Monday, July 28, 2008

Not a moment to soon!

Just when I thought I might literally pass out and die from the house is beginning to cool. Ah, cooling house. Ah, feel it with me...the cool...let it wash over you for just a, cool, is streaming from the air vents and touching upon your hot sweaty body.
Ah, cool air...the best invention ever!
Thank God for friends that are in the heating and air business and can come over after hours and fix things for lots cheaper than if we "called a guy".
After all the car repairs of late, my feeble heart could not have stood another big Debit. This one will be much much better.

I did take the kids to the movies today. We saw Meet Dave, which was actually very very funny! Very funny Eddie Murphy and great one liners that only us old people would get.

Now to go take a shower and get ready to sleep in coolness. Cool cool cool. I think I will make up a song about it.
Thank you Lord for AC that works. It truly is a blessing. I am not a nice person when I am hot.


Today it will be 97 degrees and full of humidity.

Today my air condition stopped working.

Today I have gotten chores done early in an attempt to not do anything later in the day when my house is an inferno.

Today I will stay in my stifling house as long as I possibly can before removing myself and the children to go mooch off of any of our friends who will take us.

Today maybe I will take the beforesaid children to see Space is always nice and cool in the theater.

Today I have a bad attitude...maybe it is the cars breaking and now the air breaking....maybe I am tired of things breaking.

Today I want to curl up under a nice cool rock and sleep.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Instant Happiness!

That is how I would describe the movie "Mama Mia".
I am not kidding. Within the first two seconds I was smiling and never ceased for the next hour and a half.
LOVE LOVE LOVED this movie!
And let me just say it one more time....Loved!

Ok, so there are some sexual innuendos, and the story is based around the fact that Meryl Streeps character had "romantic" rendezvous with 3 different men in the same time frame, and you don't know who Sophias father is...but get past all of that and listen to the music.
How can you not love "Dancing Queen"? Please, tell me, because I don't think it is possible.

I took Jeanny to see it today after Church as a reward for babysitting and helping with the room.
We were also the youngest people there. Of course she is 21 and I am...big gulp, almost 33!
So maybe the target age group for this movie was 55 or 60. Not kidding. Lots of gray hair there. Not that there is anything wrong with that, just stating the obvious. Oh and they laughed too! They laughed when a scene didn't call for out loud laughter...just a little quiet seat chuckle.
But that was the joy of Mama Mia! The fun funness of it.

I left and immediately called Kim Hill and left her a message to get in her car pronto and go see it. Did you Kim? Did you?
And I sent Crissy a text letting her know that it was fabulous and that I will go see it again...with her....Her little Colin Firth was not my fave in this movie. Sorry Crissy...I actually thought the other guy (not Peirce Brosnon) was a bit dreamier, in a middle aged man kind of way.

If any of you have the desire to go see this me first, for I will come with you, and I will have another blissful hour and a half of smiling. It's the music of Abba for crying out loud! How can you not smile?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

School Supplies

Well I just returned from Target and Dollar Tree.
I figure I've only got 2 more weeks of making my own money, so I'd better spend it wisely.
Target has some great school supply deals right now.
Lots of stuff for .20, .50, and .75 cents.
I got a 10 pack of notebooks for .50 cents.
Woohoo! I got two packs of that good deal.
Lots of crayola crayons, colored pencils, markers for real cheap too.
I finally broke down and bought an electric pencil sharpener.
I am counting on that $10 purchase alleviating at least 67% of my schooling stress.
Last year I would get so frustrated with the constant delay in school after looking for sharpened pencils or little dinky sharpeners.
Now I can just leave the big honkin sharpener plugged in on my desk and we can enjoy hours of amazing sharpening technology at our convenience.

Then on to the Dollar Tree.
I just discovered that Dollar Tree is a homeschooling Moms dream store.
They had tons of poster packs. ABC in manuscript and cursive. Phonics, Multiplication. You name it, I got it. It made me happy.
I am very excited to have a school room this year and actually be able to hang posters and such.
I'm going to do a big bulletin board out of ceiling tiles from the home store.
I made one for Logans room the other year and I love them because you can paint them easily. They are cheap too and so I figure a grouping of about 6 or so will cost under $15. That will be a huge BB space and we can paint each one a different color.
You can see the tile in Logans room on that wall.

Now go, run my friends to your local Target and Dollar Tree. Tell them I sent you. They could care less, but tell them anyways!

Friday, July 25, 2008


Well, my wonderful van broke down AGAIN on Wednesday, so I have spent the last 2 days stuck at home.
Yesterday went by just fine because Jennifer came to do the painting and then Christy stopped by to pick up her daughter that I had been keeping for the day, and then Jeanny stopped by to look at the room.
So the day flowed and I had company.

Today though...Well it hasn't been so bad. I slept in a bit. Got up, cleaned the kitchen, read blogs, started laundry, made lunch, took a small nap, read a book, cleaned out some cabinets, and read my book some more.
I think it is just the thought that I am stranded. I wanted to go to Crissys tonight, so that is kind of bumming me out, but other than that it has been good for me to just be at home. It has been nice relaxing and reading.
I haven't read a book in a while and I really enjoy reading.
I am reading "Year of Wonders-a novel of the Plague"...after I started reading it, I realized that I have read it before, as some parts are familiar, but I don't remember enough of it to stop reading it. So I am enjoying it the 2nd time around.

I also was asked yesterday to be in charge of the music for our ladies retreat. Uh, hello! Put me in front of kids any day, but a room full of women...well, this will be a stretch for me, but I suppose the Lord would not have laid it upon their hearts to ask if He didn't think I could do it. So that has consumed much of my thoughts today as well. Please pray for me if you think of it. I have one month to plan and prepare and I really want to make sure that the music that is chosen is God honoring and has a purpose.
Oh, and if you want to come to the retreat, Fran Curry will be the speaker. Remember she used to be an NBC 13 news anchor. She now is doing stuff like this. I think it should be good. Its in Springville the middleish of August.

Well, I'm going to go throw some healthy frozen pizzas into the oven for the children. They have been asking for them all day. All day I tell you! Mom, can we have pizza now? No, you may not! Mom, is it dinner time yet? No it is not!
What is the fascination with an .89 cent frozen pizza from Aldi? They must be filled with addictive drugs that make children persist in their bugging for getting more!

Enjoy your weekend blogging people! :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Making it up with Missy: Episode One

In my best Design Show Hostess voice:

As you enter this room you smile. The pink hue of the wall combined with the plush fabrics and accents of brown make you wish that you too where once again a little girl.

A freshly painted desk greets you as you walk into the space. The work area of the desk has been trimmed with a cute pink fringe add a plush element that every princess needs. Lovely embellished baskets and decorative picture frames add that special touch and help to tie the desk all together. The backing of the desk has been removed to allow the pink of the walls to be seen throughout.
Above the dresser and painted with brown shimmery paint are the words
"Chocolate Kisses". MMM, it looks good, but no, you can't lick it!

Next to the desk is the entrance to the small closet. The girly pink toole panels make it an inviting space to enter. Upon entering you will notice that these walls are a beautiful chocolate brown and the lovely pink has been accented on the walls as well. Ample storage has been added for tea parties and doll house play.

Next to the closet is lovely artwork that our sweet makeover recipient designed and painted herself. Incorporating your childs own artwork is a wonderful way to add that special touch and lets them know that they have contributed.

The middle of this wall displays the window with the equisate pink and brown toile valance. The window is then draped with white sheer curtains. The window sille itself is perhaps one of my favorite parts of this space. With two little tutus cut open and then lining the sille, it is the perfect dainty touch and creates a nice looking window seating area when combined with the toy box and special accent pillow.

Continuing on this wall you will find lovely pink tin artwork with cute decorative hooks for our little princess to display her jewelry and of course, her crown!
Painted canvas with an acrylic frame hold a darling picture of our little girl with some very large bows on her shoes. Another lovely jeweled frame is the perfect accent for this space.

Moving onto the next wall you will see the beautiful french cottage style dresser. With its open front, the brown wicker baskets are the perfect accesory to hold clothing. The beautiful mirror rest comfortably on top of the dresser and makes a bold statement. Hanging from the ceiling above the dresser is the beautiful beaded chandalier. This chandalier holds pink sugar coated light bulbs and it cast lovely shadows on the pink wall.

Next to the dresser and perhaps the focul point of the room is a goregous french cottage sleigh bed. The molding on the bed on its own is wonderful, but the toile bed spread with its different textures makes this bed a true piece of beauty.
The chenille trim is soft to the touch and makes you want to curl up and never leave.

Above the length of the bed are the lovely "Chocolate pictures." These pictures have been made into 8x10's and are framed in hand painted 16x10 canvas frames.
The frames have holes drilled into the top and are hung with pink and brown polka dot ribbon.
Acrylic frames are hot glued to the canvas and then a glitter glaze trims the acrylic frame.

Above these frames are the words "Sweet Chocolate Dreams".
The brown paint is the same paint used throughout the room in the closet, and in the various canvas artwork. Pink accents have been added to the words to add a special touch of dimension and to soften the dark brown paint. A glitter glaze has been added to the brown paint and when you turn on the lights, the brown paint really sparkles!

Next to the bed is a lovely end table and on top of it is a beautiful pink beaded lamp. It cast the perfect amount of light to rest in this plush bed and read "Fancy Nancy", or just gaze at the loveliness of the room.
Above the bed is another brown canvas frame that has an "L" added to it in honor of our little princess. The white "L" has been glazed with a clear glitter paint and pink and brown polka dot stickers have been added to tie in with other accents throughout the room. Pink fringe has also been added.

Next to this canvas is a series of embroidery hoops in various sizes and painted pink and brown. A canvas frame with a darling picture of our little girls flipflops and a cherry that have fallen off her ice cream are the perfect center for our ring of hoops.

Another interseting element of this room is the flooring. Ugly green linoleum floors line this room, but with the help of a plush brown rug and strategically placed wood looking, peel and stick flooring...the ugly green is noticable no more!

As you can see, we have tried to creat a little girls sanctuary. A peaceful and relaxing space that any little girl would want to call home. With comfortable fabrics, homemade art pieces, soft lighting, and whimsical furniture, I am confident that we have created a space that will please the princess of this house and that will bring enjoyment for years to come.


I would also like to thank:

Jennifer, for the wonderful paint job and care you took in painting the words. You did an awesome job!!!

Jeanny, your help with trim work and desk trim where invaluable. I could not have done it without you! Thanks also for your various input here and there. It has been a lot of fun!

Mary, for sacrificing a tendon in your thumb to cut peel and stick tiles. You are truly dedicated to your work!

Mom, for the lovely furniture that was the inspiration for this lovely room makeover. Thank you for sharing with your granddaughter.

Adam, for bringing in the furniture and setting up the bed. You are awesome!

Kim, for all the lovely pictures you took for the room. They really tied the room together and made it what it is.

And Cut! that is the room. I am very pleased. Of course, I always think it could be better, but on my budget I think it turned out well.
Now I need some opinions.
My talented friend Jennifer came over today and painted the chocolate words on the wall. She has great penmanship and I definetly never could have written as well as she did.
The problem may be though that the words are to thick. The original plan was for more of a scrolly thin look, but because of the thickness of the paint and the brushes, it turned out a bit bigger and thicker.
What is your opinion? I can paint over it (which would be a really huge pain in the butt) and she can start over or we can just enjoy it as is.
What was your initial thought when you saw it?


Movies I have seen this Summer:

Kung Fu Panda ***
Get Smart ****
The Dark Knight ****
Journey to the Center of the Earth ***
Hancock ***

Movies I still want to see:

Mama Mia
Kit Kiddredge
Meet Dave
Space Chimps

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Big Gulp, Little sigh, and a Step of Faith

That pretty much sums up my feelings at this point.

If you know me, you know that I ponder long and hard over big decisions.

If you don't know me, I ponder long and hard over big decisions.

I have been pondering long and hard some decisions these past few weeks.

Last week my husband was a bit dismayed because I just wasn't ready to talk about things. But that is just how I work when I am pondering long and hard a big decision.

By pondering, I of course mean lots of prayer and deep thought.

And now for the dilemma:

To work or not to work...that is the question.

This past year was absolute insanity for me. I have worked my Wednesday job, home schooled the kids, and worked around a husband that works 6 days a week-12 hours a day.

It has taken its toll on all of us and I have been feeling very inadequate as a wife and a mom.

I recently cried to my husband about my frustration over his job and the hours he put in and all that he's missing out on. He then agreed to change jobs the beginning of the year and that was that.

I guess that is when God began to really show me things. I became convicted that my frustration over his job may be stemming from my frustration with my own schedule. Big Gulp!!! What? The problems with our sometimes crazy life are not all about Stacy? The moment I realized that I might be the problem was the moment God set my heart at ease and began to open and close doors. It's been really humbling to see God work these things out. I have done this job for 4 years. The past year and a half I have not had someone to back me up and really saw no end in sight as to having someone to train. But God opened a door for that.

Really, to make a long story short, Amber is taking over for me. I trained her today, which was a lot of fun, and I am excited for her to have this opportunity. I am truly amazed at the goodness the Lord has bestowed upon me this past week while I went through the decision making process and for the obvious ways He has made things abundantly clear as to what the decision should be. When I presented things to Stacy, he was so relieved. He was willing to leave the car business, and maybe I just needed to see that he was willing to do that. Now that he feels free to stay in the business and do some things to better manage time and allow better for family time and date nights, I can breath a little sigh of relief.

To really seal the deal, Sunday our pastor preached about Faith. The last thing He said was "Trust God IN the journey...Trust God WITH the journey." Wow...that is exactly where I am right now. I trusted God with the journey, but now as we step out in faith, I will have to trust Him in the journey as well.

To some this may not seem like a big deal. Others have stepped out and gone to seminary and others have gone into the ministry and so and and so on. But for our family, these decisions are a big deal and will make a tremendous impact on our family. I feel now like I can devote 100% to homeschooling. I feel like last year I just barely squeaked by. I also think my not working is going to make a big difference for Stacy. I hope and pray that I will be a better wife and a more organized homemaker. I figure the less stressed I am, the more relaxed he will be.

I also realize now that I have no excuse to not get better organized and be a better time manager. But I am excited to be able to do that. So anyways...that in a nutshell is what has been weighing heavy on my mind right now. I have nothing eloquent to say...nothing earth big huge spiritual insights...Just some good old fashion faith and complete dependence on God.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It is 9:06, my husband is still not home, the children are in bed, Adam and Jeanny are watching TV, Mom is upstairs doing something, Mary just left, and I am finally sitting down for the day.

My day started early this morning and has been non stop ever since.
Mom and Adam came yesterday to bring the furniture for Lana's room.
The plan for today was for Adam and Jeanny to go out and do there thing, while Mom and the kids, and the newly "adopted" Mary did some errands and then Mom and Adam would leave late in the day.
Well late in the day the sky was cloudy and the weather was unpredictable so they decided to stay.
I sent Adam to the store for Shrimp and bread and then prepared dinner and dessert. ( Chocolate Mousse Cake....MMMMMM!)

All that to say, my day never stopped. Which is fine, we've all had a fun day and got a lot done, including sending Mary to the Dr for some stitches. It seems that maybe I shouldn't have let her use my exacto knife to cut some flooring. Note to self...Mary may not cut things.
I have not seen so much blood in a long time...and on Lana's new rug of all places!
But it's OK, Jeanny and I were able to clean it up, and now it is only stained on the back of the rug. It's a good reminder of ...a reminder of what? Exacto knives and flooring and people that shouldn't have knives? I don't know.

I am sorry to those of you that are awaiting the debut of the room.
Like I said, today has been non stop and so I never got the better pics.
Tomorrow I work and Thursday I am hoping Jennifer can come to do the writing on the I guess I will just wait until then.
Plus we had some little things we added some cheap pretend flooring. It's really a quick fix to an ugly problem, but will have to be improved upon later.

Well thank you my blogging friends for letting me unwind. I am so tired, but do not anticpate sleep coming I thought I should unwind.
Ah, hubby just came home and had a long bad day, so I better go tend to him.


Monday, July 21, 2008

A Peak

Well, I was going to post pics of the room tonight but the pictures I took didn't turn out well because of the lighting. So I will take them over tomorrow.

For now I leave you with one pic of something I made for the room that kind of sets the theme and tone.

The Dark Night

Stacy and I just got back from seeing Batman.
Sooooo glad we saw it first and didn't take Logan to see it.
Even Stacy agreed that it was too dark for our 8 year old.
Thank the Lord we agreed because I may have had to go all Momma bear on him!

But it was good...kind of crazy physcological and a little sureal knowing that Heath Ledger is dead now. He did an awesome job as the Joker.
And Christian Bale as was good too. Wink Wink!
Stacy just learned today at church of all places that I think Christian Bale is a hottie.
Yes of course it is a double standard because he cannot think that any Hollywood actresses are hot, even though I know he secretly has a crush on Angelina Jolie. was a nice little unexpected date. Thank you Jeanny for watching the kidos so we could do that!!! :)

We also had to go to Walmart after wards and let me just say that all the crazy's go to Wal mart after midnight. This was my last stop. I am not going to Wal mart anymore. I am sick of it. Sick sick sick I tell ya.

Now I will try to go to sleep and get the images of the joker out of my brain.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pot Roast and Hershey Bar Pie

That is what is on the menu for tonight. I am starting to smell the pot roast and oh yes, it does smell good.
I am not a tradtional Pot Roast person. I don't like the carrots and potatoes. As a matter of fact, the potatoes actually make me gag a bit with their beefy soggy flavor.
This is just plain on pot roast seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic powder....fat side up so the juices drip down. Is your mouth watering yet?

MMMM...and Hershey Par Pie.
6 Hershey bars
21 marshmallows
1/2 cup milk
1/2 to whole 8 oz tub cool whip ( depends on your desired texture)
1 graham cracker crust

Melt hershey bars with marshmallow and milk.
Let cool.
Add cool whip.
Spread into crust.
Refrigerate for at least 3 hours.

I made 3. Not all for us. Just one for tonight and the other two are for a thing at church tomorrow.

And now I must go finish my housework. I have been so consumed with Lana's room this week that I have neglected other rooms.
The premier is coming soon!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Pappy!

Today is my Dad's 55th birthday. I have to tease him about being 55 because 55 means being able to eat off the Seniors menu! Woohoo! I can actually afford to treat him to lunch now.

I love my Dad. I am actually in a lot of ways like him. Besides the fact that I look very much like him, which of course freeks my husband out. He loves it when we are chatting contently and I make a "Mike" face. He really just can't wait to get his hands on me when that happens. OK, actually he runs the other way. Who wants to kiss their father in law?
I also make "Mike" comments. You no the sarcastic cynical type comments. Thats when Stacy says "Mike, when did you get here?"

Here are some things I would like for you to know about my Dad, whether you know him or not.

1. Upon arriving at my Dad's house, or him arriving at mine ( or any of my siblings), he will always give you the side hug and say I love you.

2. He is not the kind of guy that you would ever say is a "kid" guy. Like I could never see him teaching the 3rd grade Sunday School class or anything...BUT, he is absoulutly over the top in love with his 5 grand kids. From the moment Logan was born he became this truly amazing Pappy. He dotes upon and brags about each one of them like they are each his favorite in their own unique way.

3. He is better at things than he gives himself credit for.

4. He loves to hike and has a 3 mile trail that he mantains for the Benton McKay trail association, or something like that. Either way, I think it's cool that he mantains a trail. He lets Logan go with him to take care of it and Logan thinks its cool too.

5. He appreciates the little things. He has a little rock that he keeps on his dresser because Sarah Beth gave it to him before she left and said that it was for him to remember her by. He has more screwdrivers than he needs because Logan gave them to him for every occasion for several years.

6. He values time with his family. When I was a senior in High School he came into my room one night and said "I have to tickets two anywhere in the U.S. Where would you like to go?" He then took me on a wondrfully fun trip to San Fransico. We rented a Mustang convertable and he let me drive. We walked Pebble Beach golf course. It is one of my greatest memories. He then did the same for my sister and they went to Prince Edward Island.

7. He taught me everything I know about golf. Going back to point 3, he doesn't think he is that good at it...but to me, playing golf with my Dad is one of the most enjoyable things I could do.

8. He sacrifices for us. From cars, to money, to time. He has always been willing to do without so that he can better provide for us. Even now as a grown adult, I know that he sacrificed things for me and my kids. Last year on this very day, I was leaving for Africa because of his sacrifice!

9. He is slow and steady. You can count on the fact that he is not going to shoot from the hip, but take time to think about things and then act.

10. He is Godly and reverant. It goes back to number 9. He thinks about his faith and executes it in that same way.

Well, there are lots more things, but just suffice it to say that I really love my Dad and am thankful for him.

I can't wait to take him out and use his AARP discount!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm so excited...

and I just can't hide it...
Does anybody remember the episode of "Saved by the bell" when Jessie is taking sleeping pills or something and she gets addicted and then she sings that song and she says "I'm so excited, I'm so excited, I'm so...scared!"

Anyways...that is not the point of this post.
The point of this post is to say that I have been a very busy bee in Lana Lou's room and I am soooo excited with the progress!
I can't post pics until I am complelty done which won't be until next week when Mom and Adam bring the furniture. Jennifer also has to come over and do some of her fancy writing on the wall. Maybe Jennifer will read this tonight and maybe Jennifer will be inspired to come and help me after the Library carnival tomorrow. Do not run from me tomorrow when you see me JENNIFER!!!!

I have to tell you a secret...I secretly have my own design show.
It is called "Making it up with Missy".
Yep, that is what it is called and I did just make that up.
But I have been pretending in my mind that I am on a design show.
My design show is for doing a room re do for under $300. Plus nice family members and friends giving you furniture that you don't have to purchase.
You also don't draw out a plan, because this designer can't draw. just sort of make it up as you go. It really is quiete a fun way to do a room.

I know the anticipation is killing you all, so maybe tomorrow I will do a sneak peak of one element.
Today I went into the room and just layed on the floor looking at the wall.
How in sane is that!
Can you say, too many paint fumes?

Well, I will close my post with the usual statement of "I must go to bed now".
I had a HORRIBLE nights sleep last night and wound up on the couch. So tonight I have to make up for last nights sleep. Nighty night and sleep tight.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

And so it begins...

I have peeled all the wallpaper.
Let me remind you what that looked like...

It's hard to see in this pic...but it's a scalloped flowr border that goes up about 18 inches from the floor.
So after 2 bottles of DIF I got that stuff off.
Tonight I started on the trim work ( Hubby is at the movies)
and got one coat on as far as I could reach.

Tomorrow two girls are coming to help me and that will be fun to have somebody to work with.

We took all of the furniture out of her room today and let me just say how shocked I am at how much stuff was under her bed and behind her dresser. I'm talking just trash and random things.
Crazy crazy stuff.
Also she has an extremely ugly lanolium floor that was so nasty in some places.
I wish we where getting carpet put in, but alas, the budget will not allow it right now.
So I will settle for cleaning the area rug that I have really really good with Resolve carpet cleaner.

I have a lot on my mind right now. Sigh. I hope to be able to do something with the things on my mind over this next week. Sometimes being a contemplative person annoys even myself.

Well, it's midnight and hopefully Stacy will be home from the movies any minute now to compliment me for my wonderful paint job.

Good night peeps :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Chocolate Pics



These are my favorites out of the 40 that Kim took for Lana's new room.
Please help me choose the 3 best. I know one of them that I definetly want, the other two are up for grabs.

Poor Lana, for the cute child she is, she can not pose for a picture. Kim is very loving and patient to coxe some good ones out of her. I mean you'd think that giving the child chocolate overload would result in exburant happiness. Unfortuntetly when having to do something on command like this Lana goes into shy/embarresed mode and can't be up to her full cuteness.

I'm going to do 5 x 7's in 8x10 matted frames, or 8x10's in 11 x14 matted frames.
Probablly white mattes with chocolate brown frames.

My friend Jennifer is going to write some sort of cute chocolate saying above the grouping in pretty writing.

I need suggestions for what it should say....anyone????

This picture I just thought was really cute!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Tans! I love Summer tans on kids.
I love seeing kids that have been in the pool all day.
I love the smell of the sun blocker.
I love the rosie cheeks.
I love the tangly hair.
I love the looks of exahaustion.
I love the sleepy heads in bed at 8:00.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another week of VBS...

And lest you all think that I am a complete wacko obsessed with VBS...I am not in charge of this one! Ginger is and she is doing a great job.
"Camp Cornerstone" is going on this week out at Community Pres...Kim Hill and the boys are back for the week to help, and so we too of course are getting in on the fun.
I tell you what...after this week, don't even say the letters VBS to me until 2009. I am TIRED! Not tired of VBS because VBS is fun and kids learn great Biblical truths and sing great songs and make cute crafts that I save because I am that Mom that can't throw my kids cute things they make away.
Just tired of not stopping. Sunday I went to Chattanooga for the day (after Church of course) to take a girl to meet up with my brother. Long story that I will save for another day. But we didn't get home until 11:30 and then I have had to leave the house at 7:45 this week to go out to VBS. Then we stay out there all day and swim and chat and sit in the hot hot sun. Oh and I forgot to bring my bathing suit today and so I am very very hot!

It has been so nice and refreshing to hang out with Kim and all the fun girls from Community Pres. They are so fun and it's just a fun comfortable time with them. I am so thankful that they have included me, a Baptist, into their inner sanctum!

Well that is my life right now, in case any of you where wondering.
Tomorrow I work and so the kids will go to VBS and then hang out with all the fun peeps until I get back.
Saturday I plan on doing nothing. Maybe some laundry and maybe some wall paper peeling. Other then that. Nada!

Later :)

Friday, July 4, 2008


Must go to Fireworks on the 4th of July! Must I tell you!
If you don't go, you are unAmerican and George Washington is frowning upon you right now.
When Patrick Henry said "Give me liberty or give me death", he meant watch fireworks on July 4th or die. Seriously. The translation has just been changed through the years to sound more important.

I love the 4th of July.
I love the tradition of going to see a fireworks spectacular.
I grew up going to watch fireworks every year in Downtown Charlotte.
It was a blast. I can remember my best friend Stacey's Dad tearing up every year when Sandi Patti would sing the national anthem. It always amazed me to see this big burly fire fighter tearing up over our nations song.
And we always went rain or shine. It did not matter. If there is a chance of fireworks, then you must attend.
I am so happy that there is a group of people here in Alabama at my Church that also loves the tradition of 4th of July fireworks.
A big group meets every year at the same spot and they bring 3 kinds of homemade Ice Cream.
Its yummy and its fun.
And to top it off, here in Alabama the fireworks spectacular does not end with our nations ends with some good old fashioned Lynard Skynard!
Thats right folks...Sweet Home Alabama!
Apparently our state pride is more important than our national pride.
And now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to my double wide and fry something!

If I had a Million Dollars

I'd write a big fat tithe check

Pay off debt

Fly my whole family to Africa

Fix up my house like I like it

Buy a van that won't break down



Pay a lot of taxes

Drink Starbucks Iced Chai Lattes and Mocha Light Frappacinos whenever I wanted

Learn how to do cartwheels...I don't know how having a million dollars would help me with that, but maybe it would

Pick a random person and give them a nice chunk of change, anonymously of course

Support lots of missionaries

Have a dog

Take a cross country RV trip

Buy an Ice Cream truck

Do an all out-over the top VBS

Join Curves again

Get a Jack Lorlain Juice Man Plus

Get new teeth

Hire a personal Massuse

Go sky diving

Buy lots of extra underwear for above sky diving trip

Sleep better because I would have an awesome mattress

Help lots of friends

What would you do with a million dollars?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Stacy was the Employee of the month for June. Basically that means he sold the most cars and as a reward for his hard work and for my nagging about the hours he was putting in, the dealership paid for us to go to dinner last night. Woohoo!

Jeanny babysat Lana (Logan is still in NC) and Stacy and I went to the Melting Pot.
Very fun! If you've never been, save your pennies, and go.
We did the whole "Big night out" thing and got the cheese fondue, salads, meat and veggies fondue, and of course Chocolate Fondue! MMMMMM! Can I just say that whoever came up with the idea of melting chocolate and then bringing a big tray of assorted already good things to dip into already good chocolate, is a genious!
The cheese fondue is great too. I wish I had some now.
The meat was good, but honestly stressed me out a bit. You know the whole cooking meat at your table and timing it to make sure it was cooked enough...well, I could have just had the cheese and the chocolate and been just fine.
Althought the Jerk spiced Sirloin was amazing. I didn't know I liked jerk seasoning.
Let me get my book out, (licking my finger, turning the pages) oh yes, here it is...JERK!
(That was for you Kim :)

Anyways, after said dinner, we walked over to the Rave movie theater and watched "Hancock".
Good movie. Funny. A bit of cursing, but funny cursing if that makes any sense.
And I figured an important plot out before Stacy did! Thank you thank can go to the movies with me any time.
I want to see "Get Smart" next. Sounds fun-nnyyy.

Tomorrow morning Lana and I drive to Chattanooga to meet my Dad to get Logan back.
YEAH! My little family feels incomplete without my only son. We have missed him. I didn't realize how dependant Lana is on him. Of course they will be fighting by days end tomorrow, but at least she will have something to do and somebody else to talk to besides me.
God love her, she is so much like me, and then you add her Daddy's talking genes in there too and she is just destined to be a talker.

My house is still clean. Such a nice feeling. Friday when husband is off work we will clean out the garage and maybe Saturday I will have a yard sale. Not lots of planning, I know, but those usually are the best kinds.

Today gas is $3.99 a gallon in my neighborhood. That means that tomorrow when I wake up and drive to TN it is going to be over $4 a gallon and that just plain old stinks.

Well that is all for now. I worked today, I am chilling tonight, and I am happy to have had a date with husband, time with daughter, getting son back tomorrow, and a clean house. It's been a good week so far.