Monday, August 3, 2009

Yes, we still eat

I am commited to posting my menus every week.
I am. I am. I am.
I just had a busy weekend, and didn't do it Saturday as per my plan.
Friday night I went to my friend Crissy's house for the whole night.
Whole night as in, period of 24 hours.
I took all of my homeschooling stuff and planned like a fool for the upcoming school year.
Like a fool, like a fool. (sorry, I digress into a little Phoebe Boufee)
I did get a lot done, which makes for 1 happy Mama, and hopefully some very well educated chillens come August 13th.
Why August 13th? Its the Last quarter moon that day. Duh.

OK, I digress. Some of you just want to know what we're eating this week, so I will shut up now.

I will back track so as not to hurt your feelings:

Saturday- Well, I planned on the Salmon that we never ate earlier in the week, but I was so pooped when I got back from my planning session, that my nice husband said "Don't worry about fixing dinner, we'll fend for ourselves." AH, nice husband!
Anyways, one of these days we will have Salmon. I promise.

Sunday- Don't even....

Monday- Baked Mushrooms with Crispy Bacon, Scrambled Eggs, Monkey Bread
OK, I have to tell you, (cause it is Monday night at 11:00, so obviously we have already eaten dinner) the mushroom bake was REALLY good. I mean REALLY good. Even the children ate it. Of course, throw a little bit of bacon on anything and my crew will eat it.

Also, the monkey bread was the perfect thing for my 7 year old to make.
Since this recipe calls for bread stick dough, it was easy for her to cut, dip, and dip again, and place in a pan. She was very happy to have made this all by herself.
Some modifications. I just had her cut each bread stick in half, and we placed it in a round cake pan instead of muffin tins.

Tuesday- Logan and I are going to a ball game, so Stacy and Lana will be having bean burritos.
That should be pretty self explanatory, but in case its not:
Tortilla shells
Refried Beans

Wednesday- Lemon Shrimp with Parmesan Shrimp
This has become a family favorite and is so good.
And I might add that this, as well as the mushroom bake, called for fresh parsley.
Get it? Thats right, I used 2 recipes needing parsley, so as not to waste.
Yes, I am a brilliant chef.
Oh, except I always add mushrooms to this, and I just remembered that I used all of my mushrooms in the mushroom bake.
Uh, we should strike the brillant chef comment from the record.

Thursday- Happy Birthday to Me! The question now is, what is the family going to cook for dinner?

Friday- PAY DAY! Start over!

Hope you all are enjoying your week!

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care-in said...

OK...I can't totally hear your Phoebe voice! And AMEN to not cooking on Sundays!