Thursday, April 17, 2008

And now for the finale!

Yesterday with the hubby was most excellent!
We played golf, ate chinese food, watched another episode of John Adams, and just hung out.
Stacy and I very seldomly get to have dates, so a whole afternoon and evening was a huge treat!
I even played good golf, which made it even better!

So this morning I have already gotten up, driven over 100 miles and collected my work data.
I am now about to do my typing, do some packing, and get ready for phase 4....
Drumroll please....
Yeah! Me and 3 of my friends are leaving around 6 tonight for the beach!
3 glorious days of white sandy beaches and even another round of golf!

I have found myself overwhelmingly thankful this week for the variety of activities I have been able to pursue. I know that next week it is back to the real world and it will be crazy and hectic...but for now, I am thankful that God has allowed me this week of refreshment.
The beach weekend will just be the icing on my already yummy cake!

So tata my blogging friends. Must go get my chores done!


Anonymous said...

Your comment on my last post made me laugh out loud. I nearly spit my food all over the computer! I'm glad you are soaking up a little R and R. I find myself reminiscing about the cruise my hubby and I took back in Feb. Then I try to forget the motion sickness! Have fun! Soak up some rays for me and have a frosty drink for me!

Marsha said...

And I get to have my precious ones with me a few more days yet. Pappy and I are spoiling them rotten!