Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Colors of Spring

Right now my 2 favorite colors for spring are Pink and Green. I have bought several pieces of clothing that reflect that, along with brown accents and accesories.

Thought I'd try it out on my blog for a while.

What are your favorite colors of Spring?


Kim said...

black and gray.

doom and gloom.

Oh, wait, it's not February anymore.

I like any color for spring... coral, greens, blues, white, purple-I saw wisteria yesterday... it's going to be everywhere soon!

Abbey said...

I love white in the spring!

heather said...

Not a pink girl the red hair, but I do love white and the other pastels.

Marsha said...

Gray is not pink. The green is too green. The pink is pepto pink. The brown is earthy and the color of... chocolate.
Why not do a chocolate brown background with touches of pink and a zingy color of green. Maybe some off white, too.

Marsha said...

It's getting there. I just don't like that shade of green with that aqua/turqouise background.
Maybe if you had some other pictures going with this to pull it together.