Sunday, October 12, 2008

Home on Sunday

Well today is day 3 of el Stomach bug. I just ate some toast and so far so good. The horrible stomach pains haven't even come again yet. So maybe I am getting to be in the clear.
So far so good with the kidos too. Of course, I will hold my breath for a few more days and wait to see what happens. If I can hold down some more food today, I may even Lysol the place. That would be a good thing.

Stacy had his first Deacons meetings today. Yes that is meetings, plural. He had one at 8:00 this morning along with a breakfast, and then another one after church with lunch.
So considering that, and the fact that I don't yet know if the children are infected, they had to stay home with me today. I hate that for them. They love church. I love church. But this is what we had to do.
I am leading our kids choir at church and we were supposed to sing for the first time today. I felt bad having to cancel. I know that at least my kids were excited to sing. Hopefully next week.

LanaLou and I have spent the morning watching "I Love Lucy". I am so glad that I have not had to make her love that show. She just automatically loves it.
We watched one this morning that I had never seen. It was so funny!
Lucy and Ethel go to Charm School. Hilarious! We where laughing so hard. I love the little lines too, like, "You've snapped your twig". I'm gonna start using that one.
Lucille Ball and I share the same Birthday. August 6th. (incidentally Michael Landon died on August 6th...yes I know, I am full of useless information)...anyways so I was telling Lana that Lucy and I have the same Bday. I told her that all funny people where born on Aug.6th. Lana's reply "Your not funny." WHAT? How can my child not think that I am funny? She retracted with "Well you are sometimes". I must work on my funniness with my child. I cannot raise a child that doesn't think I am funny.

Well I have had enough fun for the day. Time to go lay back down on the couch and watch more TV. I have watched some good stuff the past few days. Yesterday I watched "Legally Blond". I forgot that I liked that movie. And then, in Crissy's honor, I watched a Colin Firth movie..."What a Girl Wants". It was actually a really cute movie. AND Colin Firth puts on black leather pants. Crissy, stop drooling...that can't be good for your mouth.

I hope you, all of my blogging friends, have enjoyed your weekend and your Lord's Day.


valerie said...

I'm sorry you have felt bad (I had that stomache thing a couple of weeks ago and it is from the devil!!!) I will say a little prayer that no one else gets sick. Tell Lana that you are very funny!!! Mrs. Valere said so.

Mary said...

She apparently just isn't old enough yet to grasp and appreciate the full effect and joy of sarcasm like the rest of us have...

One day...

But ohh...What a horrid day that will be...

Just asked my parents.

Marsha said...

To add to the Lucy trivia... My Mom was watching Lucy on January 19, 1953. It was the episode where Lucy went into labor and had little Ricky. She laughed so hard she went into labor and just a few hours later - @ 3 a.m. on January 20, 1953 Lana and Logan's Marmi was born!

So, It only stands to reason that all the women in our family Love Lucy!

michelle said...

I'm so sorry you're sick...but you ARE funny! That is hilarious that she said that! LOL!

The Sawyers said...

Sorry you were so sick. Did the kids take care of you? I'm sure they did. For me personaly I think you are the funniest person EVER! And I of course LOVE I love Lucy. I went to the I love Lucy museum on my honeymoon and got a really cool coffe mug that I have cherished for years now. THEN I had kids and one of them, (I will not use her name to protect your innocents but her initials are SB)
BROKE my mug!!! Bad day for her:(

Maggie said...

dose logen have a blog?

care-in said...

I find you very entertaining! Xavier and I were just talking about that the other day.

I love Lucy too. My mom collected all the episodes on VHS a while back. My favorite episode is when they are in the candy factory and start stuffing candy everywhere because they can't keep up.

Can Elliya come sing in your choir? So wish our church had that.