Wednesday, October 31, 2007

One Little, Two Little...

Indians!!! Yes, in a shocking turn of events for the Lowery household, this year my children were not super heroes and princesses. If you know my kids, you know that this truly is a miracle. They are always a superhero and a princess, and actually up until 2:00 today, I thought that tradition would continue. I was suprised this afternoon by Lana actually stating that she was going to be an Indian, which in turn sparked Logan wanting to do the same. Lucky for me we have Indian shirts that were made in Logans K5 year. We did a last minute headdress for Logan out of a brown paper bag, brown eyelash fringe, and a popcycle stick! Lana did some jewelry, braids, and some eyelash trim tied into the braids to add some flare.
My Indians had apparently already been trading with the white man, as they both wore cowboy boots! Logans black and Lanas red. Logan wore a case with a bow and some handmade arrows fashioned from sticks. He carried another arrow case to put his candy in, which I thought was very ingenious.
When we got to the Fall Festival, Logan got stripes painted on his face and Lana got a sparkly heart of course. We had a good time, until Logan started having diarhea, they ran out of hot dogs and starving Mommy didn't get to eat, and Lana temporarily lost sight of me and had a melt down. Other than that,we had a good time seeing some friends we don't get to see very often.
So that is that. One little, two little, Indians! Never thought I'd see the day!

Logan and his buddy Brant!

Lana and her "special friend", Wyatt!


michelle said...

Noway! Hope was also an Indian. The funniest part is that she has been a loyal black cat for the last 3 years. That's weird.

Marsha said...

They are too cute! I guess there time up here on the rez this summer rubbed off on them! And Lana got to be the her honey - how sweet.

Abbey said...

They look so cute! I love the boots!

Stace' said...

What precious little savages!

Chuck said...

I enjoyed reading this until the diarrhea part.

And that fellow standing beside Logan...I hope no one from the office of Homeland Security saw that outfit.

Rachel Garcia said... people.. feather, not dot.