Thursday, September 2, 2010

1st week of School. AKA "All the stuff I did wrong"

Monday August 23rd is the day that is on my calendar as "FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!"
Monday August 23rd kind of came and went and turned into Tuesday August 24th.
It couldn't be helped. Well. Maybe it could have. But I just didn't feel ready.
I tend to set a lot of store in our first day of school. Its like it makes it or breaks it for me.
So when Monday rolled around and my house was not in order, my software for school was not installed, and we were all half dead from being so busy, I felt as if we should have a "get our butts in order" day. And we did.

Tuesday August 24th. FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!
I am pleased to announce that Tuesday went fairly well.
Lana was so happy and loved her new Language Arts book.
Logan. He pretends not to love it but secretly I think he does.
We started reading together a book called "Big Truths for Young Hearts" to start our day and I like it.
The big glitch. Math. On Tuesday I still had not figured out how it works.

Wednesday August 25th. I have to work on Wednesdays. Almost every single Wednesday this summer, it has worked out for Stacy to be home in the morning.
Wouldn't you know on the week we start school, he has to be out in the field.
So we gathered up our reading materials and the kids went with me.
No biggie really, they've done a few hundred times, it just sure makes for us all being hot and tired when we get home around 2.
Some school happened in the afternoon. Some.
Guess what else happened Wednesday afternoon. Guess!
Diarrhea. 2 days in to school and already a little bug. 2 days in to HOMESCHOOLING.

Days go by....more days go by...and here go some more days....

And here we are, Thursday, September 2nd.
2nd week of school. AKA a very crazy week.

Here is what I love about homeschooling. Life and homeschooling don't work separate from each other. It is not 2 separate entities pulling and fighting for a place. They just mesh together and you make them both work. Its kind of like my marriage vows..."For better of for worse".
2 weeks into school and we have had glitches, and Dr appointments, and errands, and sickness, and a whole bunch of life stuff. And yet, my kids are enjoying school (except maybe not today with my sour attitude) and learn along with me to go with the flow and take it all for better or worse. I'm pretty sure we haven't REALLY stuck to my typed out schedule. Its more of a guideline I suppose. We just plug along and work together to make this life/school thing work.

It has been a week. One of those weeks. One of those weeks where I find myself looking at beach condos because I so badly want to get away and stare at the ocean.
As we near the end of this "those weeks", I am thankful for a merciful God that is patient when I am not, that is loving when I am not, and that is gracious when I am not.
Thank you Lord for new days, new weeks and Your hand in all things.
I have a feeling next week is going to be much better.


rsvp to me said...

Next time you have to bring the kids with you to work you should totally drop them off here for a pool day. Although the pool will only be open for a little while longer.

Marsha said...

You are a good Mom...don't play those tapes. Love you, see you Friday.