Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fall Fashion Observations

I have begun randomly shopping for fall attire for the family.
Here are my very astute observations thus far.

1. Skulls are apparently very hip and happening.

2. I guess we are not very hip and happening because my kids will not be wearing skulls.

3. Geometric patterns for boys in yellows, blues, and greens are in.

4. I am not down with that. Why, why, why, would we bring the 80's back to our boys?

5. The 80's are not lost on the girls either, but I like the 80's for the girls relatively.

6. The leggings and dresses of 2008 are much cuter than 1988.

7. Instruments on clothing are also very hot this year.

8. Just wondering if most kids can even play an instrument.

9. Belts, belts, belts, belts, belts.

10. Sweaters with built in white collars. LOVE IT!

11. Thank goodness somethings don't go out of style, like a good sweater, and some cute brown boots. ( of which I am on the hunt for)

12. Rocker Tee's/ screen printed shirts.

13. Rugby shirts are starting to pop up everywhere. Old Navy even has some cute ones for girls with puffy sleeves.

14. When did Old Navy get so loud? Or am I just getting older and when I go somewhere without my children, expect complete silence!

15. Flat-Flat ballet Flats are back in again this fall. This is not good for people that are 5 feet tall.

16. Huge purses. The kind you can take to the movie theater stuffed with candy and drinks for everyone. I mean, not that I EVER do that...I'm just sayin.

17. Shirts with bands around the bottom. This is very good for me. I like this style.

18. Cardigans. This could go either way.

19. Always in style, a good pair of blue jeans. So many different styles to choose from to wear your favorite pair too.

20. Lana will not wear blue jeans. She will not really wear any pants that button, therefore I am thankful for #6, although it doesn't really leave us with an option for wearing #13.
(this was not so much an observation as a fact of which I am looking for a solution)

So there you have it two cents worth of the fall fashion front.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

What can you buy for $14.99?

Well I'll tell ya!

Hours and hours of gleeful grins.
A Time to escape to a happy place.
Memories of a fun time.
A wish.
Repitition, repititition, repitition.
Maybe a Tear.

Yes friends, you too may experience all of the above for only $14.99 when you purchase the Mama Mia soundtrack!

Now if you'll excuse me, my happy place is calling!

Friday, August 29, 2008

I Rue the day...

Have you ever Rued a day? (Chandler Bing did once!)

I Rue the day a person invented video games. RUE!!!
Unless of course it is Pac-Man, or Mario brothers, or something that I like. (like the WII that we will probablly get for that will be a fun, energetic gaming system)

In the meantime I stupidly bought Logan and Stacy a PS2 from Veazer.
They went tonight and bought some games.

All I hear now is sword swinging, and yelling, and duhp, I died, oh yes and my favorite...
Lana saying over and over and over again...Dad, Logan, Dad, Logan, Dad, Logan, Dad, Logan, Dad, Logan, Dad, Logan, Dad, Logan, Dad, Logan, Dad, Logan, Dad, Logan, Dad, Logan, Dad, Logan, Dad, Logan, Dad, Logan, Dad
Yeah, guess what sweety, they are not going to answer you. They are saving the ring and protecting froto or something like that.

RUE the day I tell ya.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Lunch with Alli of the funnest girls I know.

The release of Baby Mama...should be a funny movie.

Convincing husband to buy me the Mama Mia soundtrack to listen to on the way to the beach.

Going to the beach and listening to the Mama Mia soundtrack the whole way there.

Making country style steak for dinner this week...yeah, I know I said I was going to do that earlier, but I never did. So now I am still looking forward to it.

A good nights sleep....after 7 consecutive nights of going to sleep at 1, 2, or 3 am, I am taking Tylenol PM tonight at a decent hour.

Waking up feeling actually refreshed instead of wanting to pull the pillow over my head and say to the waiting world and children "la la la la la, I can't hear you!"

Posting about something of actual importance...maybe soon I will feel like doing that.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Exposition of a Range of Emotions

Slightly obsessed with Abba music right now

Annoyed that I'm in a blazae mood-maybe the weather, maybe hormones

Concerned that Hurrican Gustav is going to ruin our beach plans next week

Enjoying the Great Hero Classics series with the kids

Trying to get into "Twilight", but am just not feeling it yet

Happy to have talked with Sister today

Sad that 15 minutes is never enough

Glad that the school room is coming together nicely

Can't wait to go to the beach

Wanting to take a nap

Need to make muffins with Lana today

Ready for Fall

Missing my paychecks

Searching for a pair of brown shoes

Contemplating judementalism Vs. discernment

Proud of Logans coversation with Pastor Tim about baptism

Wondering why I am all of sudden getting bruises on my arms

Frustrated with my lack of desire to excercise

Anticipating a response on wether or not I get to host next years VBS training

Looking forward to making Country Style steak for dinner

Feeling like I need to go potty and wrap up this post

Sunday, August 24, 2008

200th Post

I wasn't going to title this post "200th Post" but when I saw that it is my 200th post, I thought, Why not!!! WOW, 200 crazy post from yours truly.

OK, well this post is FOR my sweet little niece Summer Brook.
Summer's favorite song is Power in the Blood. She loves it and sings it over and over.
Tonight was what our church calls "Brush Arbor"...don't know why, it just is. It's a once a year tradition where for one hour various people come up and sing. It's actually kind of a neat tradition. Afterwards there is a creole dinner.
This year Logan and Lana wanted to sing, and they wanted to sing Summer's favorite song.
So here you go Summer Brook. This is just for you!
The quality of the video is horrible, but you can still hear them, and know that they love you super much!
Oh, also I was sitting on the floor telling them when to sing, and I goofed at the very beginning. I brought them in a measure to soon, so that is why it sounds funny at first. OOPS!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cozumel Aqua

That is the name of the color that I just painted our school room.
I have to tell you though...I am an idiot!
When the guy at Wal-Mart ( first idiotic thing I did) was mixing the two gallons of paint, the blue dye ran out. So I ended up with two different colors of paint.
The guy was of course nice enough to say that he would re do it...but I being the idiot that I am, said "No Richard, I like these new colors you have come up with. I'm going to use both of these and call them Richards aqua." Dar har har.

I tried to do every other wall the different color. That worked fine until I had to go back and do some touch up. I forgot which color I had used on which roller and wound up doing some touch up with the wrong color on the wrong wall.
And am I going to fix it? NO!
I'm tired of painting. I figure once the posters and such are on the wall it won't be noticeable.
Of course I will notice it, but at this point this is me not caring...
"La la la, I don't care, la le la le different colors on my wall, it's very noticable and I don't care."

I have to tell you what saved my sanity today. ABBA! Oh yeah...that's right! I clicked on Crissy's blog and listened to the sounds of Dancing Queen, SOS, I do, Take a chance, and of course Mama Mia...then some sting and police. Wait, wasn't Sting in the police?
Anyways, it made me happy to have fun tunes whilst I painted. And Lana now loves Dancing Queen too...oh yeah!

Welp, I must go make some dinner. Anybody else have a hard time getting motivated on this drab drizzly day?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Perception, Perspective, and a Good ole Dose of Reality

1. I perceived that not working was going to be the cure to all of my problems.
My perspective was that my working was getting in the way of effectively running my household.
The reality is that after two weeks, I see that I was mostly right about part of it. I mean it hasn't solved all of my problems, but...
I am thoroughly enjoying being a full time stay at home, homeschooling Mom.
It was nice for us to have a lazy Monday this week after a very busy weekend.
It's been nice easing into the week and not feeling like I've got to get everything done before Wednesday.

2. I have some perception issues with the whole homeschooling thing. I think that people see us as raving lunatics that are sheltering our children from "the world".
But my perspective has to stay focused on why we are doing this.
Our reality is that at this point in our lives, God has called us to homeschool. I have to keep in mind that homeschooling is not just about some hours that we sit in a room and do school work, but it's about a lifestyle that is engaged in learning. That learning may be book learning one part of the day, and basic home EC and responsibility the rest of the day. Our whole way of life revolves around the fact that there are many things that my kids need to learn, not just about books, but about a functioning home, and mainly about the Gospel. The scary reality is, it is my responsibility to guide them in all of these areas.

3. Have you ever perceived a person to be a certain way, and then when they don't turn out that way it is a bit of a surprise?
I have had a lot of conflict going on in my brain this week in regards to this.
I have really had to get over my perceptions of how it should have been, and gain some perspective on my response to those that are teaching or leading us.
The reality is I must view people and what they say and teach, through the lens of the Gospel. If I don't, I become a passive thinker and a mediocre student of God's word.
The reality is that there are a lot of people teaching a lot of things. There are a lot of ways to ignore the Gospel when what we are hearing tickles our ears and makes God fit into our way of living. If my way of thinking is that Jesus is with me to make everything in my life work out hunky-dory, then all I am doing is putting God in a box that I can put in my pocket and point to as a reference of the way I am living. "See, look, I am doing just fine with Jesus in my pocket!"
It becomes all about me at that point, and not who God is.

But if my way of thinking is that God is with me, so that I can glorify Him with everything I am, only having that ability through Him, then there is no room for a box. As a matter of fact all there is room for is God. When my ears are listening through the words of the Gospel, I can see that it is not about me. It's about God that has poured out His love on a sinful sinful person, in order to bring Glory to Himself. It's not to see how good of a person I can be. It's so God's glory can be revealed and as a result my actions and the outpouring of my life, show His glory to others.

4. It is noon time. Which most would perceive as being a good lunch hour.
But from my perspective we had breakfast at 10:00.
So the reality is that we won't be having lunch until later!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Should this make me happy?

Today my husband came home around lunch time because he is not feeling well.
He has Chrones disease and appears to be having one of his flare ups.
It is really annoying for him, he feels horrible and he can't work.
I do feel really really really sorry for him!

But guess what????

I got to go grocery shopping all by myself!!!!
This should not make me happy. I should not be happy that my husband is home on the couch sick, sad, tired, and can't eat...and yet I got to go grocery shopping by myself!!!

I know you all understand. I had to go to Wal-mart to pick out paint for the school room, and get a few other things, then I had to go to Aldi for the rest.
It was such a nice little treat. This should not make me happy.
I am a horrible wife.

I do have to say though that the kids did school while I was gone and then got themselves something to eat for lunch, so really it did not affect my husband in the least.
Except that he is sick, sad, tired, and can't eat, and his wife left him with the children to go grocery shopping by herself!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Gotta Love Google

My Aunt Michelle did this on her blog and I thought it would be fun to do my name.
What you do is google your name with the word "needs" after wards.
This is what "Missy Needs" on Google...

Missy needs another cocktail!


Missy needs a safe

Missy needs to be spanked

Missy needs Thai

missy needs her medicine

missy needs her lover back

Missy needs our help

Missy needs to drop an R&B album

missy needs a new hairdo

missy needs to make another photoshoot

Missy needs to stop!

OK, now that is stinking hilarious!!!
Go, Google your name right now!
It's a totally fun waste of time!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back in business

For those of you who don't know, the blog entitled Science Lab is my darling sons blog.
It is a by invite only blog, you know to cut out any creepy people that might stalk us.
If you would like to view his blog, email me with your email address and I will add you to the list.
I'm not bragging ( OK, maybe I am a little bit), but if you have kids, particularly boys, they will like his blog. He has lots of interesting facts on the right hand side and his post are usually amusing.

And P.S. I am getting into the changing my template action. I will probably change it again. I didn't realize how fun and easy it is!

The Plague

OK, well it's not the plague, but I got your attention didn't I?

Mom has tagged me in a random game of tag to tell you 6 random things about me.
I don't know if I know 6 random things about me, or if I want to tell you for fear that you might use them against me later.
But here goes...

1. I sang on stage with Sandi Patti when I was 8 years old. She was my childhood hero and it was the highlight of my 8 year old life.

2. I love mashed potatoes! I love them so much, that once I was at a restaurant where you serve yourself, but the food was on this rotating thing...the mashed potatoes where getting away and so I chased them down. Yep, chased me down some mashed potatoes!!!

3. When I was 16 I was coming home late from a ball game, got lost, and got pulled over by a cop. I was so freaked out about getting home late, and had to pee really bad. I was scared and didn't have a place to stop, so I peed in my pants. I was just driving down the road and peed in my pants while I was driving. But oh gets worse! The next morning my Dad got in the car to take me to school ( it was his car after all)...He said "Missy why is my seat wet?"...
My reply, "Oh sorry, I spilled a Mountain Dew last night!"
About 2 years ago I told him the truth. He laughed hysterically thank goodness!

4. I still sleep with a blankie. True fact. Just love to cuddle up with my blankie.

5. In college I had some fake fingernails on for a nice banquet that the school had put on. A couple days later while working at the Black Eyed Pea restaurant, I looked down and discovered that one of my nails was missing. A little while later my manager came in, said "let me see your hands"...saw that a nail was missing and walked away. Come to find out I had lost that nail in a salad that was served to a Lawyer and his wife. Needless to say they sued! They got $5000 out of the deal, and amazingly enough I got to keep my job!

6. I am a little bit OCD about couch pillows and blankets. I like the pillows to be straight, and the blankets to be neatly draped.

So now you know 6 random things about me.
I am now supposed to tag some more people, but since I know that you are all busy people, I will not make you do it.
But if I was going to tag somebody I would tag...
Well, really I would tag you all, so get busy!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I am blogging at 10:53 on a Tuesday night.
This is strange to me.
Usually on Tuesday night I am getting to bed early to be ready for work for the next day.
Instead, here I sit, blogging, watching the olympics, and typing music for the retreat.
Yes, all at the same time. I AM multi talented!

I just have to tell you all that I am obsessed with the Olympics.
Hum the tune with me now will you?
Da da da dadadada...da da dada da da da da da da da da da
Is it in your head now? GOOOOOD!
I have been staying up way to late to watch, but I can't miss it.
Summer games only happen every 4 years you know!
I am happy to be passing my obsession on to my daughter too.
She loves the Olympics. She is "Ogsessed" with them.
And oh my gosh, an american girl just fell during the floor excercise. Good grief! Even I could jump around on a mat.
OK, well maybe not. I COULD however possibly walk across it without falling. Maybe, if it was flat and somebody was holding my hand.
Oh the poor little dear, she is about to cry. I would too if I was her.
OOH, and the replay. Why must they torture her and us and show her falling again. OK, we get it, she fell, its a tenth of a point. Blah Blah. The drama!
But I love it...must have more.

I actually had other more important things to say tonight, but I have gotten distracted and will now go about my other tasks.
See, I can stay on task.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

End of an Era

First of all, I can't believe I haven't blogged since Wednesday. WOW! Thats crazy for me. is the end of an Era. I don't know exactly how many years make up an Era. It seems like they covered this on an episode of "Friends". But anyways.
I have worked for 4 years and as of last Thursday at 6 O clockish, I am officially now a non working woman. It's kind of happy and sad for me. It's not like I had this big huge career or anything. I mean it was a one day out of the house job, and a few hours in the house doing some typing. It was just the fact that I was contributing to the household financially and I made some money and felt a little more at ease with doing extra things. It also was a day out of the myself, and having occasional adult conversation. I am going to miss my alone time. And I'm going to miss some of the people I've gotten to know over these few years.

ONWARD! I am excited to move on and start a newish chapter of my life. Being a homeschooling Mom is a full time job in and of itself (not that being a non homeschooling mom isn't too...but you know what I mean!). The only problem is that now I have only myself to blame if I don't get my act together. Before I could blame it on the it's ALL me. Kind of scary I must say. Can I do this? Do I have the patience? Do I have the discipline? Do I have the stamina?
Could you imagine doing this without the Holy Spirit? I mean seriously folks, I have thought of this often. I fight my flesh so much already, if I did not have the Holy Spirit tempering me even just a little bit, I would not last one day as a wife or a mom.
Starting off this year of homeschooling is going to require a lot of soul searching and dependance on Christ. I can't do it, but Christ through me can. I have to cling to that or I will not make it.

So tomorrow we will embark on a new schedule. Hopefully one that is more disciplined and productive. No more excuses. I'm stearing this ship, and it's going to either sink or float.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Great Big Thank You!

Well you have all just made me feel like a million bucks today!
First thank you to my sweet husband for "Hacking" into my blog.
Wow what a slooth he is. A computer genious!
I am very lucky to have such a caring guy by my side.
And thanks to all of you. Your words where all so kind and meant a lot to me.
I have really been overwhelmed today with feeling so blessed.
As much as I whine and complain, I know that God has given me so much to be thankful for.
I wish I saw that more often!

Thanks also to those of you that sent me ecards. I love ecards! They make me smile and laugh.
I even got a Cato gift card that I already used because I have to. Gift cards burn holes in my purse. Seriously they do. I can't walk around with holes in my purse now can I?

Thanks again blogging buddies. You've made my day a happy one!


Hello everybody! This is Stacy, or Missy's husband to most of you.

I have used my genius computer skills and hacked into Missy's blog to let you all know that today is her birthday. She doesn't know I've done this so let's keep it a secret.

33 years ago, God unveiled one of his pre-determined plans (that was for you Marsha), and let loose into this world Melissa Rita (almost Fern for a middle name if you can believe my hippie like in-laws) Harwood. In 1998 He would bring her into my life and a year later she would change her last name to Lowery. If we believed in the Hindu idea of Karma, then some would say this change was due to something bad she had done in her previous life and that I was her punishment. But, since my ego won't allow that, I'll just say that He was giving me a gift.

Today, Missy is the wonderful mother of Logan and Lana and amazing wife to me! She is a gift to my world and the world that she influences. She has incredible qualities like faithfulness, loyalty, compassion, humor, love, patience, beauty, and some other physical qualities that really would be embarrassing for her and inappropriate for me to publicly post. Her smile brightens up a dreary day. Her laugh (especially when it's one of those "I can't do anything but wheeze" laugh) makes everyone else in the room laugh with her, even when they don't feel like laughing.

She is an asset to me and everyone who knows her, in that our lives are all enriched from getting to know her as a friend. And the great thing about her is that she doesn't take herself too seriously. She can laugh at her self. Like the time when she was walking across a FLAT soccer field and just fell. No rocks or roots to trip over. She just fell. Those of you who know her best, know she can be a little bit clumsy, but she just gets up and laughs it off. She knows it's one of the way she's so darn adorable. She also knows that's the reason I've banned her from sharp objects around the house.

So today, would you all do me thing kindest favor and post a lot of comments wishing her an awesome birthday and tell her how much she means to all of you. Thank you for your indulgence. Lowery out!

We love you Melissa Rita (Fern) Harwood Lowery!

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sweet sweet letters

I just got home from a date with my son ( which I will post a pic of later because it was so fun)
But on the desk when I got back was a little booklet that Lana had made for me.
Translate if you can...It is the sweetest little letter I've ever recieved. (It is actually on about 4 pages... then there are stapled pages of pictures of flowers and a picture of her and me that she drew...the cover sheet is Daisy paper. Daisy's are my favorite flower.)


This one goes in the special box!

Laughter really is the best Medicine

After a full day of feeling sorry for myself, having cramps, and generally being poopy...I have now laughed myself into a better mood and a different kind of cramp. The kind you get from much, much, genuine laughter. My side is literally hurting from laughing so hard.

I just saw Mama Mia, again, with a group of 5 funny women. The 10:00 show. We laughed, we cried and we laughed some more...a lot we laughed. KIM HILL YOU MUST GO SEE THIS MOVIE!
But you need to go with other people that will laugh. Or just come back to Bham for a weekend and we will all go see it with you...except maybe Heather. I think she has had enough of the musicals for this year.

I am very thankful for a late night out. I needed it. I sound so selfish..."I,I,I".
Thank you God for friends and laughter. Sounds cliche, but seriously, I mean that.

And now a roach is crawling across my desk...not funny!

Monday, August 4, 2008

What I wanted to do

Today is my sisters 31st birthday.

What I wanted to do was put together a musical montage of pictures with catchy quotes.

But since I lack the emotional fortitude to put on such a display at this time, I will try to briefly put into words what she means to me.

It is probably impossible to do even that, because if I start I will bawl my eyes out, and then feel sorry for myself for how much I miss her right now. Then she will read this, and she will bawl her eyes out, and then her husband might take away her Internet privileges because he can't stand to see her cry, and then she won't feed her children for days because she has spiraled into a deep sadness because she misses me too.

So really you see, I must protect her and her husband and children by not making a gushy musical montage with catchy quotes filled with emotional fortitude.

If you have a sister, I'm sure you can understand how I feel when our birthdays come and go and we are not able to sit and chat about the past year over a cup of Chic-fil-a tea or a Mocha Frappacino.

If you don't have a sister, I'm sure you understand the loneliness when one of your greatest friends and people that knows you the best is gone for a long period of time and you can't sit on a swing and giggle like little girls.
Really that's all I can say right now...I am way to emotionally unstable and on the point of a breakdown if I go any further.
Happy Birthday La, I love you and miss you very much!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Busy in the Kitchen

This weekend has been a busy cooking weekend, which I like.
Last night was Crissy's, and tomorrow is a bake sale and we are going to friends for lunch.
These are some of the various items I have made for the occasions.
Lana has been helping me today and is quite the little chef. She peeled zuchinni and didn't knick herself at all....unlike her mother who has lost part of a nail...and uh, thankfully not in the zuchinni.

Taco Filled Jumbo Shells -I made these last night. I don't make mine exactly like they do, I don't let the meat set, I just do it

Zuchinni Chocolate Chip Bread

Milky Way Poke Cake - I had never made this before and it was GOOOOOD! I'm making more today for the bake sale

Pineapple Casserole - This has always been one of my faves. You can serve it hot out of the oven, or fridge for later

2 cans PA tidbits or chunks -drained and reserve juice
3TBLS PA juice
3 TBLS flour
1/2 cup Sugar
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

1/2 pkg butter cookies- Crushed
1 stick butter-melted

Combine first 5 ingredients in a greased small casserole dish
Combine cookies and butter
Place on top
Bake @ 350 for 20 minutes

1 2 3 dip

8oz cream cheese
1 can corn-drained
1 can rotel -drained

Put cream cheese in a microwavable bowl
pour corn and rotel on top
Microwave for 3 mintues
Serve with Fritos scoops
Amazingly easy and soooo good!

Missy's Secret Recipe Chocolate Chip cookies
2 1/4 cup Flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt

You don't really think I'm going to give you my secret recipe do you????

And tonight for dinner, Homemade Pizza that Logan is going to help with.

My kitchen is over 100 degrees right now, but all of the fresh cooking and baking is worth it.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Random Obligational News

The thing about having a blog that you frequently maintain and enjoy posting too, is that you are the one that is obligated to maintain and post things to it, even when life is busy.

So I am now taking a break from my life to sit and idolly blog to you, my random viewers.

I imagine you all have been very lonely without me this week. I understand! When some of you don't blog all week long, I too feel that same nagging loneliness.

Things that have been going on...

1. I have trained Amber the past 2 weeks to take over my job. She is going to do great and I look forward to leaving my route in her capable hands. It's also nice to know that the I will be able to fill in for her and still be able to see all of these people that I have met over the past 4 years again.

2. I was asked to be in charge of the music for our ladies retreat. I thought the retreat was the end of August. I found out Wednesday that it is August 14th! 2 weeks! I have to admit that I am slightly overwhelmed. It is the seriousness of this task that overwhelms me. I want to do a good job and I want it to all be for God's glory. My friend Jeri has been very helpful to me with this, and also our Music minister who is most helpful in all things. Please pray for me over these next couple of weeks that the Lord will really guide my thoughts and actions as I prepare for this new task.

3. Crissy and Kim P, Amber, and there Husbands, plus Heather and I went to Huntsville yesterday to the space and rocket center. Wow! It was a lot bigger than I thought and a little overwhelming. We had a great time, but I am going to go back with my husband so that we can really focus the kids and we can learn stuff. The kids all had a great time being together and doing stuff. We did this journey to mars thing that was very fun and bumpy and I thought I was going to throw up.

All the kids got to climb the rock wall. Even Lana did it! I was shocked. She got about half way up and panicked so Maggie and Crissy helped her down. I was proud she even did it. We seem to be entering an age that she is a lot braver than she used to be.
This is the only group picture I got and unfortunely is was after Amber and Kim had left.

4. This is a strange thing that you will only find in Alabama. Amber and I spotted this sign yesterday in the Huntsville area. We left for a little while to go meet my boss so Amber could meet him. We decided we had to take a picture of this to post on my blog.

So that is about it for now. I'm going to Crissy's tonight to hang out with everbody. I am very excited! This is my first time, every other time I've tried to go somebody throws up or something has happened. I am leaving in 30 mintues and so far so good. I have lots of food prepared to bring so I can make sure I am invited back :)
So long my blogging buddies. I trust you all are well!