Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Moving on to Phase 3...

My time of perching at the parental units house is coming to a close.
We've had a nice time.
Yesterday Lana, Mom and I played Kurplunk for a very long time...
then I took the kidos over to see my brothers new place...
then we came back and ate homemade soup and bread and it was goooood!

Today we went to Art class and a gem mine.
I must say gem mining is a little addictive.
It was a lot of fun sifting through the dirt looking for treasures.
I think we may have found some Sapphires that I want to take somewhere and see if they can put them into my ring that lost its sapphire. It is one of my wedding rings and I lost a Sapphire out of it over a year ago and have been missing it a lot. Its special you know!
So how cool would it be if I then panned for my own replacement.
Well, we'll see if it works out.

We watched American Idol and Biggest Loser tonight...Yeah for Ali!!!! The first female Biggest Loser.
Let me just say that this girl has lost 112 lbs in 6 months. That is very inspiring.
I only need to lose a quarter to half of that, so I am really motivated now to get on it big time!

After phase 3 and phase 4 of course...
And what, you may ask, is phase 3?
Well, tomorrow I leave here BY MYSELF and drive home BY MYSELF, to meet my husband who has been pining away for me since I left last Friday.
We will have a whole afternoon and evening date.
That hasn't happened in years I must say.
It will be fun to spend the whole afternoon together. Ecspecially since he's been missing me so much!

Thursday will be a crazy day with a fun ending.
That must not be revealed until after I have finished enjoying phase 3!
One phase at a time people!!!

I am a very blessed woman right now to be having this week O' Fun and refreshment.
Trust me, I am very aware of that!

So now I bid you adou'. Must go get the rest of the kidos laundry put bag in there bags...you know how nice I am. I couldn't leave my Mom with all of that laundry while she keeps my kids for 4 more days!


Kim said...

I know what Phase 4 is, aren't you all jealous?

Glad you're having a good time, dearest of dear friends.

Stace' said...
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Stace' said...

have an egcelent time

heather said...

I am glad you are having fun. Enjoy time with your hubby.