Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Recent Random Happenings

Not too much going on these days.
I'm doing a lot better from the surgery.
I've noticed that my throat dries out real easily, and I am staying tired.
But my Mother just repremanded me for not taking vitamins, so maybe I will do that and gain some energy from the magic pill that is vitamins!

As I said before, my kids did wonderfully during those 2 weeks of my down time.
Logan proved himself a man, and was very responsible. I like Logan cause he is a pretty self motivated kind of guy, and I usually don't have to ride him very much on things. (although we do have our moments!)
Lana did well during that time too, but I also must remember she is 6 years old.
I have had to "re-parent" her this week on some things that apparently escaped her mind...
Things like, not using a whole bag of cheese on making cheese crackers, half of that cheese being on the floor.
She's a sneaky one too. Yesterday she knew she was heading for some "discipline" for some general irresponsibility. As a last resort she said "I'm going to go take a shower because I think really good when I'm in the shower and I'm sure everything will be OK after that."
Uh yeah, sure kid, you do that...I'll meet you in your room when your done thinking in the shower!

Ah children! I love em :)

In other news, my sister had her ultra sound today and is having, yep, another girl!
I told her she could have just skipped the ultrasound cause I could have told her that!
It is amazing to me how much I can love little people that I've never met. Like my little niece Savannah that is almost 16 months old now. Wow do I love her! And this new one, whose name will probablly be Sky, I love her too! I can't wait to meet these little people next year. It will be a great year, but heart wrenching when its over.

My poor husband is very stressed at work. The car business is just a stressful place always, but add the times we are in, and the fact that the owners are in this week "Checking things out", and's just a rough time. I have to say that I am a little nervous about the near future and the job situation. But, we have been here before and God always provides, so I TRY to remain optimistic and prayerful about the future.

My brother and his new fiance are coming this weekend for Logans last basketball game. I am glad they are coming. I really do not know Jessie at all and look forward to getting to know her this weekend. After all, looks like she will be my sister in law pretty soon.

Well, that is all for now. There are 4 baskets of laundry in the living room that are begging for my attention.
Hope all is well in your world!


heather said...

I am glad you are better. I thinking well in the shower too. I will probably not be there Friday I have been so busy with school that I have neglected the family and they need some attention and so does my house. But I may come. Depends on how much house work I can get done Friday.

michelle said...

You do have some pretty sweet kids! That is very funny about Lana :) LOL! You have had some exciting times lately huh? Sheesh! Hope you get to feeling 100% very soon.

care-in said...

Oh my...your kid stories crack me up!

Just today I heard someone say they would tell their kids, "when we get home you will have a lesson in respect." That meant a spanking!!!

Marsha said...

Thank you for blogging about my vitamin lecture. Would you like me to list out what you need? A good multivitamin - one that's especially formulated for women would be good for you since you're still young. Then there's Vitamin D-3 - VERY important for you AND your children. Calcium for good bone health and healthy nails, and vitamin B-12 for ENERGY! Vitamin C - excess amounts of Vitamin C flush out quickly, not really worth the month - better to eat citrus fruits every day.

I'll send you my bill.

Michele Williams said...

I love all my grand-nieces and nephew too and I have not met any of them!!! Poor Logan... all alone with five girls!!! lol...

And yes, take vitamins!!

Love you!