Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Seasons of My Week

My weeks feel more like seasons than weeks! Lets start with Sunday...I don't particuarly care for Sundays anymore. Working at the church and pretty much being stuck in the preschool the whole time doesn't make for a worshipful time for me. It probablly should, but it doesn't. So I consider Sundays winter.
Monday's I'm tired from Sunday. But life must go on, school must be taught, laundry does pile up, and the nerve of them, my family is hungry and its time to go to the grocery store. So Monday I do what I have to do to get through the day, but I see spring in the horizon.
Yes Tuesday. Tuesday is my spring! For some reason I love Tuesdays. Usually the shopping is done, the laundry is kind of done, and the week is in full swing. There is no were I have to be on Tuesday and I can go at my own pace. Just like a breezy spring day. But oh, no, that hot stiffling air of summer is now upon me.
Its Wednesday. I have a love/hate relationship with summer. I hate the heat. It suffocates me. Wednesdays suffocate me becuase it is the "Busy day". I go do my work. If Stacy can't get off work, I take the kids and then I'm more suffocated. Its hot, but its also Sunny and fun. I like my work because it gets me out and moving. But when that work it over, there is Lanas dance class. Fun for her....glad she gets to do the end result of the recital....but the sitting and waiting. It bores me. I try to read, but all I usually think about is what I could be doing. Logan goes to art class, and right now Stacy takes him. But the day is coming again when he won't be able to get off work and I will be in a mad dash between Art and Dance. Again, the love/hate of summer. Its then time to run home, get something to take to church for covered dish dinner, and then spend more time in the preschool. My should be happy with it, but not job/ministry. So now I am nearing the end of summer.
Thursday the fact that I have to get my typing for my job looms over my head. I should do it early and then get on with my day. But I never do, and then theres school with the kids, laundry again, and usually errands to run. I dislike the "heat" of Thursday. The deadline I have to meet. BUT, the good thing about Thursday, just like Summer, is that I know that FALL is on its way!
FRIDAY!!!! I love Friday. I love FALL! Friday seems nicer to me, even if its storming. Friday I know I am free. Free to go to our classes. Free to go to Kims for lunch. Free to do what I want. I feel like I've been hit with a reguvinating gust of autumn wind. The kind that makes you feel like you can walk that extra mile.
That gust takes me into Saturday. Still liking Autumn, still free, but can sense that Winter is right around the corner. Its time to start storing my pervurbial nuts. Saturday nights are family nights in the Lowery house. I look forward to them, but they don't happen if I don't plan something. So I prepare, and we have fun, and then everybody goes to bed, and then I prepare for Winter again!


Mitt said...

Hello Missy, it's Kerri Hill Wardlaw! :) I thought I would take a minute to say hello. Welcome to the 'blog-world'. I don't have one but I like to read everyone else's. I know what you mean about the nursery thing at church. I had been the codirector of our nursery for the past year and although I didn't get 'paid' it still felt like a full-time position that offered very little reward, or so it seemed. Anyway, hang in there!! Great to read about you!!

Kim said...

Kerri needs a blog. I like your seasons.

Abbey said...

This is a great post. You're a good writer, girl. I like your flow of thoughts.
Sounds like you're a VERY busy woman! It's been a long time since I've seen you. I loved your pictures of New Orleans. We've been there several times and it's really a good vacation. Lots to do and see and experience!

By the way, when did Logan get brown hair????

michelle said...

I tagged you!

Missy said...

M-What does that mean? Veazer tagged me too. I am new to the blog world. Enlighten me!

michelle said...

You did it! Sorry, I took so long to answer, but I guess you figured it out.