Monday, December 15, 2008

What? I haven't blogged in a week?

Busy week is over.
12 days straight of stuff going on is done.
No parties this week.
Only housework, baking, B'Ball practice, Awanas, and Crissy's Friday night.
The week of parties was fun, but I am partied out.

~I am definetly making the ornament swap a tradition. And I am definetly going to take some pictures next year, like I should have done this year!~

~Sunday School Chrismtas party was fun. We played Dirty Santa and I won the movie "Deck the Halls". I haven't watched it yet. But I will.~

~Kids Christmas party was fun too. Kids made cute nativity ornaments for me to enjoy forever more.~

~Oh, date night...yes super fun! Although Stacy and I have discovered that we are getting old.
We went to the movies. Yes, THE movie. Then we where supposed to drive to Hoover to go to dinner cause we had a gift certificate. Well after the movie best buy, we where too tired and cold to drive allllllllllll the way to Hoover. (yes people, I am talking 25 minutes max)
So we opted to spend $20 at Frontera. ~

~Childrens Theater was very cute. We saw "The Best Christmas Musical Ever". We laughed, we cried, we had good times. Seriously, Logan told me when we left that he got teary eyed at one part. How sweet is that?!~

~Christmas Choir musical was last night. "This is our God".
It was a compelation of 10 songs that our Music Minister picked from various musicals that we have done in the past and other songs. It went very well. 47 minutes goes by very quickly.
I also have never been so thirsty after 47 minutes.
Logan had a solo part in "Welcome to our World". He did really well. He even hit his "high" note.
Stacy sang "This is our God" with the choir in the background, and even though he doesn't think he did well, I think he did, and I had to fight back tears several times during that song. The words are amazing and then there was a video playing to go with it. ~
This is the chorus:
"This is our God, living and breathing Call Him courageous, relentless,

and brave. This is our God, loving and reaching, Scandalous mercy
mighty to save.Hallelujah! This is our God!"

"This is our God, suffering and dying.

Call Him the Hero redeeming the lost.

This is our God, love sacrificing,All that is holy,

accepting our cross.Hallelujah! This is our God!"
Love those words!

~One of my favorite parts of the week was....
The Rockettes!!!
Loved it!
Loved going with Lana cause she enjoyed every single second of it. Everything she oohed and ahhed at. Everything was beautiful and amazing for her.
She has been doing "High Kicks" ever since then. Poor thing, she wants to be a Rockette, and well, I just don't think that is going to happen.
You have to be between 5'6" and 5'10".
Have you seen Lana's mother?
It sure was fun though and something we will remember forever!~


heather said...

Busy is fun but slowing down is good too. Love that she wants to be a Rockette and there is hope my mom is only 5'4 and I turned out to be a giant. Can't wait to see you Friday.

Michele Williams said...

I'm exhausted just reading this! Oh to be young again! lol... NOT... Love you...

jeri said...

All the Lowery's did great in the choir musical. Like you, I thought Stacy's song was very nice. And your solo part was the best I've ever heard you sing.