Saturday, February 19, 2011

25 Things You Maybe Never Wanted to Know

1. I don't like monatany, but am reluctant to change.

2. I always have an opinion, you just don't always get to hear it.

3. I sure do try to find something positive about everyone. Some people just make that harder than others.

4. I think I would just about rather do anything than clean the shower. Anything but eat mayonaise that is.

5. I am mildly obsessive when it comes to buying fall and spring clothes for the kids. I have to have a plan and over analyze my purchases.

6. I want to adopt a little Guatemalan baby. My sister thinks I need a chinese baby.

7. I gag easily and hate hair balls or clumps of hair. I once threw up at a camp when confronted with a hair ball in the shower.

8. Sin is my biggest problem. Or, my lack of overcoming sin is my biggest problem.

9. I can't stand chaos.

10. I like to be organized but have a hard time staying that way.

11. I mull things over for long periods of time. Ask my husband. He loves it.

12. I always thought I wanted only boys. Can't even imagine life without LanaLou.

13. I used to be a lot more out going than I am now.

14. Listening to the sounds of video games is like the sound of nails on the chalkboard to me.

15. There is a sound, and I can't describe it, but its a certain material, and when it is rubbed, I get the goose bumps and feel like I will die. I actually feel that way just typing about it.

16. I need to know who sings a song that I am listening too. This is why I love Pandora.

17. Toilet paper over the roll. If you like it under, I think your Mother must not have potty trained you correctly.

18. Right now I like the color blue. Like Robins Egg blue. I want to paint a room that color, but it would make no sense in the rest of my house.

19. I want to lose 30 lbs. Sigh.

20. I need my space.

21. I don't understand why Aaron is spelled with 2 a's or Lloyd with 2 L's.

22. I like the idea of being an Ingalls or a Walton, but in reality, probablly wouldn't last 2 days.

23. I'm more in love with my husband than I show. I should fix that.

24. Sometimes I feel like Bob, from the movie "What about Bob".

25. Maybe there really aren't 25 things I want you to know.


heather said...

I knew some but like that I now know others.

care-in said...

Love lists like this!!

Michelle said...

I so love this :)

allison said...

toilet paper rolls...definitely over!!! Glad you are blogging again:)

Anonymous said...

O, you just wait till you come to my house again and use the is on.