Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Today the Lord ministered to me through my children.
I love it when that happens. I love it when I see His fruits manifesting themselves in their lives.
This morning was a good morning for the Gospel in our house.

Yesterday I got word from my sister, Laura, that there may be a complication with her unborn baby, Skylar. They had an ultrasound that showed fluid on the babies brain. Then they had another one with better equipment that said , no. But after her doctor has looked at that ultrasound, she is saying, yes, she is seeing something she doesn't like. So they will be having to wait until May 4th to have another ultrasound, when she is 29 weeks, to confirm that there is or isn't fluid.

I wasn't going to tell my children about this. I don't know why. I guess I just didn't want them to worry. But what I learned today was that by not telling them, I was not giving them the opportunity to experience God.

This morning they learned of this, through some written words that they read.
They asked me what was wrong with Skylar, and I told them.
My poor little Lana Lou proceeded to cry her eyes out. Uncontrollably.
She is like me. She doesn't like people to see her cry, and so she immediately buried her head in my chest and then proceeded to let the flood gates open.

What happened next was moments with my children that I won't forget.
Lana and I laid in my bed and read a missionary story together, prayed, and talked about God having a plan and a purpose for everything that happens.
She still was very melancholy and clung to my leg while I made lunch.

While she was clinging to my leg, Logan came in with his Bible and said "Lana, I want to read some scripture to you. Its long and a lot of verses, but I want you to listen."
He then began reading to her out of Genesis. The story of Noah and the great flood.
I was listening to him read, and kept thinking..."Where is he going with this?".
When he was done, he asked Lana if she got it.
Lana said no, and I myself was wondering what he was getting at.

Then he told us.

"You see Lana, I read you this story because it shows us that God is in control. That even when bad things are happening, like a flood that is destroying everyone except for 8 people, that God is in control of everything. Noah believed God and trusted in Him, and things were bad around them, but he knew that God was in control. God did what He said He was going to do, and protected Noah and his family. If God was in control over a big flood, God is in control over Skylar too."

WOW!!! I am so thankful for the insight God has given to my son! I am thankful that He uses even what to us is bad news, and uses it for His glory! If I would not have told my children this news, they would have missed an important lesson on God's love for His people and His sovereignty over all things.

What resulted after this, was Lana going and getting her new VBS music CD, and finding a song based on Psalm 33:4. The song is called "We can trust Him"
She then listened to and sang "You are my King, Amazing love", complete with the motions she learned, and had herself a little worship service.
The difference in her countenance before and after hearing the words of the Lord and then worshiping Him the way that she knows best, through music, was amazing!

I have learned a good lesson today about my kids and how God is working in their lives.
Praise be to Him.


Rachel Garcia said...

wow.. simply amazing.. and encouraging to my own walk and wow.. just not much else to say.. oh yeah, what a wonderful set of parents you are.. not perfect, I know.. but you have given your kids the best thing in the world.. the Word of God and an example of how to follow Him, imperfection and all! wow.

Marsha said...

I'm sitting here in tears. Oh how I love all 6 of my grandchildren and my 3 children!

Stace' said...

Wow, what a testimony. Thanks for sharing.

You and Stac' are doing a wonderful job.

Amazing grace.

HEATHER said...

I am sitting here with tears running down my face. Pass the tissues please. Wow, what an incredible testimony you both are doing an amazing job raising Lana & Logan.
Love, Heather

allison said...

What an awsome experience! Praise God -

jeri said...

Very, very cool. Logan knew just where to turn--to God's word, which is always sufficient!

I know you'll let us know when Laura and her husband get more test results...

Abbey said...

That's a good day.

-C said...

Incredible. Sadly, we probably all underestimate our kids to some degree. How awesome to see the fruit of your labor and God's work in their lives. He is good. All the time.

care-in said...

This is a wonderful testimony.

valerie said...

Wow!!! As I read that tears just poured. Your children are truly are a blessing to me! I am so thankful that I get to experience Logan and Lana growning into the wonderful young man and woman that I know that they will become.

Crissy said...

God is good...

michelle said...

I love you guys!

Michele Williams said...

You can tell who are nana's family members who are commenting on this post! We are all in tears! LOL... God is so good! What glorious lessons we learn from our children! Praise the Lord!

Oh, I know we are not to have favorites... but for your wonderful comment about how good I look... and you noticed I lost weight... you are my favorite today! LOL... Now, just say I look like the younger sister and you will be my favorite for life! LOL...

Jennifer said...

praying for laura and fam. and loving this sweet story.