Saturday, October 13, 2007

Weekend Getaway

So last Friday the kids and went to my parents house in the mountains of NC. It is a beautiful place to visit. They live back in the woods and it is very peaceful. So peaceful as a matter of fact, that I almost always get sick while I am there. I guess I just feel so at peace, that my body says, well lets just be sick! Actually this time I was already sick when I went up there and it just got worse. It was the dreaded bladder infection! By Monday, when Mom and I left to take the kids over to the Pigeon Forge TN area for a couple days worth of field trips, I was really miserable. I'm quite sure that I was not alot of fun or of much use. Don't you hate when you sooo look forward to a fun outing and then get to it and it's just not all you want it to be? Thats how I felt. I think my kids still had fun though. We went to Wonder Works on Tuesday, whcih the kids enjoyed. ( I think...again I was miserable!) It was all very hands on and learning stuff. I would like to go back again when I am "normal"!
But on Monday we went to Cades Cove. We love Cades Cove. If you've never been, I highly reccomend it. I wish I could live there. It's so tranquill. We had a picnic in a field, and the kids got to run around and be kids. I also learned something new (and a bit disturbing!) about my mother while we were there. She is (gulp) a stalker! OK...we pull up to a parking lot in Cades Cove. She says, "Lets just sit here for a minute and have a drink." Ok, fine with me, I'm in a crappy mood and feel like my bladder will fall out at any second. Why not just sit. We sit, I drink my Mountain Dew. The kids have a snack, Mom is drinking her water, when suddently I hear this statment..."I don't see how those kids are related. They don't look anything alike."
WHAT?????? Oh my gosh. The poor unsespecting family that is picnicing in front of our car. Do they know they are being watched? Do they know that a crazy mountain woman is sitting in her automobile evaluating there every move? And I do mean every move. Suddenly, I am sucked into this world of "the family", and I start interjecting my own opinions. Good grief, what is happening to me. It must be the pain in my bladder. It has caused me to lose all propriety. I mean, sure it's fun to watch people, but to sit and say from whom they get there big snoz from, or that they have nice legs. This has gone too far! Maybe they suspected that they were under scrutiny, for it wasn't long before they got up to leave. Which of course was the source of more of our peeping.
With "the family" now gone, we had nothing to do but get out of the car and actually do what your supposed to do at Cades Cove. Learn about nature and old times.
How lucky for us that "the family" was doing the same thing. I was able to pose my self as if taking a picture and snapped a little pic of "the family" as they walked by. I'm sure they were not fooled. I'm pretty sure I heard comments like, "what the heck is that stupid girl doing, can she not aim her camera. What kind of freeky family are they?" I'm sure that we are not the only ones that watch people. They could have actually had their eyes on us the whole time. So what are people seeing when they watch me? That day nothing good, just a crabby old mother. Oh well, better luck next time!


Marsha said...

I didn't think you were crabby at all! I understood you were having an out of body experience the whole time due to pain. Been there, done that, got the surgery.

Now, as far as calling me a stalker. I much prefer, hmm, shall we say anthropologist...yes. I like the way it rolls off the lips. AnTHROpologist...according the the dictionary that would mean a person who studies humankind in all its aspects. In Christian doctrine, that means I am concerned with the nature,origin, and destiny of humankind. I was merely studying their origin. Which parent did they favor? Why did they each have different colored hair? How is it the mother still had pretty legs with no "road maps" on them?

Is it any wonder your son, my grandson enjoys digging for dinosaur bones. It's genetic I tell you!

Yes, we all had a wonderful time in TN. I am truly sorry Missy wasn't feeling well, though. She was quite the trooper. No one else would have ever known that her bladder was about to explode or fall out.

Now I'm off to the lake for a birthday party where I get to study yet more people!

I love you my eldest!

Missy said...

Thank you for being polite. I was crabby!

Stace' said...

Mercy! What must Marmi have said about my brethren and I? We have brown, red, and blonde heads in my family. Both parents brown. Hmmm...

I watch people too. Always have.

Marsha, just think of all the fun you could have really had when Missy and I were teens if you had just let yourself "go there" with us as we were joaning on others.

MH always enjoyed our clever humor.

Glad you're better Missy!!

Kim said...

Great pics, dear friend. I'm glad you had a great weekend and now I'm glad you're back.

Anonymous said...

I like to watch people too, Xavier says it's staring.

michelle said...

I love those pictures! That looked like a really nice get away.

Rachel Garcia said...

hey girl.. your kids are precious. Glad you are feeling better too. And can I say that your mom is a sweet, sweet lady. She commented on my blog and wow is she an encourager! I see where you get it!

Laura said...

Ok, I am a little late on this one, but I am sitting in the bush of Africa! While my Mom and sister are out "people watching" I am in the bush,9 months pregnant, moving from the shack, and on bed rest and 6 hours from my doctor. ALONE! What is wrong with this picture.