Thursday, April 3, 2008

Growing pains advice

Logan is almost 8.
He's been on growth spurts before obviously, but the one he is on now seems to be making this child miserable.
He can't get enough to eat. I'm talking always starving.
He's not falling asleep well because he can't get comfortable because his legs hurt.
He is tired all the time, and sleeping later than usual.
Mom's that have already been through this kind of growth spurt, any advice?
What can I do for this poor kid to make his life a little easier?
When will it end?
Do I have enough food in my house?
Should I rub Ben-Gay on his legs?
How much longer until he is as tall as me?
Why can't I eat like that and be as skinny as he is?


Virginia said...

I don't really have any advice, but I went through the whole growing pains thing too- my legs (especially my shins) would hurt a lot... I remember that sometimes my mom and dad wouldn't believe me (my mom is only 5 feet tall so maybe she never had them? hehe) and that would hurt my feelings-

so in my opinion the best thing you could do, you are doing already, and that is sympathizing with him! :)

Sorry I'm not much help... I wonder if tylenol would help with the pain?

And make sure he gets lots of protein- that will help him feel more full than starches and such. They also help his body process the other foods differently (not exactly sure how, but it's something I read somewhere. At one time. I'm clearly NOT an expert in the eating department. At least, not in the healthy way. hehe)

heather said...

My grow like crazy too, no you don't have enough food I am very scared of the teen age years. The leg pains are real mine do that too I have rubbed there legs, massage them, I don't know if it helps maybe they just know I care.

Graced said...

Bananas are high in potassium which helps cramps. Gatorade is also high in it and can help. A hot bath before bed can offer some relief.

Food wise, stock up on fruits, raw veggies and other healthy choices and have them washed and easy to grab. Peanut butter is great and fairly cheap. Boiled eggs offer easy protein. Lots of milk can help, too.

Just know it will pass before you realize it. Just be ready for the next size of clothes!

Abbey said...

I carry the same tradition my mom did for us. It's called "the Magic String" It's simply a ribbon dipped in rubbing alcohol and tied around the hurting calf or leg.

My kids love it and will get up and ask for the magic string. I think all it does is offer some much needed attention for something that nothing can actually help, but the alcohol is freezing cold and offers a great diversion. I just tell them to lay really still to help it work it's magic and they soon fall to sleep.

Maybe you could try it too. My mom would be proud! ;)

Marsha said...

Milk, bananas, LOTS of WATER and rubbing alcohol for the muscle cramps. Muscle spasms are mostly caused by not enough water and potassium. Rubbing alcohol is very soothing and less worrisome than B.G.

Marsha said...

Oh, and also heat up the rice bag heating pad that Stace' made us the other year in the microwave for about 4 minutes. Put it under his calves for about 20 minutes. He could even go to bed with it. The heat stays in there a long time and it's very comforting on sore muscles.

Anonymous said...

I never knew that about the rubbing alcohol.

Your "Christian schoolish" comment made me laugh!!

Jeri said...

The only one of your questions I can answer Missy, is "how much longer until he is as tall as me?"

The eyeblink!