Monday, December 22, 2008

3 days till Christmas

3 days till Christmas and my house is a mess.
The laundry is piled up and we cannot get dressed.

My voice is hoarse, and raspy at best.
My nose is way stuffy, its so hard to rest.

Grocery bags are sitting on the table quite full.
Put them away your miserable toole.

Rotting bananas are waiting to bake.
Banana bread won't happen today for goodness sake.

Packages are ready to be sent in the mail.
But today I'm moving the pace of a snail.

Floors need a mopping, they're dirty and gross.
But how can I mop when I'm blowing my nose?

3 days till Christmas, at least presents are wrapped.
Maybe I could just go lay down for a nap.


valerie said...

Poor Missy!!! I like your poem though

jeri said...

Thinkin' about you girl. Don't worry about the floors--they'll keep til New Year's.

Mary said...


Kim said...

Hate that I couldn't see you today... Zicam up and get better.

Love the poem. It reeks of Missy-ness.

Michele Williams said...

Don't get sick now!!! Hey, your mom is coming down.... have her mop the floors! lol....

allison said...

Hope you get to feelin' better soon. btw, love that you shared four fab recipes!

Marsha said...

Do not listen to the younger sister of mine... she does not know what she is saying!

Whip that house into shape, woman! Your parents are riding into town in just a few short hours.


care-in said...

Sorry you're sick.