Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"The Tonsils Come out Tomorrow"

I am of course singing that too the tune of "The Sun'll come out, tomorrow".
Please tell me you know the song! If you do not, then we are probablly not REALLY friends and you just stalk me cause your crazy.

Anyways, I think I am as prepared as you can be.
I spent Saturday cooking and putting stuff in the freezer for the fam.
I spent yesterday doing 8 loads of laundry, plus one small one today.
Also spent yesterday scrubbing and cleaning.
Today I vacuumed, packed the kids for the night, and got school stuff together.

Yesterday Crissy came over and entertained me while I cleaned.
Then while we folded laundry she went crazy and decided to peel the wallpaper border in my room. It was amazing! She just pulled it down and used my mini spatula, which is obviously a multipurpose tool, to scrape. Now she has too come back one day and finish! Bwa haha...

We have to be there in the morning at 5:45. Blah. Of course, I get to go back to sleep. Poor Stacy :(

I will admit this only to you my blogging friends...I am a liiiiitle bit nervous. I know its just tonsils, but still. I'm a Mom, I have 2 little people and 1 big person that depend on me. Also, I like to sing and still would like to do that when this is all done with. Plus, I would sure hate for my throat to swell shut and die a death of suffocation. Yeah, I'm slightly overreacting. I know.
So if you want to say a little prayer for me (ooh, another song just popped in my head) then I won't mind, now that you know that I have a probablly irrational fear of dying from tonsil surgery!

Love to you all :)


Marsha said...

There is NO doubt what has been fueling your bad dreams. There is also NO doubt why Lana is a drama queen!

I'm your Mother. I love you. You will be fine. And yes, the tonsils will come out, tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow... opps, I got carried away by the moment. ahhmummm... where was I...
Oh yes. I'm your Mother. I love you. You will be fine. And you will come home to your cozy little bedroom stripped of that ugly border by an amazing friend with an amazing multi purpose gadget that you and I can't seem to cook without. And after a few days, she will feel better. And you will take care and follow the doctor's directions and not use your voice. And you will only sing in your mind for a few weeks. And then, you will bless us all with your beautiful voice again.

After all, you will need to sing at your brother's wedding in May.

So, get a good night's sleep and soon this too shall be past you like a dreaded midterm exam.

I love you and I'll say a little pray for you... forever and forever! And now I'm singing that song, too.

heather said...

Poor baby I will be praying for you. hope it all goes well with minimal pain.

jeri said...

I like your Valentine's layout! I agree with your mom, being another mom and all, and wanted to let you know I prayed this morning that your singing voice will be better than ever. See you Friday.

allison said...

How are you feelin, drinking smoothies or ice cream, what?!
Love the before and afters of pantry and fridge - very funny. AND the cinnamon and honey, who knew? Awesome post. Hope your feeling well. Do you feel lighter?

Michele Williams said...

How are you feeling dear niece? I've been praying for you!
Aunt Michele