Friday, February 29, 2008

Really Really Trying!

I have been trying to do Weight Watchers since the first of the year. You know all a part of our 40 in 40 campaign.
It seems like I have had set back after set back as far as trying to consistantly do the tredmill.
I do it for a day or two, and then stuff gets in the our month of sickness!
So this week my goal was to do it 3 times. I haven't even done it once!
My brain is so one tracked sometimes. I've been thinking about VBS this week.
Well that, and school, and cooking, and laundry, and work, and Oh yeah, being a good wife!
So maybe it's not one tracked, so much as it is selectively tracked.

Why can't I make the tred mill a priority?
It stands there staring at me. I hate its evil glares. I hate its moaning calls..."Missy,Missy, Missy"
AGHHH! It's like I just put a pillow over my face and drowned it out.
I've never been a good excerciser. The only time in my life that I was a good excerciser was 4 years ago when I joined Curves! Let me tell you, I was on it! I lost weight, I toned up, I felt really good about myself.
But do you know what happens when you have to stop going to Curves? All of that toning turns to flab that is harder to get off.
I miss curves. I wish our lifes schedule allowed me to go back. But they have odd hours and no child care. Alas, the story of my life.

The eating side of things I am improving rapidly at!
Even my kids are seeing a difference.
Yesterday we were out all day and we went to Subway for lunch.
Logan said, "I love Subway, its healthy and like a Weight Watchers Restaraunt."
Lana has always loved fruit, but now she is saying "I'm going to have an apple for snack because that is the healthiest choice."
Today we had Caesar Salad with some crushed bacon, and grapes for lunch. To my suprise they all liked it. Great little 8 point lunch.
I've been eating Oatmeal for breakfast and fiber bars for snack.
I'm doing well in that regard.
I've had a few bad moments too, like the other night when I ate a slice of Pizza and 4 thin mints, knowing that I was at the end of my points for the day.
But really, I was starving! Plus you do get the extra points for the week. Plus I just really love thin mints!
I am also doing great on increasing my water intake and lowering my Splenda intake.

So all in all the eating part is doing good, the excercising part not so much.
Our scale is whacko and so I don't know if I've lost.
I do feel a difference in my waist a little bit. Thats good right?

Oh well...I'll just keep plugging along and try harder! Really Really, I will!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What a difference...

A couch makes!
In one of my recent whining random blogs I mentioned that I wanted a couch for my couchless living room.
The next day I had an email from one of you offering a free couch!
You know who you are!!! I am eternally greatful!
So last weekend Stacy and my brother and 2 other friends, very nicely agreed to go pick it up.
Or they were coxed and bribed with cheesecake and cookies! Thanks big strong guys! it's not the most modern and fluffy couch...but it is in AWESOME condition. It had been recently reupholstered and hardly ever used. It is a lazyboy and the ends each reclines. And the colors worked perfectly in my living room...oh, and did I mention it was FREE!

I love it! It is my nicest piece of furniture because it is clean and fresh.

The children have been banned from it unless I invite them in there bare feet and freshly bathed bodies! No, I am not mean! They have perfectly trashed couches downstairs to frolic in their filthe on.

Well the new couch inspired me to make some changes in my living room today. So I got out the hammer, nails, level, ruler, and ladder and rearranged everything.
It is amazing the difference just moving everything on your walls and all your nik-naks makes.
I highly recommend it...although do it when your husband is not home because they don't seem to appreciate the extra holes in the wall. :(
All I need now is a cute throw blanket and a couple throw pillows and I'm set. (I'll buy those on my own thank you!)

You know there is a show that all they do is rearrange rooms and spend no money and it makes a big difference. I pretended I was the host of that show today. I'm sure you can't imagine me doing that!

So I leave you readers with some pictures of my cozy new little room.
Yes the space is small, but it is quite quante and comfortably cozy.
Anyone want to come over for a spot of tea?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I have had a very metallic taste in my mouth for 2 days.
Like I've been sucking on pennies or nickles.
Any idea what this is?

Monday, February 25, 2008


Do you ever go through periods of time when you feel more Motherly than other times?
I think I'm going through that now.
I have been seeing in my kids lives so many more oppurtunities to really parent.
There are so many responsibilities and so many teachable moments that a Mom is given. I am quite sure that I fail at half of them and don't recognize a whole bunch either.
But either way, lately I feel like God is showing me some things that I need to address with my children.
There are several areas that I am really seeing development concerning Logan and I love the relationship that he and I are building as he gets older.

But right now my motherly burden is for my little LanaLou.
She is so wanting to be "grown up" and she is only 5 1/2 years old. This weekend when my brother was here with his girlfriend, Lana decided that she needed a boyfriend too. So on the way to a field trip she starts telling Kellie that Silas is her boyfriend and that she wants to kiss him!
What???? Did my 5 year old really just say that? Why is she trying so hard to impress somebody else?
Another time she was being a little crazy in her room and Kellie told her she should stop or her Mom might get mad at her....Lana's reply..."So, I don't care". Again I say What????
Saturday night we were all doing Karaoke on the x box. She had that microphone and was prancing around, shrugging those shoulders, tossing her hair, and acting like a teenager.
Lana is a little obsessed with her looks. She gets upset with me if I make her wear something she thinks doesn't make her look pretty. She can be so pouty. A pouty 5 year old? What will she be like when she's 13? It scares me. But I know that what I have is NOW. It is my responsibility to train her to be the Godly Woman I know she can grow up to be. I have these few short years to teach her that her worth is not in boys, or how she looks, or her hair, but rather in Christ. How many times will I have to remind her that God is concerned with her inside and not her outside?

Lana although she can be completly self obsurbed, can be the most caring child. She is always praying for other people and making things for others. She loves to make crafts for people that are sick, or give away something of hers to someone that needs it. She has a unique perspective and wisdom about things too. She has that definite child like faith and loves God with all of her 5 year old heart. She works on Lana time which is usually very very slow. But that slowness has made me stop and smell the roses on more than one occassion. If she sees a flower, she has to pick it. If she sees something sparkly she has to stop and look at it. She slows me down.

So here I am given the task of helping her find balance between this grown up side and the side of her that is still 5. I am convicted that I do not pray for my children enough. I have to be better about praying more specific things for her. I have to be more patient with her moody side. There are a lot of things that I have to do.

I am so thankful God gave me a girl even though I didn't think I wanted one. But I am very aware of the blessings and the burdens of having a daughter. Right now I am feeling very Motherly. I am feeling a lot of love for my kids, but also feeling the weight of my responsibilty to raise them in the Lord. I'm thankful for God's help in raising these little lives. And I'm thankful for the Gospel that is what I am to point them too!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

5 year olds and Microwaves

Maybe its the fact that yesterday was a really long day for me.

Maybe its the fact that I watched a show last night about a man with weird warts all over his body.

Maybe its the fact that as I was watching this show and was dosing off a roach crawled across my bed and my blanket right by my face, completly freeking me out.

Maybe its the fact that as a result of these three things I had horrible dreams last night and felt like things were crawling on me all night long.

So whatever the reasons were, I slept in a little this morning. I woke up at 8:10, noticed that Lana was still asleep and decided to doze a little longer.

Next think I know there is a 5 year old in my face telling me that the microwave won't work.

What? Why 5 year old are you telling me at, Oh look, it is now 8:45 and you woke up sometime and I didn't hear you, that the microwave isn't working.

So I get up, I go potty, I smell something horrible, I walk into the kitchen, it is smokey, the microwave is running, the time is set for over 10 minutes, and there are mini pancakes inside.

I run to the microwave and stop it. I look in the trash and what I see is the horrible burnt pancakes! Who knew that you could literally turn pancakes to a crispy wafer in the microwave?
And now my house is doomed to smell like smoke all day long! Great, I love the house smelling like smoke on a rainy day when I have a lot of cleaning and cooking to get done.

Moral of the story...
don't have long days...
don't watch shows about the wart man...
don't let roaches on your bed...
don't let your 5 year old get up before you...

DO show your 5 year old the 30 second button on the microwave!

Ah the joys of my life!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Missy's Helpful Cooking Tip

Preface: This post must be read in the most dramatic show host voice that you can muster up!

Hello...and welome to todays segment of "MHCT"...the blog that helps you the reader, to be a better cook.
Today I made Shepherds Pie. A dish from my ancestors (or so I'm told). A dish you can whip together in no time. A dish that says...

..."I don't want to go grocery shopping this week. I want to use up everything I have in my fridge and pantry. Who cares if my potatoes are rotting. Who cares if my corn has freezer burn. Here this, it is yummy and comes from the heart!"

Some helpful tips for making shepherds pie:

-Do not add too much milk to your Mashed Potatoes.
-Do not mix your potatoes on too high a speed. It will cause a big splattered mess.
-DO whisk an egg with some water and brush over the top of potatoes for a nice glossy sheen while cooking.
-DO use Worceschire and gravy.
-DO add whatever you wish. It is the joy of making a dish such as this. Creative license is always the key to cooking!

Stay tuned for more issues of "MHCT" in the future.
Yes ladies, it is my goal to see every woman in America be a truly "Good Cook".

And Scene.

Directions and other stuff

OKeeDokee fellow field trippers...we are set for our day O' fun.
I have the following people down, feel free to add if you want too...

Graced- 3
Missy-5 (my brother and his girlfriend will be here too!)

Now these people expressed interest at the beginning but I haven't had a verification this past week:

Kim P-4
Jennifer V-3
Charlotte- Kim can you check on this one for me?

Am I missing anyone? If you still want to come its not too late. But please let me know!

I -59 to exit 123 (this is the US-78/ Arkedelphia Rdexit)
Get on the ramp towards Birmingham Southern College and Legion Field
Go left onto Arkedelphia Rd/78E

Go .3 miles and turn into Birmingham Southern College.
I'm not sure which side of the road it is or where the planetarium is.
I'm assuming there will be signs.

So lets plan on meeting in the parking lot at 12:45. That will give us time to get organized and get in for our 1:00 time slot.

Email me if you want my cell #.
I don't think I'll post that on the WWW :)

Again, I think this will last 1 1/2 hours. The dome presentation is 45 minutes and then she does an activity with the kids that can last as long as we want, but on average 45 minutes.
I think she will letting them make a rocket for the older ones, and the younger ones she has coloring pages or something fun like that to do.

Oh, and don't forget the cost is $2 per person, and we need to give her exact change. She will not have change available. So please bring exact change and I will take it up and give it to her.

I think that is all for now. Time flies doesn't it? It seems like yesterday I called about this and really it was in mid January!
My gosh, it's almost Christmas again!!!!
Ok...maybe not, but it is almost spring! Hooray for spring! We will have to have a spring party at the park or something fun like that.

Can't wait to see you all! Have a great week.

Monday, February 18, 2008

And lest you think...

That I have done nothing today, I will fill you in.
I started laundry
I called my sister and my niece since today is Summers 4th Bday.
I went grocery shopping.
I went to Hallmark and bought a Bday card for my Nana.
I went to Old Navy and returned Lana's pants that were too big.
I went through the Taco Bell drive thru.
I went to Lifeway.
I came home and typed my ridiculus Blog of Why's.
I put away groceries.
I switched laundry.
I started more laundry
I went to my room and I threw out 16 pairs of shoes, and 2 large trash bags full of clothes.
I pretended that Stacey and Clinton were in my room with me laughing at my wardrobe and pulling things out of my arms and throwing them into the trash.
I parted with things I didn't want to part with, and kept things that I should part with but just can't yet.
I switched and started more laundry.
I checked my email and laughed hysterically at Charlines responses to all of my whys.
I wondered when she started reading my blog, and how many other people read my blog and have never made a comment but are secretly laughing at me when they see me, and also now think that I am the craziest person in the world.

Still to do:
Wash the dishes that didn't wash themselves.
Fold and put away laundry.
Feed the children.
Bathe myself because my hair is very greasy.

Now you know...and knowing is half the battle!


Why do I have patience issues?

Why do I feel like a bad mother today?

Why am I having a hard time getting back into a routine after all the sickness?

Why did WDJC get rid of Wendy and Ken? I'm a Rick and Bubba person, but still, that wasn't nice of them to do that.

Why do we have weather that taunts us with spring, then snaps us back to cold?

Why do daffodils start to bloom when it's still cold?

Why do we celebrate Presidents day?

Why do I have the song Amazing Love in my head today? Probablly because I need it!

Why is yummy stuff bad for you?

Why did I never own a pair of comfortable jeans before now?

Why did Michael Landon Jr make the Love Comes Softly books into movies that aren't like the books?

Why do I have laundry to do again?

Why can't I be consistent in my walk with God?

Why do I complain when I have so much to be thankful for?

Why does my sweet little niece have to be sick on her birthday?

Why am I typing this list of why's?

Why can't dishes be self cleaning?

Why can't children raise themselves?

Why can't dinner make itself?

Why do I want to take a nap?

Why do I like American Idol?

Why can't I go to the beach?

Why do your feet grow when you have babies?

Why do we have to have periods?

Why did I eat Taco Bell for lunch?

Why am I craving meatloaf?

Why are some people funny and some aren't?

Why can't we all be the same size?

Why is my laundry not jumping from the washer to the dryer by itself?

Why doesn't someone invent a washer that moves the cloths to the dryer?

Why would somone steal a Christmas wreath? I know this happened months ago, but it still bothers me!

Why do some people birth babies easier than others?

Why is my husband bald?

Why is my son smart?

Why is my daughter so girly?

Why am I still sitting here doing this?

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

This is dedicated to my dear friend Stacey H

I found this guy through Alli and Graced and It has been so much fun watching his clips. This one made me think of my dear friend Stacey and I had to post it for her.
If you get a chance to look at some of his other stuff, he's stinking hilarious!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Stalling Ramblings

I should be cleaning the kitchen...instead I am stalling...

I am happy to finally be going to Church tomorrow after 2 weeks of not being able to go because of the sickness. Tomorrow is the Lord's Supper. What a great week to go back. I am very happy about this time tomorrow.

I need to do some serious soul searching in order to be ready for tomorrow.

I had a good time with my Mom this weekend. She is a wacky and fun lady.
She had a date with my kids last night so that I could have a date with my hubby.

Hubby and I had a date last night and it was such fun. So nice to just hang out and have conversation or comfortable silence.

Driving myself crazy thinking about schooling decisions for next year.

Too much of watching HGTV and TLC home improvment shows will make you crazy and make you want to change everything in your house.

Too much "What not to wear" makes you realize it is immposible to afford a sensible wardrobe.

I love cold leftover spagetti.

I love Ebay.

Logan had a ball game today and even though they lost 23-3, I was very proud of him. He hustled and really put in such a great effort. I wish everybody saw in my child what I see in my child. Does every mother feel that way?

Lana has had too many late nights this week and has had a case of the grumpy pants today. She also spent a considerable amount of time pouting that Marmi was leaving. She loves her Marmi.

My brother and his girlfriend, Kellie, are coming next weekend. I am very excited about this. It will be a very packed weekend, but lots O fun.

We have had company 3 out of 4 weekends in February. All family and all fun.

I need to go put the enchiladas in the oven for hubby who is now on his way home.

Enchiladas are one of hubbies favorite foods and I made two pans for Vday.

Love having leftovers.

Found a great wooden desk at the thriftstore for Logan for $20.

Found a Flappdoodles dress new with tags at the thrift store for Lana for $3.

Love the thrifstore.

I want a dishwasher for Mothers day. We looked at them at Best Buy last night.

Is that lazy to want a dishwasher?

I don't think I am a good dishwasher. I think I waste a lot of water.

I hate having to save money. We are building up an emergancy fund and also a probablly have to pay on taxes this year fund. I hate having money in the bank when there are a lot of things I would rather do with it.

I would rather go to Africa again this year.

I would rather buy a couch for my couchless living room.

I would rather buy a new comfortable mattress.

Sometimes I hate being a responsible adult.

I am very tired this evening.

I want to get a color analysis done.

I must go put dinner in the oven for my husband. He works hard and deserves dinner when he gets home...not a wife who is blogging about nothing.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Head Count

I need to get a final head count for the planetarium field trip. Again, the date is next Friday the 22nd at 1:00.
Also need to know for sure if you want to meet at my church for lunch or just meet at the planetarium. ( I never went and paid the deposit for the FLC but I don't think it's too late.)
So if you will kindly leave a head count reply I would appreciate it. Please do it even if you've told me before because I may have forgotten.
I need to call the lady the beginning of the week with a total.
Also if you know someone that wanted to go that doesn't read my blog (who doesn't read blogs?) then please contact them and let me know.
Thanks ladies....I'm looking forward to our day under the stars!
Have a good day Mom is here and we are off to the Olive Garden. Yum Yum!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Love Day!

Happy day of love to all my peeps!
I love Valentines day. To me its a day to do something fun for my family that will give them fun memories for years to come. Since we moved into this house 5 years ago, I have had a Valentines party for the fam. This morning I made breakfast ( um, yeah, I don't usually do that!) and everyone opened their gifts. I love buying gifts for Valentines. Everybody gets something they wouldn't normally get in the middle of Febuary! Stacy got a new and improved coffee grinder and a bag of dark chocolate. Logan got Zoo Tychoon for his computer and a box of chocoloate. Lana got Hannah Montana Pj's and a container of kisses.
I also get everybody a card and write nice stuff about them in it. I save all of our Valentine cards and I think it will be fun in years to come to go back and read them.
So yes, while Valentines may be an over commercialized excuse for feeding the economy, I enjoy it because it's a day that is special in my family and a day that I think the kids will always grow up remembering as such.
Oh, and what did I get? Well Logan got me red Tulips and Lana got me a chocoalate rose.
Stacy...well he fills a little overwhelmed by the whole Valentines thing. We're going on a date tomorrow night though! Yeah for dates and for Marmi coming to watch the kids!
Now off to childrens theater for "Tom Sawyer".
Happy Valentines day friends. I am sending you all virtual roses, hugs, and chocolates!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hannah Montana

Ah, who knew that one day Billy Ray Cyrus would have a daughter that would overtake the world?! And yet he has. Yes, Miley Cyrus (whose birth name was Destiny Hope and she just got it legally changed to Miley Ray...FYI!) is a very popular name in my house. I draw a very strict line with the whole obsession thing though. No Hannah Montana dolls, decor, or clothes...although Lana has asked for a Hannah Montana belt and I MIGHT oblige that, but a belt is as far as it goes! This whole Miley Cyrus thing will be handled in moderation. When I was a little girl I was in love with Annie, so I'm kind of viewing this as Lana's Annie. I'm just a meaner Mom than my parents were because I had Annie dolls and pillows and all that stuff!
So while I don't want to get into the whole idolizing a person thing, I do think it's cute that Lana has learned the song from Hannah Montana and thinks that she sounds just like her. She sings it ALL the time!

So too Destiny Hope...Miley Ray...Hannah Montana...whatever you want to be called...Please stay "good"'ve got a whole bunch of little ones that think you are cool!

Monday, February 11, 2008

They do exist!

What might you ask does exist? Cleaning trolls my friends! They came to my house today in the form of Savannah and Kyle...teenagers extrodinaare! Their dear mother called today and said they would like to offer their assistance and at 4:00 cleaning trolls knocked upon my door.
I can't believe the difference. I worked this morning on getting laundry done and dumped into the living room. I also made lunch and washed dishes. Then I napped for and hour and a half because that all wore me out. But then, when the napping was over my trolls came in and got me over the hump. Savannah bless her dear sweet heart, actually folded laundry for 2 and a 1/2 hours! Yes, you heard correctly! I didn't know it was ever possible to fold laundry for that long, but she did. And she did it nicely and she chatted nicely with Lana while she did it. She folded, I put away and with us working together it still took 2 1/2 hours!
Stacy called while they were here and was a little disconcerted about the fact that one of his youth girls (he teaches youth Sunday School) was folding his underwear! But she has a brothers and a dad so it's not like she's never seen a mans underwear before, right?!
Kyle the sweet boy took out 3 bags of trash, carried down rubbermade boxes, cleaned out my van with Logan, and swept and mopped my kitchen floor. I wish you could smell the pine sol. It smells so clean!
I feel truly blessed today to have been given the gift of cleaning trolls. It really did lift my spirits. I don't feel so overwhelmed now. There are still sheets and towels in the washer and dryer...but that is so much more doable! Tomorrow I will do the vacuming and the bathroom. Hopefully Wednesday when I work my darling husband will steam clean the shower and then I can bleach it.
I am thankful for unselfish people that allowed themselves to be used by God today to bless my little life.
Thank you Savannah and Kyle...soon we will have movie and pizza night!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008


The aftermath of flu '08 has hit me. It will take me a week to dig out from under the mountains of housework that have been left for me. I have to work in baby steps. Today I took Logan to his basketball game and then to Wal-mart. That was enough to send me to bed for 2 hours when I got home. Yesterday was the same. Lunch and the post office and I was completely spent.

So I sit...
Dirty Laundry in the garage...

Clean laundry in the living room...

Dishes piled up in the kitchen...

Bedding that really just needs to be burned...

And the bathroom...Well I'm not even going to go there!

Oh, and let me add a daughter that has been banned to her room for the afternoon for being shall we say...a tad bit bossy and aounary... and now messy!

So whoa is me...whoa to the recovery...whoa to the laundry...whoa to the kitchen...whoa whoa to the bathroom...whoa to my lack of parenting this week...whoa to the flu! I hate you darned flu! I wish you upon no one. I wish you would leave my house for good. I wish the cleaning trolls would come and wave their magic cleaning wands while I sleep tonight.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Life Happening

This week life is getting in the way of living.
The dredded flu entered my house and is picking us off one by one.
So far it has knocked the females of this house flat on there butts.
I'm hoping it leaves the males alone!
My poor little Lana Lou had a 104 degree fever this morning. I was taking her temp while she was asleep and she woke up and said all sweet and pitiful "Good morning Mommy".
It was so pitiful.

All of my good intentions for the week have been burned up with fever and hacked up with coughing.
I was going to hit the tred mill hot and heavy this week. Instead I've been hitting the Hot Tea and Zycam.
I was going to clean out boxes of clothes. Instead I've been cleaning out my lungs with incecent coughing.
I was going to organize the garage (again) and make room for stuff. Instead I've watched a lot of shows on how to organize.

So this week for me, life has just gotten in the way of living.
It's opened my eyes to the needs of others around me though. Like those that have a chronic illness or are homebound. It's depressing sitting at home in bed, but at least mine is temporary. I feel really bad for people that are truly ill. I should do more.
And next week, if life doesn't get in the way...I will!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Good Deals

I went to the childrens consignment sale this morning at Trussville UMC. I did well!
I got for Lana:
3 beautiful Sunday dresses
1 play dress
2 capri outfits
3 skirt and shirt outfits, one that came with a matching denim jacket that is too cute.
I also got her a pair of keds that are too tight. Oh well! Maybe we'll get a couple months out of them. They were only $4.
I got Logan:
5 pair of play shorts
1 pair of NWT plaid dress shorts
3 play shirts
1 button up plaid dress shirt
1 polo shirt
I also won the best mom in the world award and got him a dinosaur CD rom kit complete with a "real fossil".
And I got my Mom 3 "What to expect when you are expecting" books. She likes to have those for the girls she works with.
25 items in all and my grand total...
An average of $$4.44 per item.
Tomorrow morning is 1/2 price day. And tonight they are open until 6:00 if you get a chance to stop by.
I am pleased.
Friday is a better day than Thursday.