Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hello World

It seems that I have been letting my blog fall by the wayside.
Its not that I don't love you all, its just that I "see" most of you on Facebook, and well lets face it folks, we're all a little bit addicted to that!

However, I have a few minutes on this fine Saturday, so I thought I would just say Hi.

In case you don't know its April, which means I am in VBS mode. My nightly bad dreams have already begun. You know the dream where its the day of an event and you've done nothing to prepare for it. Yes, I have those EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! It is a tiny bit annoying. But it sometimes reminds of things I need to get done.

One night I had a dream that I was in college and my roommate was a cannibel. Yep, now that is weird.

Stacy and I started on Season 1 of "Lost" and are making our way through the DVDs to catch up.

We are almost done with Season 2.
I must say, we are VERY obsessed! We are enjoying this show so much, and really enjoying Netflix too.
We reached a point where we didn't have the next disc and decided to watch on line and it was SO annoying. Commercials, small screen. blah blah blah.

We are nearing the end of the school year...the part of the year where I think "I can't homeschool anymore".
When it comes right down to it folks, its all about me.
Its my lack of discipline.
Its my wanting to do other things.
Its my not trusting in what God has planned for our lives.
I know all that, and every day I wake up and think about what a horrible teacher I am, and how we've gotten off track.
Right now I'm trying to keep our heads above water and get us through some basics and then we can be done.
September will be a new start. AHHHHH....I'll feel better then.
And God and I will have a good 3 months to work some discipline issues out (with me, not the kids;)

Well my friends, I leave you with this picture of my daughter and her new tactict for not eating carrots.
Look closely at her cup.

Yes, she chews, then "swallows" some water, and lets the carrots dribble down into her cup. I am being punished for my similar eating antics as a child.


Marsha said...

It makes me sad to see so many of the younger generation falling the way of FACEBOOK. Yes, I know Missy. Some of your "friends" are actually my friends who don't understand why I don't do FACEBOOK. But I don't understand why they don't have time to come by my blog and visit me and see what's going on in my life.
There is substance in blogging.
I have made many wonderful friends through blogging.
So yes, you and your friends and some of my friends are obsessed with FACEBOOK, but my obsession is blogging. I love it, and I will not cheat on it for another form of social networking. I am loyal through and through.
So bid my fair weather friends hello for me. Tell them I am available daily on my blog. Leave and comment and I will respond.
Farewell my daughter.

HEATHER said...

That is just to funny Missy :) Lana cracks me up just look at that face.....I know you see it all the time. I do wish you would blog more often like you use too I enjoyed reading your post you're funny & encouraging all at the same time.

michelle said...

HA! Ewwwww! You would think it would be easier to just swallow the carrot after chewing it. Instead of taking another sip of that water!!! LOL! She's so funny :)