Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's Wednesday

I have often wondered why Wednesday is spelled like that. Why not spell it Wensday? Or even Wendsday? Why Wed Nes Day? Who did Nes Wed I often wonder?

Anyways...It's one of those busy weeks.
I invited all the ladies from my Sunday School class over last night for dinner.
Soup, bread, Apple Crisp, a Pumpkin Roll, Hot Apple Cider. MMMM good.
Somebody else brought Taco Soup, Corn Bread, Spinach Dip, Velveeta Dip, Baklava....Lets just say there was no shortage of food for us 8 people.

I was very pleased with my Pumpkin Roll. It's my Mom's recipe and I've never made a roll up cake before. I think about 2 years ago Kim Hill and I where looking through a cook book and I said that sometime that year it was my goal to make a roll up cake. OK, well it took me 2 years to get up enough nerve to do it. I will do it again! Maybe for you the next time...whoever "you" might be.

Having a daughter is very good for the ole ego. I was decorating the table up a bit. Just put out a nice table cloth, and a runner...then added some Southern Living stuff, leaves, and some candles. Well my sweet daughter said it looked like a Kings table! That made me feel better than Martha Stewart!

Today is ballet/piano day. It is also ENT Dr. day. Logan has been clearing his throat incessantly for weeks now. Stacy thinks it is a bad habit. I think he is possibly right, but also think it could be drainage that Claritan is not fixing. So I am taking him to the ENT to find out if this is a medical issue, or a bad habit that needs to be nipped in the butt!
I'm going to see the ole doc too. My ear has not stopped hurting since my last sinus infection 2 months ago. I have serious hatred for taking medicine, so I am hoping he can just wave his magic Drs wand and make it go away!

Sunday the kids and I leave to go to Charlotte, so the rest of my week will spent laundering, packing, and putting some meals in the fridge for he hubbie who is staying behind.

Well, Tat ta and toottleloo me friends and family. Hope you all are having a splendid fall day!


Virginia said...

I believe that the "you" that you referred to in making a pumpkin roll would be me.

Thanks in advance. ;)

Stacy said...

your hubby will miss you next week and won't sleep a wink while you're gone.

Laura Leigh said...

Wish I could have hung around to chat today. Had promised Emma I'd take her to Walmart.

Hope you have a great trip to Charlotte. (I bet the sound of the silence gets a little too loud for Stacy while you're gone!)

Marsha said...

One man's silence and another man's noise. BRING IT ON!!!! Can't wait to see y'all.