Monday, March 7, 2011

What happens when...

You have an endoscopy and your husband and children are there when you wake up?
Well I'll tell you. They laugh at you.
I know right...can you believe that?! How rude!

Here's the thing about these types of procedures. One minute you're talking to the nice nurse about homeschooling and her children, and my children...and then the next minute, she's put something into your IV and you realize she is ready for you to shut up. What nice nurse? I thought we were having a nice conversation! I mean, you were nice, and are in the medical field and did not indeed tell me as another medical professional did that I should give up on the whole homeschooling thing.
I will forgive her however, because, how was the Dr supposed to slip a camera down my throat if her and I are chit chatting.

I do love that feeling when those sleepy drugs kick in and you suddenly just dont care about anything. All is right with the world. Despite the fact that the Dr wants to look inside your stomach.

The waking up part. Well thats just weird. I think I remember a nurse helping me put my clothes on. I'm hoping it was a nurse anyways and not some crazy dude from upstairs with a video camera. If you see anything on youtube, immedietly click the X and run away.

I think I remember my husband and children coming in too.
I thought I was doing pretty well. I asked what time it was. I asked if the kids had finished their language arts.

Then I proceeded to ask those same questions again 4 times each in a span of 6 minutes.

Ok, so maybe I just need to sleep.
Well thats working well, even if it is one of those weird coming in and out of sleep.
At least I'm not repeating myself anymore.

But wait! Stacy is talking about eating Squid! I do not want to eat squid! What is he thinking?!

I sit up.
"I don't want to eat squid."

Children stop, mid sentence of their conversation to watch their crazy mother and hear more about the squid.

Husband- "I did not say anything about eating squid."
Me- "Ok, but I don't want to eat squid."
Husband- "Yes baby, nobody said anything about eating squid."
Me- "Somebody said something about eating squid and I don't want to."
Husband - ~snicker snicker~ and also wishing he would have pulled out his video phone in time for this exchange- "Ok sweetie."

Children giggle. Why are the children giggling at their mother. And did they do their language arts? What time is it?


Anonymous said...

This made me laugh out loud!

hope said...


care-in said...

Funny! Xavier likes to wake me up when he comes to bed and get me to say crazy stuff.

I too love those deep medicine induced sleeps where you can't help but close your eyes because they are so heavy.