Saturday, February 19, 2011

25 Things You Maybe Never Wanted to Know

1. I don't like monatany, but am reluctant to change.

2. I always have an opinion, you just don't always get to hear it.

3. I sure do try to find something positive about everyone. Some people just make that harder than others.

4. I think I would just about rather do anything than clean the shower. Anything but eat mayonaise that is.

5. I am mildly obsessive when it comes to buying fall and spring clothes for the kids. I have to have a plan and over analyze my purchases.

6. I want to adopt a little Guatemalan baby. My sister thinks I need a chinese baby.

7. I gag easily and hate hair balls or clumps of hair. I once threw up at a camp when confronted with a hair ball in the shower.

8. Sin is my biggest problem. Or, my lack of overcoming sin is my biggest problem.

9. I can't stand chaos.

10. I like to be organized but have a hard time staying that way.

11. I mull things over for long periods of time. Ask my husband. He loves it.

12. I always thought I wanted only boys. Can't even imagine life without LanaLou.

13. I used to be a lot more out going than I am now.

14. Listening to the sounds of video games is like the sound of nails on the chalkboard to me.

15. There is a sound, and I can't describe it, but its a certain material, and when it is rubbed, I get the goose bumps and feel like I will die. I actually feel that way just typing about it.

16. I need to know who sings a song that I am listening too. This is why I love Pandora.

17. Toilet paper over the roll. If you like it under, I think your Mother must not have potty trained you correctly.

18. Right now I like the color blue. Like Robins Egg blue. I want to paint a room that color, but it would make no sense in the rest of my house.

19. I want to lose 30 lbs. Sigh.

20. I need my space.

21. I don't understand why Aaron is spelled with 2 a's or Lloyd with 2 L's.

22. I like the idea of being an Ingalls or a Walton, but in reality, probablly wouldn't last 2 days.

23. I'm more in love with my husband than I show. I should fix that.

24. Sometimes I feel like Bob, from the movie "What about Bob".

25. Maybe there really aren't 25 things I want you to know.

Friday, February 18, 2011


After being yelled at for not maintaining my blog, (not really) I suddenly realized how much I miss blogging and how much I miss reading my friends blogs.
Which brings me to my next point.

I love having friends.
I love having true, meaningful, not pretentious, no hoop jumping, there for you, understanding, gracious, loving, funny, encouraging, Gospel loving, friends.

Not to take away from people that have made real and genuine friends on the WWW, but I sure am thankful for my real life-getting together frequently friends.

There is nothing like the sweet communion of true friendship.
Thank you friends for loving your imperfect friend!