Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Typical Friday Night

For those of you that don't know, Friday night is open house at my friend Crissy's house. It's always ALOT of fun. We laugh, we joke, we talk, we make sarcastic comments, we eat, we drink, and we be merry. It's a welcome relief to the end of a week. That is fo sho people.

We also are surrounded my TONS of children. Mostly boys. On any given week there will be anywhere between 6 and 15 or more boys. Last night was a slow night. There where only 6 boys. We noticed one of those 6 boys on the porch with a pair of scissors. Hmmm....probablly not a good idea. So Kim Poston goes outside to confinscate them.

And this is what she returns with.
A Knife
A Multipurpose Tool
A Knife Sharpener
The Scissors
Oh yes, and a Fork!

I don't know how these Friday night events have not ended in an ER trip for some unfortunate boy.

And less you think that the 2 girls present last night where sitting around playing baby dolls....

I found them in the bathroom with a HOT GLUE GUN and popsycle sticks.
And yes, there are some burn marks to prove it.

Moral of the story...
Friday nights are a blast....just gotta know what the kids are doing!


Marsha said...

sounds like you need a patolman to watch after these hoodlums on the porch!

Amber said...

It was so much fun last night--glad to have you back!!!

Tanya said...

I am totally jealous! I want a Friday night Open House!!! Oh, I love the idea. That would be fun! Enjoy the craziness I am sure the kids do!