Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Upcoming Stuff

I am very excited that I have decided to overcome my chicken...bwack bwack...ways and get back to blogging.
After reading back on previous posts I realize how much it helps me stay on track and keeps me on my toes. Of course even on my toes I don't reach much more than 5 feet, but still.

So...things coming up in my life. AKA, plates to spin...

Trip with my Sister
Oh yes, I have waited and anticipated this fun event and Sunday it begins.
I call it, "Sleep/eat/float/shop/movies/chill/sistertimeathon!"

Are you ready for some football?
Logan (10) is playing his first year of football. Yikes. He's fired up though, and I'm fired up for him! 4 months of our life goes to football. Its a good thing I love that boy.

Home School
Year #4 of homeschooling begins August 23rd. We joined a new group. We got some new curriculum. We're doing some things different. We got rid of the school room.
Good grief...what am I thinking?!

Mom & Me Baking
If you don't know about it, you will. Lana and I really want to start back up in September.
Stay tuned.

Group Publishing
I have recently been hired as an independent worker for Group Publishing.
I'm called a "Group Ambassador". You may call me Madam Ambassador.
No really, I'm not kidding. Call me your out loud...right now.
I will get the exciting opportunity to go into churches and do trainings on different church curriculum. Really excited to get this going!

Now, if we could just get some fallish temperatures in here I would be a whole lot more motivated to do all of the above.


care-in said...

I love you Madam Ambassador!!

4 Girls said...

I'm so glad you are blogging again! And I cant wait until SUNDAY!!!!!!!

Jeri Tanner said...

I bow before you.