Monday, January 7, 2008

40 in 40

Well today hubby and I have launched our new lifestyle plan.
It is too include eating less, exercising more, and juicing on a consistent basis.
Our goal is to lose 40 pounds in 40 weeks (each)!
Of course he, being a man, will lose it much faster than 40 weeks, but for me I think 40 in 40 sounds much more manageable than "I want to lose 40 pounds".
One pound a week. I can do that!!!
So if you see me walking around with a bowl of Ice Cream or a Mtn Dew, don't even hesitate to yank it right out of my hand and then squeeze my squishy stomach and say "Is that what you want?"
Unless of course it is that time of the month and then I will bite your head off!


heather said...

Good for you guys you can do it. Call me anytime we can go walk or something.

michelle said...

LOL!! I am still laughing just imagining a person actually doing that to you. You're funny. Anyway, that sounds awesome. I bet you will feel like a million bucks with all that healthy juicing.

Rachel Garcia said...

sounds great! Im with Michelle.. i can't imagine someone actually doing that to you or any person for that matter. I think you guys will do great because you are doing it together.. if i try to eat healthy its much harder to do when my husband still wants me to buy the cokes and junk.. when i am pregnant I have more motivation.. mostly because of the gestational "insulin dependent" diabetes that I get. lol!

Kim said...

I probably won't jerk that soda out of your hands. You're weird about Mountain Dew. Good for you! Moderation baby!

Dollar General said...

I thought it was lose 40 pounds by the time your 40 - that's more managable for me! Have fun doing that!!

Graced said...

Love it! I have to be down to a certain weight by my next Dr. Appt. in May and we are working to obtain our goals in much the same way. So if you catch me with the Poppycock can you grab my fat. If we are both cheating we can just grab each others stomaches and dance around in a mad jiggly dance!

Marsha said...

Your Dad and I have set 40 pounds as our goal to! We just said this year, we didn't set a number of weeks. That's a good idea. Wu-Yi Tea baby! All the way! 7 pounds so far.

Just think, if we all lose our goal for this year (and I still have more to go after that) that's 160 pounds or a whole person we've lost in our family!

Less of me, more of Him is my motto for my weight loss campaign.

I'll be praying for you both.

Amber said...

haha, that post cracked me up! I am also on the bandwagon, sigh. My drug of choice is field greens and TAEBO. and I let myself have something NOT on the good list every third day or so.
Btw, thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog. Really bolstered my self-confidence.
love ya girl!

Abbey said...

I love it!! You are crackin me up! Good for you! And how wonderful that you have a partner. Should make cooking and juicing easier!