingrown toenail.

10. Unless a miracle happens tonight, I have to go to the Dr. tomorrow to have toenail taken care of. I don't think puss, swelling, and constant throbbing are good things. And yes, I have been doing the Epsom salt soak thing.

11. Done with Christmas shopping. Still need to get something for my brother. Other than that...done.

12. Made a huge grocery list over the weekend. Can't wait to start my Christmas baking.

13. Having only one car is a pain in the butt at times...other times its nice to be stuck at home. Like on rainy days like today.

14. Still wondering why my son wrote down laser hair removal.

15. Miss talking to my parents who are in Africa with my Sister. Wish I was there too.

16. Really looking forward to the Rockettes show with Lana.

17. This coming Sunday is the Hanging of the Green and the first Sunday of Advent. Yeah!!!

18. People from church invited us to their house for Thanksgiving. That is so nice. We are looking forward to it. No Cracker Barrel for us this year. Which would have been fun too.

19. Started taking down my Fall decorations so that this week I can put up Christmas decorations! Hooray for Christmas trees!

20. Have the Nutcracker Suite song in my head.

21. I love glitter.

22. Want to do one of those paraffin wax hand treatments sometime.

23. I look like a complete dork right now, and I haven't brushed my teeth today.

24. Had to redo the budget yesterday to make room for all the Christmas parties and such that are coming up.

25. Will be paying the van off on January 31st. Then what? We have a paid off dead van.

26. 2 words- Cullen Family

27. I have enjoyed several cheesy Hallmark Channel Christmas movies this weekend.

28. Really miss my sister. And the girls. I want to give them big squeezes.

29. Speaking of big squeezes, Alli Shirleys new baby is so squeezable and cute!

30. Seriously, laser hair removal? I'm not even hairy...what is that about?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thank you!!!!

Well if you where just listening to DJC then you know that picture #9 won.
:( Poop for us.
BUT!!!!! We did win 2 tickets for being in the top ten!
The lady said that we where really close.
#9 was the one that we where close with yesterday.
Oh well....Lana is soooooooooooo happy that we are going to the show!
We've been wanting to go so bad and the tickets are beyond pricey.
She started jumping up and down and was almost crying! So sweet.
Anyways, thank you all for your support and your votes. Ya'll are the best!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


OK, so I submitted this picture of Lana from 2 years ago, to WDJC's contest to win 4 tickets and a walk on roll to the ROCKETTES!
Well I just got an email that she is one of the 10 finalist!!!!
Can you please email - and vote for picture #10-Lana Lowery.
Lana and I have been wanting to go to the show so bad, but tickets are enourmously expensive. Plus, if she wins, she gets to be part of the nativity scene in the Rockettes show!!!

The rules are 1 entry per email use as many email addresses accounts as you can!
The deadline is Thursday night! Winner is announced Friday.
Thanks my friends!!!

Biscuit Bowls

To answer Veazers question about Sloppy Joe Biscuit Bowls, I will tell you all.
First of all, my friend Stace' is the one who showed me how to do the bowls. She did them when we where in Charlotte and served Chicken Soup with them. Very yummy!
I thought Sloppy Joes would be good in them too, and they where!!!!

You need:
1 pack of Grands biscuits ( I used the generic kind from Aldi)

Roll the bisuits out flat.
Place them over the back side of the cups of a muffin tin that has been sprayed with Pam.
Bake 10 or so minutes.

I then filled mine with Sloppy Joe meet and topped with some shredded cheddar that melted on it. It was goooood.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Missy's Helpful Grocery Tips

Ok, well I mentioned last week about grocery shopping for 2 weeks for $100.
Several people have asked me how, so I am here to give you some of my tips.
In reality I spent about $85 on groceries, because I had to spend $20 on non-food stuff.

***Disclaimer- I do not do this every week. This was just a particularly tight week.

1. Take inventory of freezer, fridge, and pantry. See if there is any meat hiding in that freezer that you can use. With your pantry items, see what you can throw together to make a meal.

2. Think soups and casseroles. For my family of 4, a large batch of soup, or a 9x13 casserole will last 2 meals.

3. Breakfast for dinner. Pancakes, eggs, breakfast casseroles, again, all good ways to eat cheap. Bacon and Sausage are also cheap.

4. Settle on two main meats when going to the grocery store. For instance, I bought a 3lb package of ground beef, and a bag of chicken breasts. Those will be my only meats for the 2 weeks. But if you use 1 lb of meat in a casserole or soup, then you've gotten 2 meals out of 1 lb.

5. Keep easy snacks on hand. I always like to have some sort of homemade goody on hand for hungry children. Lately I've been making some sort of bread in my bread machine, that is a good snack with some butter or jelly...or I make some quick bread like banana bread, applesauce bread, small loaves to keep around for munchy children.

6. For me, Aldi is one of my best cheap grocery allies. If you don't have an Aldi near you, there are other discount grocery chains that offer cheaper food. I had to run into Food World the other day for some canned goods for a food drive, and I was shocked at the difference between them and Aldi for things like canned corn. 20 cents here and there really starts to add up.

7. Go generic. Besides Cottonelle TP, Colgate Toothpaste, and Suave Hair products, I cannot think of anything that I don't buy in generic form.

8. Plan your meals. This is the biggest help!

Here is my list of meals for the 2 weeks:

Sloppy Joe Biscuit Bowls, green beans
Potato Soup, corny cornbread
Venison Pot Roast (already in freezer), rice, corn
Baked Fish and Rice (already in freezer)
Chicken and Rice Casserole, Broccoli
Beef and Mashed Potato Casserole, green beans
Sausage and Egg Casserole, Fresh bread
Country Style Stk (already in freezer), mashed potatoes, corn
Pancakes and bacon

Baked Potatoes
Hot Dogs ( the very cheap kind)
Ramen noodles and Grilled Cheese
Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese
PB & J
Cheese Quesadillas

Homemade cinnamon raisin bread, banana bread, pumpkin bread
Hot chocolate and Marshmallows
Apples, bananas

Leftover pancakes

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tagged and My Grocery List

Well first of all Virginia tagged me to tell you 6 things about me. I feel like you should all know everything there is to know about me by know...but just in case, I will give you 6 more yummy nuggets of randomly randomness.

1. I am currently counting down the days until the Twilight movie comes out. Oh yes, I WILL be at the midnight showing with Crissy, Ginger, and whatever other crazy people are joining us. We are currently at 8 days, 1 hour, 55 minutes.

2. Unlike Virges aversion to Facebook, I am, well yes, I can say it, a wee bit obsessed with it. Who knew status updates could be so much fun!

3. I obsess over money. We just did our budget for Nov.15th -Dec.29th, and yes, every penny is pretty much allotted. Of course, my going to see Twilight money is budgeted in that. Well actually, I think Crissy bought my ticket on line. So I will drive us there since it is across town, and I will purchase snacks. Yes, you have to have snacks at a midnight movie!

4. I like Amish books. Jah, I do. I just finished one today. Although, I am an Amish novel purist. I only like Beverly Lewis because I consider her the first lady of Amish books.

5. I used to have a pair of red, white, and black PJ's that had a panda on them. I loved those PJ's. They even had holes in them. Kim Hill always made fun of them in college. After a year or so of marriage my husband finally made me part with them. I still miss those PJs. They where so comfy.

6. I love me a good grocery list and meal plan.

Which brings me to my grocery list portion of this post.
I have just put together a 2 week grocery list, on my master grocery list of course, and planned out meals for 2 weeks based on a $100 budget. I can't believe it. But its true. We are poor this week so I am forcing myself to use up what I have and be extra thrifty with what I have to buy. And I must say that $20 of that is non-food items that I need like TP, detergent, and other stuff like that.
I look forward to my two weeks of bare necessity's. Stacy and I are definitely learning to live on less right now. Not that we've ever lived on a lot. But since I've stopped working, things are definitely tighter. We are also down to 1 car since the van is completely dead. So I will be taking him to and from work on days that I need the car. Sounds fun doesn't it!? Such is life. People do stuff like this all the time right. God is still good. All the time.

I just thought of a 7th thing about me. I am "I'ming" with my Mom while I type this post, and I crack myself up. Number 7- I make myself laugh. That will come in really handy when I'm in a loony bin some day.

Night peeps!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Oh yeah, I've been Yearbooked!

So tonight my husband got me onto the yearbook yourself thing.
Love it!!!

Here I am in 1966.


Oh yes, and as a man!

My poor husband. He will probablly never kiss me again. If you don't know my brother...this is what he looks like! Stacy is very disturbed! Yes folks, I look like a man.

My brother Adam.

No go, yearbook yourself and post it. You will get hours of laughs!

The Weaving that is Me

20 hours of total car travel visiting various friends and relatives gives one lots of time to think and ponder on things.
My recent travels to NC have gotten me to thinking of the different people that have come into my life over my 33 years and have left their mark.

I grew up in Charlotte, NC, with the exception of being born in the north, and then a year we spent in VA. But most of my first 14 years was centered around Charlotte and the church I grew up in there. When I returned last week, I was able to see some of the ladies that "raised" me. It was a weird feeling to me to be sitting as a woman with the woman that played such an instrumental role in my first 14 years. For me growing up, there was a feeling of security and comfort knowing that all of these families where there for each other. We where gently corrected whenever we needed correcting, and we where loved on when needed loving on. We got together often for game nights and fellowship. If someone was going through a trying time, a meal was brought, or your kids where taken care of.
For those days and for those ladies, I am thankful. In those foundational years I learned a lot about serving one another and hospitality. The kind of hospitality that comes naturally out of a love for your fellow sister or brother in Christ, not out of obligation.
I am thankful for the people of my first 14 years that began to weave a foundation into my life.

When I was 14 my Dad got transferred to the Atlanta Georgia area. I was devastated! I can remember sitting on the kitchen floor pitching a grand ole teenage girl fit and begging to be able to stay in Charlotte.
But as I look back now, I see why God moved us. There are people in Atlanta Georgia that God knew needed to be in my life. I was a stupid teenager. I made foolish mistakes, didn't apply myself like I should have, and probably drove my parents crazy. But I can look back at my Youth Group and the various Youth leaders and Bible Study leaders that where in my life at that time and thank God for His Sovereignty. During this time was also when our family was introduced to Robbinsville, NC, and the people of the Snowbird Indian Community. This is the time that God was weaving in and out of me, a heart for others, for the Gospel, and for Missions.
I am thankful for the people during those teenage years of my life that lived out Godly lives before me when I was the silly Missy of High School. There are people that I think of often and am thankful for their gently guiding in those years.

When I was 18 I moved onto College in Orlando Fl. The next 5, yes 5, years where spent in a whirlwind of moving around with college moves, and transfers. Really my college years where unsettling. But I am thankful for the people that came in and out of my life during those 5 years. Some of my dearest friends where brought into my life in college. People that have weaved in and planted themselves firmly in my life. Some people have come and gone but have left their marks any ways. As crazy as going to 3 colleges is, it was a necessary part of my life because I learned much about life, doctrine, and myself, at all 3. Alot of weaving took place during those 5 years. They are almost as foundational as the beginning because I started to become who I am today. Plus I met my husband!!!

I have been in Alabama since January 1997. WOW! Almost 12 years. That is amazing to me. And again, I am thankful for the people that have come in and out of my life in that time. I became an adult in Alabama. I met my husband, I had my children. I've grown in my walk with God and my doctrinal understanding. I've gone to several churches that have all had their unique place in my life. I have settled into a church family for the past 4 years that have supported us when we needed supporting and always love us. I have sat with people that have made me laugh, and sat with people that have challenged me to be a better child of God.
I have also gained a separate body of believers as a family that I don't even go to church with, but that are special and necessary in my life regardless.

I am amazed as I look back on the past 33 years at all the people that God has used to weave me into the person I am today. I am even more amazed that if I live to be 99, I am only a 3rd of the way done. How many more people does God have in store for my life to make a difference.
I love that even though I can only see the little bits that are in front and behind me, God is seeing the big picture, He is seeing the beauty of it when sometimes all I see is the frayed edges.
I am thankful for you, because if you cared enough to read this then you are one of the people that God has used in my life. Some of you have been in my life for a really long time! Some of you are new to my life, and it's been a fun ride so far but we have a lot of life ahead of us.
Thank God that He is the weaver of my life and not me by myself. I sure would have made an awful mess!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Here I am!

I've had the blog funk. I don't know why really.
I have SOOOO much going on in this brain of mine that I am a little overwhelmed with it all.

I have much to say about my week away and all the happenings. Just haven't felt like saying it.

I did have a good time despite the stomach bug.

It's always good to be home though, and when I'm gone and come home I realize how much I love my cozy house.

I must go take the kids to art class now. Maybe later I'll blog again.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Still Around

The stomach bug that is.
Logan came down with it today after us being bug free since Monday night.
Weird huh?

I have some observations to make:

1. It takes me longer to bounce back from things than kids.

2. Lana likes to be left alone when sick.

3. Logan likes to cuddle when sick.

4. Lana is tough when she throws up.

5. Logan is embaressed when he throws up.

6. Germs hide and then pounce on you when you least expect it.

7. Grandparents are good to have around when a grandchild is sick.

8. You cannot watch enough of "The Munsters" when sick.

9. I'm ready to be done with this.