Monday, October 6, 2008

Heaven or Something Like It

Lately I've been thinking about Heaven.
It's really not something I think about as much as I marvel, long for, and anticipate.
Thinking would involve some sort of understanding, and Heaven is so far beyond the concrete thinking of my brain. What I know about Heaven is that anything my brain could conjure up would be a very poor misrepresentation of it.
How can I process in my earthly human brain that in Heaven we will worship God forever.
I come away from a hour and a half Church service completely overwhelmed at God's Holiness and Grace. How could I even process eternity of that, an eternity with the Vail lifted and God's full glory revealed.
What will it be like to hear hosts of Saints and Angels singing Holy, Holy, Holy?
I get choked up when I hear 200 sinful people in a man made Church building.

The world is fascinated by the thought of Heaven.
Stacy and I where watching part of an old Robin Williams movie yesterday, "What Dreams May Come". The movie "5 People You Meet in Heaven" comes on the Hallmark Channel all the time.
These movies, and most of the world around us think that Heaven is this place of our own choosing. Our minds make Heaven whatever we want it to be. We can run through oil paintings with our old childhood dog, or meet up with our High School English teacher and talk for hours about the good old days. In a humanistic Heaven, it's all about ME!
Seriously, why would I want it to be about me. I haven't done things right here on earth. What makes me think that in a Heaven that my brain comes up with, it's going to be any better?
Everything I do here on earth is tainted with sin. It is God's gift of Salvation and the promise of eternity with Him in a Heavenly body where I will sing with the Chorus of Angels Holy, Holy, Holy, that gives me Hope and makes me long for Heaven.
Why O why would I long for something that I'm just going to make up when I get there, that comes from a very finite brain such as mine?
I can't plan for the end of the week let alone eternity. I can't imagine anything more beautiful than things that I have already seen.
In this life of uncertainty, I look forward to the day, as the old hymn says...
"When we all get to Heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be. When we all see Jesus, we'll sing and shout the victory."


jeri said...

Amen, sister, I'm with you. We need to think more about heaven and learn to "long for His appearing," because that is His desire... to come and make all things right, to live with his people forever!

By the way, there is a neat book by Randy Alcorn called "Heaven." It's a great and eye-opening look at all the Bible has to say about Heaven; it's surprisingly more than we think.

Michele Williams said...

Great post Missy! Heaven is all about HIM!!!

michelle said...

Can't wait!!! :)

Marsha said...

Awesome post, daughter of mine.

care-in said...


The Sawyers said...

Beautiful but Missy. Thanks for sharing from your heart.

The Sawyers said...

Ok I didn't mean beautiful BUT I meant beautifully put. Can you tell I have little kids and don't get out much?