Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bippity Boppity Boo....

I need a fairy Godmother.
I am having a hard time getting back into the real world.
I still have stuff to unpack, laundry to fold, bathrooms to clean, and a butt load of VBS stuff to do.
And yet, I laid down on the couch a little while ago and fell asleep, and am now blogging while I eat M&M's left over from my weekend.

Yesterday the day was consumed with a turtle.
Arg...my parents sent the children home with a turtle.
Granted my Dad did call and ask permission first.
I had no idea yesterday was going to be spent making the turtle happy and comfortable, and yet, $40 later, that is what my day consisted of.
Now I will say, in the turtles defense, he also provided school materials and the Science Fair Project we have been looking for. So I guess I should not complain to much about "Smokey Williams." Not sure why that is his name, but it is!

I don't feel well. I think it was all the traveling I did last week.
Plus I think it's approaching PMS time and I feel incredibly blah.
I shouldn't complain since I did have fun on my trips.
So I will shut up now...plus my M&M's are gone and I must find something better to do.


Jeri said...

Hey Missy,
Glad to see you made it home! I bet Stacey's enchilada (?) dish was just about to run out!!!!

Hope you feel better girl. I will try to have a cd ready to hand to you Wednesday night.

Anonymous said...

I always hate the day after I come back from a trip, whether its a weekend or week long getaway, I hate that inevitable mountain of laundry. But I am glad you had fun and are home safe and sound. Now, my dear, go take a giant tylenol and rest your bones!

Stace' said...

Add to your list sending me the pics you took of me so I can let all of blogdom see my mug. :)

You are quite the photographer these days.

Marsha said...

Whatever happened to Spike or Speedy? Smoky Williams? I understand Smoky, but Williams?!

I'm with you on the chores... I still haven't stripped the kiddos beds yet, or yours. My feet hit the ground running yesterday and they haven't stopped yet!

If you find that Fairy Godmother, send her my way when you're done with her.

Stace' said...

Williams is Smoky's Father.

Marsha said...

Now I'm REALLY confused! Are you talking about Smoky the cat we got from you years ago? I was thinking Smoky Mountains - where the ol' turtle hales from!

Paige M said...

You were watching the snow at your mom's house not long ago. Then you post beautiful pictures of the beach from your most recent trip. ARG! Just be quiet and eat your m&ms. I WANT TO GO IN A TRIP!

Paige M said...

or "ON" a trip would be even better. ha ha