Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I have been a bad bad blogger. A wayward documenter. A slacker of monumental proportions.
Really, if we want to be honest....a chicken. Bwack bwack. ( I don't know how you really spell a chicken noise, but I think bwack bwack should be close.)

The reason for my blogging slackness boils down to 2 issues.
1. Comparing myself to other blogs that highlight all the wonderful things they make, create, and show us all, and feeling HIGHLY inferior.
2. Feeling like my blog was too random and I needed to reel it in and focus on something.

Bwack bwack bwack.

I'm done with these issues now and have decided to move onward.
I have decided that I don't care if anyone reads my blog, follows my blog, thinks my blog is worthwhile, or even judges my blog for lack of beautiful pictures.

I enjoy reading back on my blog and remembering the things I have documented here.
My kids are growing and doing new and fun things. They say funny and random and serious things. These are things I need to document and remember.

My faith grows. My thought processes go up and down. My desires change. My goals come and go.
These are all things I need to document and challenge myself with.

We are soon to start a new school year and I am going to succeed on some things and fail tremendously at others.
These are all things I need to document and learn from.

My sister and her family are stateside for only 8 more months. I have 4 beautiful nieces and an amazing sister that I don't get to spend enough time with, but the time I do get with them, I need to document and remember on those lonely days when they leave me again.

So here we have it. Plates a Spinning...the re purposed edition.
Its going to be random. Its going to be funny. Its going to be serious. Its going to be down right confusing at times. There may or may not be pictures. But by golly, I am going to be a blogger again.

Read it or don't read it. All I know is that I need to do this. For me.


Virginia said...

All I gotta say is


And also,

if you don't?

I am the blogger police and I will come kick you bootay.

The End.

Or is it??? ;)

Virginia said...

P.S. Aren't you glad you have "special" friends like myself that leave you the most random comments?

Missy said...

I love your random comment mis blogger police!

rsvp to me said...

YAY!!! You're bringing blogger back (sung, of course, to Bringing Sexy Back). I will be reading and smiling.

Elizabeth said...

Enjoyed your blog - and the title!!! It is great. And the picture. Blog away baby...I'll read it. Enjoy what you learn and find out about yourself - and it will be a treat to read back over the year. And enjoy the FOOL out of your sister!!! She will need the good memories too! I've missed seeing you...

Stace' said...

Rock on!

care-in said...

I love you and your randomness...can't wait to catch up!

care-in said...

oh and i like "plates a spinning...the re purposed edition"!!

-C said...

yeah! i sooo like it!