Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Epic Cupccake Fail

It started out as a good idea.
Back to school cupcakes for a little back to school pool party.
It seemed simple enough...cake, frosting, m & m's, chocolate covered graham crackers, good and plentys, more icing. Check, check, check, check, check, and check. Yes, I can SO do this.

See lookey how cute!

But OH NO, mine did not turn out like this....not even close...

Why yes, yes these do look like "Back to the GRAVE", cupcakes and NOT Back to school.
Or maybe they are "Back to the TOILET", cupcakes with the very large suppository's resting on the side.
Or maybe they are "Sorry you have the chicken pox, or whatever that red sore is that is apparently going to KILL you", cupcakes.

Lets back track. Where did I go wrong?
Mistake #1: Trying to save a buck or 2 I got Wal-mart brand Chocolate Covered Graham Crakers, as opposed to the Keebler ones that are in fact perfect little rectangles.

Mistake #2: I saw Mike and Ikes before I saw Good and Plentys, therefore, Mike and Ikes it is!
Oh and look, who needs white when they have all these lovely tropical colors.

Mistake #3: And speaking of tropical colors, I'm going to get Neon gels to write everones names with. Hey, they'll match the Mike and Ikes and how cute is THAT going to be?!

Mistake #4: Actually taking them and serving them to people. One child (Ellas of course) looked at me and said "Why are we having tombstone cupcakes?"
Why Ellas? Why? Because, I am a failure at Back to school cupcake making! That is why!
And well, dadgummit, because I just wanted to remind you that there are indeed worse things than going back to school! Yes, yes, thats right. That really was the point of these cupcakes.

Well, at least my homemade icing was good.
Oh my, and there is some a my fridge...excuse me ple


seabird said...

Missy, you are hilarious! Wish I had some of that icing!

4 Sisters said...

This is to darn funny!

Rachel Garcia said...

oh my word.. I am crying.. that is the funniest thing I have seen in a good while! Wow.

I love that you shared what went wrong.. because heaven knows i would veer off a recipe list if it involved saving a few bucks.. I loved the "yes there are worse things than going back to school" cupcakes..

LOL!! oh my side hurts..

care-in said...

So incredibly funny! You should submit it to the cake wrecks blog!

allison said...

Now that was so, so funny!! Thank you for trying to be cheap, seeing humor in it, and sharing it with us:) I literally laughed out loud! that was great

Abbey said...

Haha girl, this was good!

Crissy said...

Cupcakes of death... dum dum dum...