Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is my Mom...Marsha's Musings...birthday. I will not tell you how old she is. I will tell you that I am 32 and she had me when she was 23! So for 32 years I have been her pride and joy. She actually used to carry a picture in her wallet and then ask people if they wanted to see her pride and joy....unsuscpecting people would say yes, and then she would show them a picture of a bottle of pride and a bottle of joy detergant. She also had a picture of her kids which was a picture of baby goats. This is the kind of person that raised me if that helps you to understand me a little better!

My sister coined this phrase about our Mom years ago. She said..."Our Mom takes something simple and makes it spectacular." If you've ever read Mom's blog, you know that this is true. Everything she does and everyone she loves, including the Lord, she does so too the fullest. On our own, my Dad, my Sister, my Brother, and I would be simple. But with her in our lives, she has strived to make us spectacular. I'll never reach the highest level of spectacular, but her input in my life definetly pushes me in that direction.

My children adore her. In the above video Logan states his favorite thing to do with Marmi is burping contests. I know that there are many other things he loves too, but as a 7 year old boy, burping contest are a big deal! Simple burping made spectacular!

Lana states that her favorite thing to do with Marmi is go to Christmas bizzares. I think Lana's favorite thing is actually Tea parties, but put on the spot Christmas bizzare is what came to mind. However just a simple thing like going to a Christmas bizzare, in Lana's mind was made spectacular by her Marmi.

So Happy Birthday to one of the most spectacular people that I know! I hope your day was as spectacular as you are!


Stace' said...


Loved this.

My Mom had the Pride and Joy and Kid pictures too. They must have gotten them while together.

Happy Birthday Marmi!!!

Marsha said...

Thanks, Mimi and kiddos! I am in deed a blessed woman. Just knowing that my grandson raises up and remembers me for my burbs. Man, doesn't get any better than this! I love you, Logan. You be workin' on a good one, now. I'll be down in 2 weeks. Lana, I too think your real love is doing tea parties with Marmi. You be ready, we'll have another pot of tea when I get there. Missy, I totally forgot about those Pride and Joy and the Kids pictures. I wish I knew where they were. I'd put them in my legacy envelop for you!
Yes, Stace', your Mom and I got them together one day when we were shopping around for our ladies retreat paraphanalia. We got them from that magic and card shop on Central Ave. over near the Hunsuckers. That's when we got "Wilbur", too. Y'all remember him.

Paige M said...

I read some of your Mom's blog today for the first time. Wow. What a neat and interesting lady!!