Thursday, May 29, 2008

Crazy days

So VBS starts Sunday.
I have spent 26 hours at the church in the last 3 days.
Crazy crazy times.
I am so incredibly tired tonight.
I can't wait to get in the bed.
I wish I had a jacuzzi to soak in.
Anybody want to bring me a jacuzzi?
And a massager person.
I don't know how to spell the technical term.
Tonight is definetly a Tylenol PM night.
Last night in one of my 4 hours of sleep, I was having ridiculously weird dreams.
When I take Tylenol PM, I have little to no dreams. I just sleep.
Sleep Sleep Sleep.

Tomorrow will hopefully not be as crazy.
The set is going to be awesome.
I can't wait for it to be done and to post some pictures.
You will all be banging on my doors waiting to sign up for VBS.
Come friends, bring your children. Unless they are evil in which case I know they need VBS, but really, I just want sweet obedient children to come to VBS, so you can leave your evil children at home and I will give you the materials to do HomeVBS. What????

OK...I am crossing into complete non coherent thought patterns, so I will sign off now.
Good night my friends. I miss you all.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Blogger VS Facebook

Kim Hill got me into blogging last September.
She then got me into Facebook sometime later.
While Facebook has been a nice way to reconnect with people I haven't talked to in a long time, it is also so impersonal to me.
I guess that is the novelty of it. Connect with people, build up your friends list, comment once in a blue moon or don't comment at all, but definetly don't have personal interaction.
I mean, I know there are exceptions. Some people are really on there to connect with old friends. Others, Why? To see how many networks you can build up? And then there is the whole mutual friends, friends you may know, friend suggestions. Why would somebody be friends with so and so and not with you. Why won't so and so not accept my invitation. Why don't they ever leave me a personal comment. Do they even know who I am?
And why do people keep throwing things at me?
Why is the guy that started Facebook so stinking rich now? Why is the art of social networking so alluring?

Well...I like Facebook, but I love Blogger. I like that I can pour out my thoughts here or whine that I don't feel good and then my blogging buddies wish me well. You don't throw me something or add me to some just encourage me. Some of you I am friends with on Facebook and Blogger. When I see you on Facebook I think, "Oh, I know them so much better now because of Blogger."
I like to read about your lives and your thoughts too.
So in the Blogger VS Facebook wars, for me Blogger wins.

Don't even get me started on My Space!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Not sure...

If I am getting sick...but Lana woke up during the night with a stuffynose. No big deal. But as the evening has progressed she seems to be losing her voice. (Finally, a small dose of quiet!)...anyways...My throat is soooo soar tonight. As you know my life is a little hectic right now. VBS is just over a week away and this is my crunch week. I am trying to make sure that everything I need to take care of is done by Sunday, that way I can devote next week to decorating and the little things that always come up.
So anyhoo...if you think of my poor soar throat tonight, please pray that I am indeed not getting sick. I think that is really the last thing I need right now.
I think tongiht is a Tylenol PM and good nights rest night!
Thank you my blogging friends. I sure would have hated to have to call you all tonight to whine about my inoppurtune soar throat!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Recital '08 was great fun. It lasted ALOT longer than I thought it was and we wound up missing a wedding that I feel SOOOO bad about missing...but it was a special day for Lana Lou and I am glad she enjoyed her day. My parents bought her flowers and she obsessed over them. She didn't want them left alone and even took them to eat and to a movie later that night. They are now in a glass that she waters 3 times a day...because you know, carnations need that much water!

Anyways, she was so cute up there dancing and twirling. I was very glad that my daughter was not one of the girls in the "Gold digger" act. Good grief. There where several uncomfortable acts that Stacy looked at me and said, "Uh, that will never be our daughter."

I think we will stick with Shirley Temple and Little Mermaid Songs, thank you!

Perfomance 1 was Tap to Animal Crackers (Shirley Temple)
As you can see she has no problem with her facial expressions!

And #2 was ballet to a song from Little Mermaid (Part of that world)

This is my parents and Lana after the recital with the flowers that she will keep forever!

I'm a little sad that it's over. It has definetly been fun to watch her learn and grow in this. I hope she learns to be more graceful than I am!


Do any of you know how to make large quanities of slime?
I'm talking large enough to slime a person.
It's for VBS...I'm not mad at my husband!

Also, while I was looking on line for a recipe, I came up with this site called slime but has nothing to do with slime. This part is so funny. It is 67 ways to be annoying. Check it out if you need a laugh!

I am in the last stages of VBS planning. It's fun, but wow is my house suffering!

Today is the day that Kim moves. :(
I hope there move went smoothly today.
Yesterday we said goodbye. It will be weird living away from her for the first time in over 14 years. And yes, that was just totally randomly thrown in there in the middle of my slime talk.

OK....tell me about large quanity slime please!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Adult Decisions

My kids are happily playing karaoke on the xbox and I am sitting here miserably contemplating a big decision.
How nice it is to be a kid. The only thing they have to decide right now is which song to sing.
Mine is a little bit more in depth. I hate these kinds of decisions. I know the Christian response is "pray about it". I just want the answer to dance across my computer screen. I would love for God to just drop the answer on my head. It could even be in a water balloon that splats across my face if that would please Him. Maybe I should look under my bed and see if there are any dancing answer trolls doing a jig down there. They could jig themselves into the form of a Y or N. That would be very helpful.
Oh well...I guess I will go put dinner on. Maybe the answer will appear in my Macaroni and Cheese!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Science Fair

And the winner is....Not Logan!
Why may you ask did my sweet son not win a prize in the Science fair. I mean look at his board, it looks awesome! Notice directly behind him, with the pictures of the turle, is a that box is the turtle. What a great idea! Do a project on a turtle and then bring the turtle for everyone to see. And everyone did see...and everyone was happy...and everyone commented on how much they learned about the turtle...and they loved to look at the turtle...who doesn't love to look at the turtle...apparently judges don't like to look at live turtles. Why wouldn't the judges like to look at a live turtle...Oh, I know...because it is against the rules to bring a live animal for the science fair. live animals? Why would Logan bring a live animal when you are not supposed to?
Maybe because Logan's Mom failed to read that part about the no live animals.
And in Logan's Mom's defense...she read the rules back in Feb. before the turtle was even in the picture and it was going to be a volcano project. So why would she have remembered that part?

So what have we learned?
Since the positive comment from the judges on his judging sheet was
"We liked the drawings of the lifecycle".
This was Daddy's idea with the life cycle and the drawings.
And the negative comment was about the no live animals, which was my idea.

We have learned that next year it is all up to Daddy!

Monday, May 12, 2008


S'mores are yummy. I mean how can you not like a S'more?
It is un American not to like a S'more!!! We had S'mores last night around the fire pit that my family got me for Mothers Day. It led to the discussion of who invented S'mores. Kim and I talked about it today too, because she also understands the value of a good S'more. So I came home and did a little research on Wikipedia.
This is what they have to say about S'mores...

" S'more appears to be a contraction of the phrase, "some more".[3] The informal nature of this term reflects the environment in which s'mores are traditionally served and its meaning hints at the desires of campers who are not satisfied by the first bite of the treat. Some have jokingly surmised that the name originated from people who were so busy eating the tasty treat that they did not have time to speak in complete sentences, or alternately, that their enunciation was compromised by the fact that their mouth was still full of the previously mentioned s'more. While the origin of this popular campfire dessert is unclear, the first recorded version of the recipe can be found in the Girl Scout Handbook of 1927 ."

So there you have it! S'mores mean Some more!!! Give me some more S'mores!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day to Me!!!

I mean why not wish myself a Happy Mothers Day?

If it weren't for me (Ok and hubby too) my parents would not have the joy of their only Grandson and their favorite 5 year old Granddaughter.

If it weren't for me Logan wouldn't have those cute dimples.
If it weren't for me Lana wouldn't be the silly little goose she is.
If it weren't for me Stacy would not have the joy of these 2 great young'uns.
If it weren't for me homemade mac and cheese wouldn't be a family favorite.
If it weren't for me no one in this house would have clean clothes to wear.
If it weren't for me teeth wouldn't be brushed.

Ah, but if it weren't for them...

I would never have changed 10,ooo diapers.
I would never have been peeed on more times than I can count.
I would never have been thrown up on and then thrown up on some more.
I would never be interrupted in the bathroom.
I would never have held the hand of a crying child through 3 sets of stitches, 1 broken arm, and a hyper extended thumb.
I would never go outside and smell flowers just because they are there.
I would never read Fancy Nancy.
I would never know all about Turtles.
I would never have enjoyed science.
I would never know why volcano's erupt.
I would never have someone to share my old Strawberry Shortcake dolls with.
I would never have Tea parties in the middle of the day.
I would never be privy to a 7 year old singing "When I think about the Lord" in the shower.
I would never answer 257 questions in one day.
I would never be given more homemade gifts than I can count.
I would never giggle like a school girl.
I would never be happy about poo poo in the potty.
I would never have stretch marks on my belly.
I would never comfort a broken hearted little girl.
I would never hear knock knock jokes for hours on end.
I would never laugh at knock knock jokes.
I would never tell someone not to drink out of the toilet.
I would never have to get finger nail polish out of bed spreads.
I would never say "Don't lock your sister in the closet!".
I would never have the joy of seeing my child in the process of understanding the Gospel.
I would never hear the expectant prayers of a 5 year old.

And what would my life be like if I never did any of those things?

So, yes, Happy Mothers Day to me...a truly blessed Mom that is happy that God saw fit to give me my wonderful husband and amazing kids.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Dear Kim...

Logan and Corin are having a good time today.
They shared a milkshake at Chicfila.
They did not want me to take a picture of them sharing, but I did!

They came home and did typical boy stuff, like play the xbox and climb trees.
Then they decided they wanted to catch frogs, so we went to the park with the pond.

They had fun trying to get some tadpoles...Then we walked around the pond and they where about to go down to a little brushy part and a nice man said he has just seen several Water Mocassins in the brushy part.

So I being the good caregiver that I am, said..."Let's go play on the playground!"
Almost 8 year old boys don't find the play ground nearly as fun as playing in mucky water, but they seemed to have a good time anyways.

They came home and played some more xbox because that is just apparently what boys like to do. Kill Lego men!
They ate Pizza and now are watching "Daddy Day Camp".

I'm not sure why he has his fingers in his mouth...I guess he is just in the movie zone! Hope your day has been just as fun!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

If you need a good laugh...

This is hilarious!!! This is for real. You will laugh!
Everybody say heeeyyyyy

Monday, May 5, 2008

I love...

That without my knowing, Logan brought all of his change to Aldi today and got behind me in line and bought him and Lana each a snack. Paid for it all by himself. Beef Jerky for him and a pack of Trail mix for his sister.

Ah, isn't that sweet!

And as Paul Harvey would say...And now for the rest of the story...

Me-"Logan that was so nice of you, thank you for doing that."
Logan-"Can you give me $5 now?"
Me- "Why would I give you $5?"
Logan-"Because I was being helpful and paid for my own snacks and now I don't have any more money."
Me-"But your snack only cost $1.29. Why would I pay you $5 for buying something that cost $1.29?"
Logan-"Because I was being helpful and how am I supposed to make any money if I don't do things to be helpful"
Me-"So you want me to pay you for being helpful by buying your own snacks?"
Logan-"Yes, $5 please."

I mean, is he the son of a car salesman or what???

Sunday, May 4, 2008


10:40 pm and do you know where your husband is?
Mine is at the movie theater.
This whole going to the movies by yourself thing, I just don't get.
I did it once and felt like the biggest wack job in all the world.
It's like going to a sit down restaurant by yourself.
"Hello, My name is Missy and I have no friends and I am here by myself".
I just can't do it.
Anyways...this is hubbies outlet and he has been waiting to see
"Iron Man" for forever, so there you go.

I for one, have had a long weekend...and not in an extra day kind of way.
Just been busy.
This morning was however, one of the best Church services I have been a part of in a while.
Our Pastor preached on Worship and it was just plain old good.
He said that worship requires change. Really? Am I changed every time I "so call" Worship? Is it God's fault or mine. Ah, the obvious answer is me. Me, me, me...the problem with myself.
How selfish we can be in our worship.
How man centered the Christian society has made worship.
How warped is our view of worship.
Seriously, can my worship ever be about just God? Can I take the selfish part of me out of it ever?
Do I know what I sing when I sing, Holy, Holy, Holy?
Holy, Holy, Holy...did you know that there is no word in the Hebrew language to describe the excellency of God to His fullest, so the way to do that is the repetition of the word Holy 3 times.
The Bible doesn't say God is love, love, says God is Holy, Holy, Holy. (Our Pastor said that...I'm just quoting!)
I love that! I have been trying today to wrap my mind around His Holiness and have determined that it is impossible. I sin at least once every hour, but probably more like once every 5 minutes, or if I'm really honest, once a minute.
So, to imagine that God is this perfect, righteous, infallible being is really just to much to comprehend. Holy, Holy, Holy may not even be enough words to relay this truth.

OK...well, I just intended to mutter about nothing tonight, but I would hardly call the Holiness of God muttering. Maybe I should change the title of this post.

Well...I guess I will just sit now and wait for Mom to call me with an update on my nieces. (they have malaria...please pray for them.)
Good night my blogging buddies.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Brain Freeze

No I haven't eaten too much Ice Cream...although I am tempted!
I am in a little bit of over load right now.
VBS is exactly 1 month from today!!!! One month!
I feel like I am doing OK with my pace, but I'm not sure.
I definetly don't want it to be something I stress about, so I am trying to take it one day at a time. I feel strongly about the importance of VBS.
I mean how many times in your life do you say, "I remember in VBS one year"?
Seriously, I do a lot!
So I want VBS to be a positive and Godly experience for the kids. I want it to be a spring board for kids to grow closer to Christ.
I don't take it lightly, so I think I get a little overwhelmed at times.

I've also got a crazy weekend coming up.
I've been sitting here for the past 2 hours working on my typing job and still have 2 hours to go.
So why am I blogging? Just needed a break I guess.

Yep I have a brain freeze thinking about all the things I am trying to accomplish this weekend, and then the rest of the month. AGHHHH! OWWWWW!!!!
Somebody get me some real Ice Cream!
Mint Chocolate Chip Please!