Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Just to let you all know we are in Charlotte.
Not without incident of course, but we are here nonetheless.
I have a story to rival some of Kim's traveling stories.
Would you like to hear it? Hear it goes.

You know that I had the stomach bug.
Monday morning I decided to leave anyways as my window of opportunity would leave me if I wanted to fit in Charlotte, and get over to my parents, and get home in time to vote next week.
So we left at 9:00am Monday morning, me still with a very queezy upset stomach, but the kids seeming OK.

About 6 hours down the road, at our 4th stop, we where in the bathroom at a peach stand in Gaffney, S.C. I had my cell phone and my keys in my jacket pocket, went potty, and then went to flush. When I turned around my cell phone and my keys fell right into the toilet. YEP! Plop plop fizz fizz! Joy of Joys. I had to stick my hand into the unflushed toilet to retrieve my phone and keys. Obviously needed them. Of course there where no paper towels, so I had to wipe them off with toilet paper, and then went to the car and used wipes and hand sanitizer all over them. I then did opted to not use my phone until I had some lysol in hand.

Well, an hour later I arrived at my Aunt and Uncles house.
~Tiny background info...My uncle, my dads brother is 12 years younger than my dad, and only 10 years older than me. Therefore there kids, my cousins, are younger (13, 10, 7) ~
OK, so I get to there house and begin asking Irene for some Lysol. We had been there around 15 minutes and she was looking for some, when Lana comes to me very calmly and politely and says "Mom, I just threw up in the bathroom".
Yeah, sure enough, I brought the stomach bug to unsuspecting friends and relatives. Nice aren't I? Don't you wish YOU where my friend?
Well, for the next 3 hours Lana threw up and sat in my lap. Dean and Irene (Aunt and Uncle) where extremely gracious to us, for which I am very thankful. Also SERIOUSLY hoping none of their boys get sick.
After spreading the germs over there, we came over to my friend Stace's house, to spread some more germs. Stace is the natural remedy guru, and had Lana (and me) drink this nasty stuff called "activated charcoal", which Lana threw up all over a rug of theres that we will try to wash, but will most likely throw away.

Ah, the joys of being my friend!!!
Today (Tuesday) morning, we have all woke up feeling OK. Lana is eating toast, and I am about to eat toast, and so far (knock on lots o wood) Logan is OK.

So, anybody else need a visit from the Lowery's????


Stace' said...

1 word...


Crissy said...

I'm soooo glad I'm NOT your friend. Whew! That was close...

Abbey said...

Oh girl, that's a nightmare! Sorry y'all are so sick. Yuck!
And the cell phone and keys situation almost made me throw up and I don't even have the stomach bug!!

Anonymous said...

stay away, stay very far away.

Heather said...

Oh Missy,
I just feel for all of you what a misserable time right now for you. I will pray for your guys health try to stay healthy eat as bland as you can.

Michele Williams said...

Keep the bug to yourself... we are suffering our own bugs here!

Although, you are always welcome in Phoenix, AZ!!!!

I pray you are all feeling better soon....

Don't get your grandfather sick if you still plan on seeing him....

Aunt Michele

Kim said...

Always hopeful that the stomach bug doesn't spread... Always hopeful it's just "something you ate"... Always hopeful it's just "carsickness" or "the congestion is making the baby nauseated".
Usually, it's the black plague.

Marsha said...

Hope you weren't on the rag.

If Logan gets sick when you all get here, we'll let him sleep in Pappy's shed;) (With Pappy of course.)

care-in said...

Is your mom serious or did she mean "rug"?

Sorry you are sick but I am glad you are traveling the opposite direction from us.

Mary said...

See now, I would have been the PERFECT travel companion for this trip...
I'm somewhat immune to these viruses.
Oh yes, I'm special.

...I shall wait for my slap in the face next week at church.

Stace' said...

No need to worry. I have marinated your peeps in Clorox and they are just fine.

Missy said...

Mary Prosser, I will slap you next week out of sheer principle.

And noone has been marinated. Basted maybe.

allison said...

Do you know where I live? I hope not :) hee-hee

Marsha said...

Care-in ... the rag.... that dreaded time of the month.

Clorox away, Stace!

The Sawyers said...

This may be the only time I am "happy" we live so far apart...maybe not. I'm so sorry for all your problems. I love you!