Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yada Yada

So I went to the Dr today and I have...drum roll please....
Eustachian Tube Disorder
Sounds very technical doesn't it.
Bascially my sinus tubes in my face are inflamed and hence pushing on my ears and hence causing the dizzy-drugged like feeling.
I got a nice Steroid Shot, a nasty nose spray, and an antibiotic that cost me $115.
Yes folks you heard me right...$115.
Do they think paying my co-pay, paying for stuff to squirt up my nose, and then paying that much for an antibiotic are going to make me feel better?
My head was spinning even more and my hand began to shake as I swiped my debit card through that machine.
So now here I sit...$150 poorer. Head still swirling...steroid shot making me jittery as all get out, and another day of minimal school time.
I hate wasted days!
I can tell you however how things work, what myths have been busted, how Charles Ingalls found Laura (again), and what Paula Deen is making for supper!


heather said...

I so missed you today. I hate you are so sick. I hope you get better. Drugs companies suck.

heather said...

Unless of course somebody works for one then I think they are supper fab.

Kim said...

How do you get such weird stuff? Only you would get something that crazy. I hope you feel better soon, friend. Love ya.

Abbey said...

I hope you feel better!

Jeri said...

So sorry Missy! Hope you're feeling better today. I know about those eustachian tubes...