Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tinsel Tuesday- Week 2

Is it really Tuesday already? This week has flown by.
Todays Tinsel Tuesday is dedicated to Decorating.
Now really, I know many of you and therefore know that many of you don't need any decorating tips. I know some pretty creative people. But I thought I would just share some of my favorite Christmas decorating tips.

I had pictures for you, but blogger is not uploading pictures today. I had this problem yesterday too trying to email a picture, so maybe it is my computer.

Anyways...you can catch on without pictures I'm sure.

For me, there are a few decorating essentials at Christmas.

1. Garland- I love garland.
Garland is relatively inexpensive. It can also be cut with a good pair of wire cutters. Why would you cut garland you ask? I like to put small strands of garland on lots of things.

~Cut a piece of garland to fit just on top of a mirror or a frame.
~Do you have a plate rack? Line the plate rack with garland.
~You could put just a small piece tucked into the side of a tray or candle holder.
~Put larger pieces over doorways.
~Little sprigs of greenery like that scream Christmas, and add an inexpensive nice touch.

2. Lights- Sparkly lights
Hey guess what...lights look good on garland! Lights are cheap! Don't buy the garland that is prelit. It is more expensive and you can't cut pieces off. Lights are cheap, garland is cheap. Lights and garland together...yep, you guessed it. Cheap!

~Wrap a strand of lights around a long line of garland and drape it over a banister, over a window, or even place it on a table or other surface.
This last way is actually one of my favorite ways to use lights.
~I love lights mixed with a strand of berries or garland, and then placed on the piano.
I also have a strand on a small table that would otherwise go unnoticed.
~Lights are a good highlighter.
~Put a small candle light somewhere that you want highlighted.
~Put an electric candle light directly behind your nativity set to add a special glow.
~Put lights in your windows.
It doesn't even have to be visible...its the effect from the light that you are wanting to show off.

3. Balls- Shiny Christmas Balls
Christmas balls are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to go festive.
~Fill a glass bowl or a glass pitcher with balls.
~Fill an oven mitt with balls and hang it in the kitchen.
~Hang some balls with ribbon on a chandalier.
~Hang some balls with fishing line from a high ceiling or a doorway.
~Set a random ball on a shelf.
~Place some balls in a decorative container with a candle in the middle.
~Hang small balls from cut branches in a tall vase.

4. Ribbon- Save that scrap!
I know you have scraps of ribbon that came off of package and was too pretty to throw away.
Save it in a box or drawer and use it at Christmas.
~Hang balls with it.
~Tie a piece around a plain candle to add a festive touch.
~Tie some around a glass candle holder with a small sprig of garland or berries.
~Tie some onto your garland.
~Hang little knick knacks with ribbon.
~Tie some onto a Chrismtas mug with a festive looking tag.

5. Collections- What do you like?
6 years ago I was in PA with my Mom and Sister and the kids. We where visiting my Grandparents. It was during this trip that I started collecting snowmen. I saw some a cute family of them, and got 4. 2 big, 2 small. This kind of started a little collection.
You don't have to be all out crazy.
I really don't even buy them anymore.
It's just something that accumulates, but I love pulling them out every year.
Do you have something you like to collect?
If you don't, start something.
It doesn't have to be big. If you just pick up one snowman a year, or festive mug, dessert plate, specialty ornament, santa, whatever strikes your fancy.
It really is fun every year to pull the things out and remember when you got it, or who gave it to you.

6. The Small Things- This is where it gets personal.
The small touches are what makes your decorating style, your decorating style and your house your home.
~Display your kids crafty creations.
~Pull out your favorite childhood craft and set it out.
~Add a paper tag to a candle.
~Make a paper chain countdown to Christmas.
~Hang a star over a doorway.
~Put a small Christmas tree in an unusual place.
~Don't hide your wrapping paper...display it in a small bucket or prop it up in the corner of a room.
~Put your Christmas cookie cutters in your window sill for a cute decoration and easy access.
~Don't forget the kids rooms. Kids love to have their own trees, and its also a great place to send decorations that cramp your style or that you don't have room for.
~Get a package of "Angel Hair". It can be used on everything...garland, shelves, around the nativity. One package will go a loooong way.
~Festive tableclothes make great tree skirts.
~ Tree skirts make great table toppers.
~ Think outside the box. Don't be confined by conventional decorating. Everything doesn't have to be red and green. Lime green and bright pink are fun whimsy Chrismtas colors too.

The most important aspect of decorating, in my opinion, is that it is you! Don't try to decorate like your friend if it truly is not your style. Find your style, and then incorporate these little things the way that makes you feel festive.

Even if you think you don't like to decorate for Christmas, I challenge you to do do this.
Buy 2 strands of garland, 2 strands of lights, a pack of balls, and a spool of ribbon.
See what you can do with it...you may be happily suprised!


Virginia said...

I LOVE all your decorating ideas! I have been finding so much fun inspiration on the web lately for decorating. I am doing some more of my favorite touches of decorating today while the kids are at MDO.

One of the things that I saw somewhere (and now I can't find the dang link!) is making stars out of tree twigs & branches... I am going to make some to hang in my windows with ribbon. I'll post pics on my blog once I do them so you can see what I mean. Simple and cute!

I thought of you when I saw this blog too- some of her decor ideas are kind of "fussy," but I like the general content:


I love that her tag line is "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." Amen!

jeri said...

Those are good ideas, Missy. And, it's more fun to decorate with things that have meaning to you, I think. It's the same here; every year I pull out the little treasures that have been made by little hands over the past almost 30 years, and it's always such a treat. One of our perennial favorites is Leon, the backwards-spelled picture Rachel made in kindergarten. And there are many more.

allison said...

you have inspired to do more - hang christmas cookie cutters in the boys room (they love the string of lights in their room) and I forgot to change my coffee mug rack to christmas mugs! Thanks, cant wait till next week:)

Michele Williams said...

Great ideas! I didn't know you were a little Martha Steward! Did I spell that correctly?

I collect snowmen too... although now Heather gets most of them to decorate her place... but I will steal a few back... I have to have a few around. Your Uncle Jim is the Grinch or Scrooge... We bought a little table top tree already decorated this year... He said... that's all the decorations we will put up this year! I don't think so! I have been pestering Heather to get the decorations out so I can get my pick of what I want!

Oh, here's a decorating idea you may want to share. We have four major large pictures in the main part of the apartment. They are more springy style.. So I plan on getting nice wrapping paper and make bows and decorate the pictures on the walls to look like gifts.... what do you think?

Any update on Stacey job?

care-in said...

Thanks Martha!

Marsha said...

Great ideas! Now when are you coming over to decorate my place?

I like decorating, I just don't like cleaning up and taking it down later.

I got an idea. I'll put it up and you come and take it down for me.

Love you.

Loved Aunt Michele's idea.