Thursday, September 6, 2007


Let me tell you a little bit about my trip to Africa. First of all it was amazing! Being able to see my sister and sweet nieces again was awesome. I had as far as the wildlife goes, one of the best experiences you can have in Africa. I pretty much saw it all. And some of it up close and personal! Not everybody gets to chase Giraffes and Zebras on a 4 wheeler, or stare down an elephant until your so scared you want to pee in your pants! I mean that stuff was pretty cool. The People was the greatest part though. The Masai people were great. The kids are adorable, and will break your heart. The first time I went out into the village I cried my eyes out. My heart broke for the conditions they live in. The flies on their faces, the sores on their bodies, the dung huts they live it, the smell. But these kids seem content. They don't know any different. Thats why Laura and Travis and the other missionaries are there. To show them the Love of God, teach them in the ways of the Lord, and help them carve out a better life for themselves and generations to come. Only through the saving blood of the Lord Jesus Christ do any of us have hope, and only through us actually going out and sharing with others about that saving blood and amazing grace, will others experience eternal life with Him. I was proud to be in the Masai Mara and to go out with my sister and see the work and the people that God has carved out for them. It was great to go and have mental images, something more real to pray for. Actual names and faces. It really was eye opening and I hope to go back again.


Stace' said...

I've never wondered what it would be like inside your mind. You have usually told me what's on your mind. :)

Great Pics from Africa!!! You and LS look so cute together!!! She's so cute pregnant! I don't know that I was ever "cute" pregnant.

Chuck said...

YES, you were absolutely cute pregnant.

[I can't believe I'm on a woman's blog talking like this]

Anonymous said...

Well lookie here! X has been wondering why you don't have a blog!

Missy said...

Hey Chuck...were do you get your hair done?

Chuck said...

I don't know "were." "Were" do you git yourn done???

Missy said... is impolite to make fun of ones spelling on ones own blog. If I mispell on your blog, THEN you can comment.