Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I love checking in on blogs and reading new fall recipes, and happy fall posts.
So I was wondering, what is your favorite thing about fall. You can have more than one fave.

I'll tell you mine:
-The nip in the air (returning tomorrow!!! YES!)
-Cardigans or sweaters or vests~ bascially just that knitty soft feeling
-Pumpkin Spice Candles
-Brown boots~Which I still havent found and now have no money for :(
-Making dishes with apples
-The Pumpkin Patch~ and then making pumpkin pie with the pumpkins we get
-Crunchy leaves
-Soup and bread
-Taking a trip in the fall to visit friends and family
-Opened windows
-Apple Cider
-Bon Fires

And that is just to name a few.
What do you love?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Poop in the sink...

Live outside!
That's right folks...if you poop in our sink, you have proven that you are an animal, and must live outdoors.
And such is the fate of Anna the cat.
She is now an outdoor kitty.
We'll see how long this lasts.
It was Stacy that banished her to the out of doors, and yet last evening when we got home, he tried to let her back in.
She refused ( I guess my curse worked) and stayed outside.
Fine by me.
"Bye bye kitty, enjoy the outside. I won't tell the crazy squirrel lady that we have an outdoor cat. Please don't bring me any "gifts" and leave them at the door."

I must tell you briefly about squirrel lady.
I saw her on the news Thursday night. She runs the Alabama Wilderness Center at Oak Mountain. I thought that would be a good field trip for the kids, so on Friday we went there.
The squirrel lady proceeded to tell me that people shouldn't have outdoor kitties because they hurt birds and squirrels. Really? Do they? Come on lady, haven't you ever heard of the circle of life? I mean not that I WANT the cat to go out and randomly start attacking little animals, but really, this kind of stuff has been going on for a looooong time.

Anyways...that is my story. Really its just a story to procrastinate and take a break from my sorting. I'm doing that dreaded task of sorting last years Winter clothes, going through drawers of current clothes, and finding a happy medium to combining Fall and Summer clothes in this neutral part of the season. My den is covered in clothes. Arg, I better get back to work.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Jeri asked me why I asked all the questions.
No reason really...just random random things for no apparent reason.
Now maybe you want my answers...maybe you don't...I'll give them anyway!

1. How often do you wash your hair?
Definetly Sunday and Wednesday...the other days are up for grabs.
Listen people...if I don't HAVE to go anywere, I will stay in workout pants and tshirts all day long.

2. If you are a Mom, do you EVER go to the bathroom without being interupted?
My kids are past the age of actually walking in on me ( except Lana still does sometimes) but I very rarely go to bed without someone talking to me or at least trying to talk to me.
Usually I sit on the toilet and then immedietly hear from somewhere in the house..."MOOOOM???!!!"

3. What do you do about a pair of jeans that look slimming when your standing, but when you sit you can pinch your rolls?
Baggy shirts, or stand up, or not care, or stress all day about it, or maybe I should just use a knife to cut the rolls off.

4. In regards to Homeschooling VS. Kids that go off to school...Which way is the easier in getting and mantaining a "clean" house?
Whats a clean house? I will most days settle for picked up and "organized".

5. How often do you get a hair cut?
Depends...I need one now and it's been since the middle of June since I had one.

6. Do your children have specific chores they must carry out everyday?
Each kid has a chore chart...I'm trying to get better about sticking to it. They also have there own plate, bowl and cup they have to wash, and of course keeping their rooms clean. They both help with laundry too.

7. Do you plan a weekly menu?
Used to...trying to be better at it again.
Thanks to some of your comments, I am taking some of the pressure off myself in this regard. I think planning 4 meals a week is a good goal.

8. How much do you spend a week on groceries?
$200 for 2 weeks...trying to divide $150 big trip and then $50 the next week.

9. Sex? How often? Ok, just kidding, don't anwer that one!
3 times a day, everyday.
Yeah right! I can't even go to the bathroom without interuption!

10. How many hours of sleep do you need a night?
9...I need 9!!! I always thought that was weird, But Dr. Betty Talley at Southeastern reaffirmed me in that when I was in College. She said she needed that too so then I didn't feel so bad since she is a "Dr."!
I don't get 9 though. My sleeping patterns of late have been very irratic. I go to bed late, and then toss and turn and don't sleep well. It's really quite annoying.
Ah, to get 9 straight hours of sleep. Someday. Someday.

Thank you all for your participation in my survey.
I owe you all $2 each.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Ok Bloggy people.
I have questions I would like answers to.

1. How often do you wash your hair?

2. If you are a Mom, do you EVER go to the bathroom without being interupted?

3. What do you do about a pair of jeans that look slimming when your standing, but when you sit you can pinch your rolls?

4. In regards to Homeschooling VS. Kids that go off to school...Which way is the easier in getting and mantaining a "clean" house?

5. How often do you get a hair cut?

6. Do your children have specific chores they must carry out everyday?

7. Do you plan a weekly menu?

8. How much do you spend a week on groceries?

9. Sex? How often? Ok, just kidding, don't anwer that one!

10. How many hours of sleep do you need a night?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I've Been Telling You!

Many of my blog readers have the false sense that Lana is the perfect child.
If I haven't blogged enough in the past about her mishaps to let you know otherwise, this one maybe will do it.
Allow me to recount for you a conversation between Logan and Lana:

Logan-"Some spiders I'm afraid of"

Lana- "Well if your afraid of it then you should just GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!"

Me- "Lana, do you know you just said a bad word?"

Lana- "Yes."

Me- "Then why did you say it?"

Lana- "Because I just wanted to say that."

Needless to say, she has tasted of the "Whine Stopper" today. It is also good for screaming, arguing, and apparently cursing.

And just so you know...she did not hear that from me or Stacy...she said she heard it on
"Night at the Museum". Seriously people, that is THE ONLY cuss word in the whole movie and she hasn't even watched it in a long time. Apparently she's been waiting for the perfect oppurtunity!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What a Difference a Year Makes

One year ago, on Sept 21st, my husband and I were confronted with one of our most trying and difficult marital crisis.

This year on Sept 21st our son was baptised and made public his decision to follow the Lord.

One year ago, on Sept 22nd, I spent hours on the phone with a friend balling my eyes out, hurt, confused, and wondering what in the world was going on.

This year on Sept 22nd my husband called me from work to let me know he had recieved an unexpected promotion.

One year ago on this day, Sept 23rd, I spent the day at Oak Mountain, by myself with the Lord. I blogged about that day here. I found hope and comfort in God's word and and His Soveriegn Grace.

This year on Sept 23rd, I stand amazed at the difference a year makes. The difference in my marriage, the difference in my place in life, the difference in my walk with God, the difference in my understanding of God's provision, His tender mercies, His healing, His presence, and the way He leads His people.

Things could all fall apart tomorrow, but now I know what a difference a year makes.
Now I have tasted and seen that the Lord He is good...He was good in our darkest hour, and He is good, a year later, in our days of joy.
I am overwhelmed.
I am happy.
I am humbled.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy 1st Day of Fall!

What a beautiful day! The weather channel forecast said "Abundant Sunshine" for today.
I feel like singing Yippidee doo day, Yippidee A, my oh my what a wonderful day!

Plans for the first day of Fall:

1. Make an Apple Tart
2. Decorate the living room.
3. Kids decorate the den.
4. Put new Fall tablecloth on the table.
5. Light Pumpkin Spice Candle.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


My parents are here.
Dad is watching golf.
Mom is upstairs playing a game with the kidos.
That leaves me...sitting here...by myself...with no one to bug me!
How fun is that?

Today was a fun day.
You know my parents live in the mountains, so uh, yeah, Mom doesnt get out alot.
This is good and bad.
When they come usually Mom, Lana and I spend the day shopping.
She wears me out!
But today was goooood.
They finally opened a Gardenridge in the ham.
If you've never been to one, I can only describe it as Home Depot for women.
Go, you will love it. It has a unique, fallish, smell, and you can find everything you need to decorate any room. Yes, I am a walking advertisment!
I got a new fall tablecloth and pumpkin spice candles for me, Mom, and one to send down for Laura. MMM....I will not light it until Monday...the official first day of Fall!!! It will also be decorating for Fall day.
I love to decorate for Fall. It makes me so incredibly happy.

We went to Irondale Cafe for lunch.
YUMMMMMOOOOO!!! Oh my gosh, if you have never been there, then shame on you and shame on me for being in Birmingham for going on 12 years and just now going.
The Fried Green Tomatoes are unbeatable, the Fried Okra was amazing, the Squash was scrumptious, but the best part was the Macoroni and Cheese. Really, I don't know how they make it so creamy and buttery and cheesy and just plane daddgum good. We bought some to bring home for my Dad and it was even better after having sat in the car for 3 hours.
I will be going back. You wanna come?

Logan and Dad spent the day together (Stacy is of course at work). Dad bought Logan an MP3 player and so he has been working dilligently at downloading stuff on to it.
He feels very happy and grown up and Pappy is more than happy to have spent the day with his favorite (and only) grandson.

Lana, Mom and I came home and had our traditionally tea party. Lana is getting really good at being a tea party hostess. Mom is a good tea party teacher.

Our day was filled with getting stuff for Laura and her girls for Mom to take with her to Africa in November. Days like this I miss her ALOT....I'm sure her reading about our day probably makes her miss us too. We count the days until March 2010 when we all sit down and have a tea party together again! It's a very fun tradition and one I think the girls will all hold dearly over the years.

Well...my uninterrupted time has just been interrupted by Logan checking the status of his syncing.
Guess I'll go get ready to go out to dinner...That's right...I don't have to cook tonight either!
As so many of my blogging friends are saying...Woo to the Hoo!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In my defense!

My Mother has made mention of the fact that I hate mayonnaise.
If you know me, then this should not be a shock to you.
But seriously people, don't act like it is so absurd to abhor mayo.
I mean, who came up with mixing eggs and vinegar and whatever else you put into it, to make up this creamy substance that Paula Dean thinks is the reason food exists!
I seriously am gagging right now even thinking about it. Arg, barf, ack ack ack.

You must understand my friends, where this hatred began.
Imagine with me...
I was 13 years old and in Pennsylvania visiting my grandparents.
We had just finished a nice lunch of Tuna Fish sandwiches, of course made with mayo, guzzled down with a nice cool can of Grape Soda.
Upon throwing our trash in the "trash can" and our scraps in a "separate" pale (that is what you did at Nana's house), we hopped in the station wagon to go for a drive to another town...another town far far away.
So here I sit, in the "way back" as we called it...the 3rd row seat if you will that faced backwards.
I'm not sure whose brilliant idea it was to put me, the motion sick child, back there, but there I was nevertheless.
The drive to another town was windy and curvy and far away.
It was bound to happen, and it did.
I got so incredibly car sick!
There was no warning, no time to pull over, no time to grab a bag...I just threw up, in the back of the station wagon, facing backwards, having just eaten a tuna fish sandwich and grape soda.
The nearest town was still miles away and so I had to just sit and stew in my thrown up tuna salad and keep that wretched taste in my mouth until we could find a gas station to stop at.

Now please, any sane person that reads my blog...could you, really, ever, even consider, putting tuna fish or mayo in your mouth ever again? Seriously...I am gagging. I need a Mountain Dew right now just to get over this. Grape soda? Nope. Never again.
I mean even on a good day, have you ever smelled tuna fish and mayo and thought
"Wow, that is the best smelling stuff in the world"...Heck no!
Cats eat tuna for crying out loud! Why would it smell good.
Now imagine yourself covered in the stuff, smelling it and tasting it again and again.

So please my friends...stop judging my hatred of mayo and tuna for that matter, and sympathize with the fact that still do this day, 20 years later, the horrible after taste of thrown up mayo, tuna, and grape soda, lives not to far back in the tiniest of my taste buds.
Even seeing the jar of mayo or a can of tuna sends that tiny taste bud into a gagging fit.

Have pity upon me!!!!
Oh, and make your chicken salad, egg salad, and the like with cream cheese or sour cream.
I promise, you will never want to go back to whipped up eggs and vinegar ever again!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Me? Quirky? Noooo!!!

Well Ms. Virginia tagged me to tell you all 6 quirks that I have.

I covered some other weird things about me in a recent post, and if that didn't scare you enough, then these SURELY will!

1. When reading a book, I am obsessed with the chapter names. If I don't remember the chapter name halfway through the chapter, I will go back and look. It somehow helps me to know a plan for the chapter.

2. If I am going on a trip (in my favorite rocket ship), I must make a packing and to do list. If I get it neatly typed up and printed out then that is even better.

3. I am anal about the checkbook. It must be balanced to the penny!

4. I either care about the way my house looks, or I don't. There is no in between. I'm either anally clean and picked up...or everything is a mess and then overwhelming to get picked up. ( like today)

5. I must decorate for Fall and Christmas. If I don't, the world will surely fall apart.

6. I love an organized book shelf. It will drive me crazy if my book shelf is not just like I like it.

Now, who wants to come over and help me clean house today?
Any takers? NO? Well, what kind of friends are you?

Alright, well I'm gonna tag whoever wants to do this...I just hate to put anybody on the spot...
OK, well maybe I could just put on the spot Kim, Kim, and Karen...the "K"s.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


It's been kind of a strange couple of days.
I have been running a fever off and on and have felt over all poopy.
I finally went to the Doc today, got a shot and a zpack, and will hopefully be feeling better soon.

On my way to the Dr, my Dad called to tell me he was at the ER with Mom.
While I was at the Dr, Laura called me to ask me about Kidney stones ( Stacy has had them before) because Travis seems to be having one.

Long story short, Mom has Plurosy and has been given lots of meds and sent to rest for a few days. Which hopefully she will. REST MOM! If you know her, this is a difficult task for her to do. So I am relieved that she is going to be OK.
Travis will probablly go to the hospital in the morning ( it was 10:30 at night over there when I talked to La), so pray for him. I have seen Stacy go through kidney stones twice, and I know it is NO fun!

Well all this to say...I was just starting to think that our family is falling apart, when I got home and had an email that my new friend Crystal, who is our new childrens ministers wife and is only 23, her Dad died last night. WOW! That really puts some perspective on things now doesn't it?
My heart breaks for her...she is 23 years old and has lost her dad. How devistating! She is a wonderfuly sweet, Godly woman and I ask that you pray for her and her family. I know that her Dad has struggled with a brain tumor for a while and I am pretty sure she has said that he is a Christian. But wow...it makes sinus infections, and plurosy, and kidney stones, seem easy doesn't it?

I am reminded that the sufferings of this life are meant to draw us closer to the throne of God and see His glory in all circumstances.

"By affliction He teaches us many precious lessons, which, without it we
should never learn.
By affliction He shows our emptiness and weakness, draws us to the throne
of grace, purifies our affections, weans us from the world, makes us long for
heaven. In the ressurection morning we shall all say, "It is good for me
that I was afflicted." We shall thank God for every storm."
-J.C. Ryle

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm it!

Yippidee dooda, Yippidee A...You get to learn about parenting from me today!

Michelle has tagged me for this bit o fun. Plus my Aunt Michelle tagged me the other day to do what I learned from my parent or about parenting...so I will tie them all in together.

Sadly I don't have all the cool pictures like Michelle and others had...so you'll just have to take my word for it!

1. Do not let your 11 month old eat sand...sometimes there is dog poop mixed in and trust me, a fiasco will follow.

2. Do not let that same 11 month old spin around the room with a pillow. It is not funny and stitches are sure to follow.

3. 18 month olds should not run in aquariums. This also will usually end in stitches.

4. Toddlers should not be left alone with a sick pregnant woman. They will get there own drinks...out of the toilet. This will result in a sick pregnant woman taking care of a sick toddler.

5. 3 year olds cannot be trusted with there 1 year old sisters (that can't walk yet) while you take a shower. They will trap them under a box.

6. 3 year olds cannot be trusted with finger nail polish in their rooms. They will try to paint the nails of all their dolls and themselves, and will ruin everything in their path.

7. 4 year old boys that are obsessed with Spider man should not be left alone while wearing spider man costumes. They will jump off of things and poke holes in their lip with their tooth.

8. Please secure your carpet...4 year olds can trip easily while carrying a beach ball, resulting in a fall that can break their arm.

9. 4 year old girls can have their hearts broken. I assure you this is a pitiful sight and should be handled by a Mother. Dad's tend to want to beat boys up...even if they are 4!

10. If you see your 5 year old heading outside wearing roller skates, you should preface not to use them on a trampoline. This also will result in yet another ER trip.

11. 5 year olds should not use microwaves.

12. The prayers of a 5 year old are usually answered quickly.

13. 6 is a good year to re do a kids room. They tend to think you are the greatest, and whatever you do to their room should last until they are a teen.

14. When your youngest turns 6 you realize you don't have a baby, toddler, preschooler anymore and it can be a little sad :(

15. 6 year olds are curious about undergarments.

16. 7 year olds are very helpful when you are sick. Who doesn't love a good old peanut butter and cheese sandwich?

17. 7 year olds don't know how high is too high to climb a tree.

18. Upon turning 8, children all of a sudden try to use sarcasim, and sometimes can't use it properly.

19. 8 year old boys think they are too big to hold hands with their Mom in the parking lot.

20. 8 year olds have to learn hard lessons like...don't try to kill bees with your bare feet, they will sting you!

So there you have it, 20 parenting tips or warnings...however you would like to read them!

I tag whoever wants to do it next. Come on, you KNOW you want to!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Yes we are back.
Yes it was awesome.
Yes I am having a hard time getting back into reality again.

There is something about the beach that is so refreshing, relaxing, mesmorizing, peaceful, thoughtful, fun, and makes you forget there is a real world waiting when you return.

There are many highlights and fun stories, but I am going to outline the trip by each person of the family.

Lets start with LanaLou.
I told Stacy on the way home last night that there are so many things that I would have missed out on over the past 6 years if she wouldn't have been here to point them out.

This weekend was no exception. Lana's constant chatter does at times get to the point where you tune it out, but usually it is filled with amusing comments.

Lana stepped foot onto the beach and immedietly saw the smallest of shells, the sparkle in the sand, the sun shining on the water and immensly enjoyed every second of the beach. She just naturally finds beauty and contentment in everything she sees and does.

The only thing that she didn't like was the salt water. Everytime the water got in her mouth she would run to her towel and lick it. I'm sure that helped! It was very funny.

When we went to Gulf World Marine Park, Lana got to be in the Sea Lion show. If you knew Lana even a year ago, you know that this is a BIG deal. She used to be afraid of every thing, and now she stood in front of a 400 pound sea lion. It was so cute. I only took video, so no picture, but the trainers had her do things for the sea lion to imitate and then at the end she got to shake hands with it. It was very cool! Later in the day she had her picture made with a dolphin while she held on to its fins. Also very very cool!

Putt Putt with Lana is a painful experience. She doesnt putt as much as she guides the ball. We only got to play 7 holes because of rain, but I assure you it was a Loooong seven holes, but was also a lot of fun!

Last night on the way home she saw dolphins in the clouds! It is so much fun to be around Lana because she just enjoys everything. These are some picture that capture her this weekend.

Moving on to Logan. He is a strange mix of boyishly fun and old manishly intense. He worries too much about whats coming next so has a hard time living in the moment, unlike his free spirited sister.

Logans first impression was that the beach was beautiful, it was big, and it was annoying. Every wave that knocked him down he took personally. He also thought that he could conquer the ocean and really has no fear of it. The first evening everytime a wave would hit him, his swim suit would come down, which was hilarious!

He had a great time in the ocean though and really enjoyed going out into with his Daddy.

Another thing he enjoyed was drawning. The first night's sunset he sat there and drew it and said he was going to do that every night. It was neat to see the beauty of everything effect him in a way that he wanted to caputure by drawing.

My favorite time with him was one night he and I sat out on the balcony around midnight and just chatted and looked at the ocean. We had a great talk and I just felt like I could die right then a very happy lady.

Logan also stayed up really late every night learning how to play Chess with our friend Ken.
Since I know nothing about chess I couldnt tell you how he did. I do know that he liked it and it was really cool of Ken to do that with him.

He also had a great experience at Gulf world. He was asked to be a part of the Dolphin show. I'm telling you, my kids could not have had a better experience! We thought he was just going down to the tank with some other volunteers to do some imitation stuff, and then all of a sudden we see him on the other side, on the platform with the trainers! At one point the trainer was telling him she needed him to go to the bottom of the 15 foot tank to get her whistle. Wrong fearless kid to say that too. She told him to get a running start AND HE DID! She had to stop him from jumping in. It was so funny. Then he got to hold a fish in his mouth and hold it over the tank for a dolphin to get...which it didn't...and then do some other things with the dolphins. It was an amazing experience for him. He got his picture made shaking a dolphins fins too.

Logan is all boy and has a huge appetite too. It is starting to cost a lot more to feed this kid. One night he had steak and the next night he discovered crab legs...by the plateful!!!

Logan is fun to be around because he is so thoughtful about things and with him, the world around you has so many adventures and possibilities and he makes you think about things.

These are some of my favorite pics of him.

Moving on to my dear husband. He is the one that needed a vacation most of all. He works way to hard and lots of long hours, so this trip was really important for him.

It was amazing the first day to see the stress melt off of him. If you have a husband that is frequently stressed by there job, then you know what I mean when I say that it was nice to have my husband back.

The drive down we just chatted and sang and enjoyed being together. Then while we where there, it was so great to see him playing in the water with the kids and really being a kid himself. Because of his Chrones and the many side effects of it, he can't really run around or do crazy stuff...but he could play in the ocean, and it was so refreshing to see him do that.

He bought some floats and took him and Logan out to a sand bar to jump the waves.

He showed Lana how to stand still and dig your feet into the sand and let the water come up around you.

He took me para sailing! He was so brave and tough about it and I was scared out of my mind.

You know Stacy has an artsy flare about him as well and he took some amazing sunset and night time pictures.

He went to bed around 10 every night and got up at 7 and enjoyed quiet time to himself on the balcony, reading and enjoying the ocean.

I just can't tell you enough how refreshing it was to see him be refreshed. He was worry free, and he rested, and he played. All things that he doesnt normally do. It really really really did my heart good to have him like that for a few days.

The thing I love about Stacy is that he lives and enjoys the moment. The whole weekend I knew that he was enjoying himself because he made it known, and you could see it written all over his face. I love that about him.

These are some of my favorite pictures either of him or that he took.

Plus just look at how handsome he is!

As for me...I just thouroughly enjoyed being with my husband and kids and being with our friends Ken and Gwendy.
It was such a great time to reconnect and interact.
The best part was just watching them enjoy themselves. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend.
It was such a Spiritual renewal as well...just sitting and watching and listening.
God is so obvious in His creation and I do not cease to be amazed by not only what He has done, but what He does daily in my life.
I am beyond words thankful that we had this little getaway retreat. It really was needed on so many levels.

And if you are still reading, then you are a true friend!!!!

We're Baaack...

Details to follow...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The "TyeHawk"

Sleepy, Beachy, Packed and Peachy?

I don't know people! These sleeping problems I am having are making me dilusional!
I fell asleep at 3am and woke up at 5:45 and couldnt go back to sleep. I should have called Kim.
Really, I cannot keep going like this. Hopefully this weekend I will get some sleepy sleep time sleep!

We are packed up and ready to go.. Don't know if we're peachy yet...but oh, we will be.

Thanks to all of you for your kind words of encouragment about our day yesterday.
Our day was nothing in comparison to the problems that so many others face, and yet somedays somethings just feel a little sad and oppressing. Stacy's grandma is still holding her own, but I don't think they expect her to live much longer.
We will probablly not go to the funeral. Some things are just better left the way they are left.
Stacy is glad he got to spend some time with her and I am glad for him too.

This weekend has been much anticipated and I think yesterday just reminded us both that there are bigger things happening in our world. But God is still soveriegn and is merciful to His children. We are thankful that He has made the way for us to enjoy a much needed break for our family.

So with that my bloggin friends. I sign off for a few days. I don't know how I will live without the computer for 4 days, but hopefully somehow I will survive. I will survive, hey hey!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Love to all of my peeps :)

Weird Day

Today has been a weird day.
Stacy called me around 12:00 to tell me that his grandmother is on her death bed and he wasn't sure what we should do.
The questions begin..Do we pack up and go over there right this second, Do we wait until tomorrow, Do we take the kids over at all...and so and and so forth.
He calls a little while later to say that he has decided to just hop in the car and go by himself at that very moment. And so from the hours of 1:00-10:00pm my husband drove to Waynesboro MS, said goodbye to his grandmother, and drove home.

A few hours after Stacy left, I talked to my Mom on the phone and found out that my grandfather, whom I have blogged about before, is not doing well. He has Althezimers or dementia and is apparently reaching that stage of loosing it pretty quickly.
Wow! Really? Are Stacy and I really experiencing these same emotions of lose on the same day?

With his Grandmother, she is 96 years old, has lived a long healthy life, has congestive heart failure, but really is dying rather peacefully surrounded by family at home.
With my Grandfather, he is almost 82 years old, has lived a long healthy life, is losing his mind, and could still live many more years not knowing what the heck is going on around him.

Stacy went through a sort of process today. He had 6 hours alone in his car to think and grieve in his own way. I will not recount for him his feelings, but in my thoughts about his grandmother, its not that he saw her very much, but its the knowing that she was there and now will be gone.

I have been mulling over things today too with my Grandfather. The last time I saw him was in January. We had a pleasant visit. He was definitely changing, but our visit was fun, and even sad when he cried when I left. Do I leave it at that? I don't think he's at the stage of not remembering me yet, but what stage is he at concerning his memories of me? I feel weird knowing that I am losing my grandfather before I'm losing my grandfather. Do you know what I mean?
I know Kim and Crissy do because they have just blogged about a very similar experience with their own Grandpa.

Anyways...SOOO not wanting to be a Debbie Downer tonight. Like I said, its just been a weird day. Lots of emotions and thoughts for both the husband and me.

Oh, and there have been several post floating around lately about dreams. Several nights ago I had a dream that my Grandfather died and I couldn't get there. Weird huh?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Some days are Diamonds...

Somedays, well are just plain hard.

Today was a traumatic day for my daughter and I.
It appears that PMS starts in girls very early, and from the time she woke up, Lana was an emotional mess.
If you know my child, you know that she is normally a happy, sweet child.
Today however she cried on several different occasions at the drop of a hat.
And I don't mean just a little tear. I mean big time sobs.
The last big cry, was a warranted cry however.

As you all know, she has recently had a room makeover. Which of course included a new bedspread.
She has also been told not to draw, color, etc...while sitting on the bed.
Well apparently yesterday she decided to use some markers, while sitting on her bedspread.
They soaked through. She tried to hide it...

Until today!!!
I saw it. I simply looked at her and she broke out into trembling sobs.
All I could say was "Sit on your bed".
Long story short, I sprayed the thing like crazy, soaked it, and then sat at the computer for 20 minutes playing a game so I could gain some composure.
Poor Logan came down and said "Mom, I think Lana is having a baby or something...she's screaming like crazy."

I then "dealt" with her, and then made her take a 2 hour nap so she could regain some emotional stability. After that, she has been back to her happy normal joyful self.
Her Daddy even took her out to Starbucks tonight. ( already a planned deal...in no way a reward for deceitful and crazy behaviour).

Somedays I would just prefer not to be a Mom. It would be so much easier to not deal with disciplining. This is not the first time that Lana and I have had bedspread issues. When she was 3 and got her new bedspread for her first big girl bed, she painted her nails on it...nail polish comes out of nothing!
I am sure that there is a lesson for me in all of this. I am sure that God is not concerned with Lana's bedspread, but rather how I deal with her in her disobedience.
It is very hard to discipline a little girl that is doing the whole "I-I-I-a-a-am so o ory that i i i d i id that."

I realize more and more how important it is to deal with the heart issues with my kids. The issue was not that she got marker on her bedspread...the issue was that she willfully disobeyed and then set out to deceive. That is the issue of the heart that we have to deal with.
This is where I have to point her to the Gospel and say...
"Our hearts are deceitful and wicked, BUT GOD before he layed the foundations of the earth, new that, and provided a Saviour so that we don't have to live in the trap of deceitful and wicked behaviour. God has given us a way out through His Son Jesus."
This is were she has an opportunity to respond. Recognize her sin, confess it, and accept God's grace, or not recognize it and repeat the same behaviors.

Somedays I hate being a Mom, but when at the end of that day I realize that God has given me the opportunity to show my kids the Gospel, I can do nothing but raise my head in awe, and look forward to the opportunities of tomorrow.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, I did get almost all of the marker out.