Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ice Cream and Boo-Boo's

What is up with Ice cream and boo-boo's? Why is it that whenever my child goes through a "tramatic" experience, my answer for a reward is Ice Cream.
Everytime that I've taken Logan to the E.R., we go get Ice Cream after (yes, I said everytime...he's a bit accident prone...although it has been a while!)
After shots, we go get Ice Cream.
And today, after a HUGE, not splinter, more like piece of wood, got stuck in Lana's foot, after the drama and the trauma of getting it out, you guessed it, we got Ice Cream!
Maybe I'm rewarding myself more than I am them. Good job Missy, you made it through another unpleasant part of parenting. Although, I must confess that todays incident, while I know was painful for her and frustrating for me at times, was also very entertaining. I actually had to load her up in the van and take her to Daddy at work because I couldn't even get the dumb thing out. It was huge. And she had these enormous, cute crocodile tears and was sreaming like her foot was being cut off. Thankfully Daddy's work is only 7 miles away, because it just wasn't happening with me.
So I guess thats why we had to get Ice Cream afterwards. I mean, we were already out, and Sonic is right across the street, and I had a whole $7 burning a whole in my wallet, not to mention the fact that someone had been hurt and that REQUIRES Ice Cream.
Come on, someone PLEASE tell me that I am not the only horrible mother that is teaching my children to reward lifes little incovience's with Ice Cream!
Somebody? Anybody?
Oh good grief, I'd better go finish my Ice Cream!


michelle said...

I don't know but...ouch, my head hurts! You better bring me some cookies and cream icecream with hot fudge and nuts. Hurry! It hurts real bad.

Marsha said...

It's genetic. I did it with you kids, my Mom did it with me, my Grandmother (Reta) was an ice cream aholic!
It's been a crazy couple of days for Dad and I so what did we do tonight? We ate a small container of Ben & Jerry's Gobfather Ice Cream. We're all better now.
I'm so sorry for my sweet little Lana Lou! That's what happens when you run around like a redneck with no shoes on! (Just kidding!) Tell her Marmi and Pappy are real sorry she had to have that big ol' splinter in her foot and that we love her.

Stace' said...

Marsha, I laughed out loud!!

Missy, whatever works!!!

Abbey said...

We always go for a cone after doctor visits that require shots. It seems to help!

Missy said...

I had to go grocery shopping today. Not by myself. On a Sunday afternoon. I had to go to 3 different stores to get everything I needed. I was trying to avoid Wal-Mart, but I still will have to go there.
Anybody want to meet me for some Ice Cream?

Kim said...

Poor baby girl. Moose tracks, please!

Anonymous said...

I'm ALWAYS up for ice cream, hurt or not! Mint chocolate chip please! I like your mom's word "ice cream aholic"...that is totally me!