Friday, October 24, 2008


I know my post titles have been so original lately.
Today is Friday. Yesterday was Thursday. And tomorrow, yes tomorrow is Saturday. The day after Saturday is Sunday and is the day the kids and I leave. Which means that Friday will be busy packing, Saturday will be busy cooking and cleaning, and Sunday will be 7 hours in the car.
Kind of makes your head spin a bit doesn't it?!

I am giving the kids a day off of school today. Really I am giving myself a day off of teaching. They are watching PBS kids...that's learning right? Then Logan is going to have to read to Lana out of a Little House on the Prairie book....learning again. Then they can start on home EC...helping fold laundry, help know, all the things kids LOVE to do!
It's rainy today, so no PE! AGGG, rain rain go away, my kids need to go outside today!

Tonight we are going to a little Halloween party. That should be a fun Friday night activity.
Tomorrow night we are going to our monthly Sunday School get together, and we are cooking out and having a hay ride. Cannot get more Fall than that!

Last night I went up to Children's Hospital to visit Crissy and Gracie.
We listened to Mama Mia and played Bingo. It was fun, I mean as much fun as you can have when an 8 year old girl is in a hospital and the doctors are trying to figure out what is wrong with her. I left feeling optimistic because Gracie had gotten out of bed to walk to the elevator and was smiling. THEN I read Crissy's blog this morning. I am so frustrated for Crissy as a Mom. Please keep praying for them.

Well onward with my day I guess. We've been rather lazy on this ooober rainy day.
I made Chicken Pot Pie at 10:30 last night so Stacy would have something to take for lunch. That sounds perfect for today!


Michele Williams said...

MMMM Chicken Pot Pie... What's your recipe? Have a good trip.

Aunt Michele

jeri said...

It's a cozy fall day, isn't it? You'd better bundle up for that hayride tonight--sounds like fun.

I was glad to see they appear to have diagnosed little Gracie's problem.