Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The World of Blogging

I have been out of the blog loop for several days now and it has felt like a smoker being without cigarettes. I felt edgy,like I was missing out on something very important, not peering into the lives of my old and new friends for those few days. It was a huge relief this evening when I finally had the time to sit and catch up with you all. I love the community of blogging. Its almost like being our own little world of Amish people. Yes, I am very intriuged by the amish. But seriously, there is a sense of community. A feeling of belonging. A desire to come upon side of another and lift them up in prayer when they've blogged about a bad day. A release of laughter when they share a funny story or antecdote. A moment of encouragment when an insight of how our Great God is offered. A quick walk down memory lane when an old friend post your name and it makes you feel greatful for such wonderful friendships. A sense that you can actually hear the person with whom your reading about, speaking, hearing their voice as you read. A feeling of adventure when you want to just hop in your car and meet all of your fellow bloggers at the local Starbucks, or better yet...road trip!!!! Most of all it is a feeling that I'm not alone in this world with all of these plates of mine. I have my friends out there in blog world. Friends that through their postings and comments have encouraged me during this last month. Friends that I enjoy continually learning more about. But mostly, friends that love our Lord, and are constantly pointing me to Him.
So to all of my fellow bloggers...thanks for being my friends! I love you all!


michelle said...

What a sweet blog! I do love all that too about you guys. I am REALLY glad you are blogging. Love you :)

Marsha said...

What?! The mere pleasure of my company all weekend was not satisfying enough for you? Kim writes how wonderful it was to have family around for the weekend. What am I...canned tuna? Now I'm tempted to upload that wonderful picture I took of you Monday night in the hotel room in Pigeon Forge!

Stace' said...

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!!!!

Missy, great post. Love the smoker analogy.

Kim said...

SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK! Missed you! Can I have a drag of your cigarette?

Anonymous said...

Yes, this blog thing takes care of my cravings for the need to be around good friends.

heather said...

I have enjoyed this new blogging world too. How was your trip I need details and pictures.

Marsha said...

Dear Diary,
Today Harv said I have pretty eyes!
Eliza Jane

Sorry, just being a smart mouth. (Wherever do you get it from?) But I do have to say you're right about the addiction thing. I even created a whole new blogspot today for Snowbird TEAM!

My next inspiration will be about our trip this week to TN. I actually think there's a couple of things I could blog about.

Love you!
Mommy Dearest

Abbey said...

Blogging is so much fun! But it can make a bad day worse, though. Just wait for that day when you're really depressed and lonely and you know at very least you have bloggers, only to get on and no one has posted or commented or anything in days and your left to believe that they are all frolicking in fields of wildflowers with their families and friends while you're at home depressed and alone.
This has actually happened to me.
I suppose in that case, the cigarrettes would be a good last resort. Thanks for that tip...that is what you said right? ;) hee hee

Missy said...

Actually I said that when your friends don't respond to your blogs you should go egg their houses and ruin their fun family frolics. That would be so much more satisfying than smoking don't ya think?

-C said...

So, somehow I never put your blog on my bloglines ... gotta catch up. I'd been blogging a little while before everyone else started last fall ... and it's so much more fun now. My family readers don't comment much so they're not near as fun. I feel the same way about the "community".