Sunday, September 9, 2007

I've been tagged!

Ok...So I've actually been tagged twice, and I think what I'm supposed to do is say things about myself based on the amount of words in my middle name.
So lets go.

R- Ridicuously Clumsy (I.E. I tripped on the back part of my goucho pants and fell down the stairs just the other day!)

E- Entertaining to myself ( I may not entertain any of you, but sometimes Stacy comes home and I am laughing at noone but myself!)

T- Tired ( all of that falling and laughing wears me plum out!)

A- Appendix ( I don't have one, it ruptured years ago leaving me empty inside!)

So now I wil tag 4 new people. I will be tagging....
Marhas Musings, Garden Gal, The Dawg, and Adam, if he ever decides to read this. (you can do it on your my space account)

Love to you all. Going to the grocery store... one day early, and by myself. God must be smiling down upon me today!


Marsha said...

Okay...I'll play your game, but with my own rules. I want to leave my blog a little more...shall we say, dignified and encouraging. SO, I will do my middle name on YOUR blog and I don't know 4 people with blogs to tag, so I guess I'll become a serious target to every known disease now. Heavy sigh...Oh well. That's the way the kidneys function!
L - Loving
E - Eclectic
E - Eccentric.

Missy said...

Please excuse my mother. Though she is loving, her eclectic self is being quite eccentric about her blog.

Rachel Garcia said...

hey missy... i found your blog while reading abbeys.. i hope you are doing well. I haven't seen you in ages. i'll catch up on old posts to see whats going on in your world.

Chuck said...

A = Alabama, where I lived from 1962-64
L = Levoxyl, the drug that keeps me functional
V = Vociferous
I = Idiot, what I am for responding to this
N = N'er-do-well

A-L-V-I-N = Alvin. And no, I haven't seen Simon or Theodore lately.

Anonymous said...

Good ole' Reta! I am always very entertained by you!