Monday, November 24, 2008

Rainy Day Randimonium

1. Baking Chocolate Chip Banana Bread today.

2. Kids are cleaning out from underneath Logans bed.

3. Children found a very old waffle underneath Logans bed.

4. Lana freaked out when I told her to pick it up.

5. Found a piece of paper on my desk...with Logans handwriting. It says, 2 times..."Laser Hair Removal". Yeah, not sure what that is about.

6. Trying to attack the mountain of laundry that piled up over the weekend.

7. Really wanting to go see Twilight again. Yes again. Yes I am obsessed. If you haven't read the books, then hush.

8. Had the best time Thursday night at midnight seeing the movie with 8 other women.

9. Stayed home from church yesterday morning with Sinus crud, horrible cramps, and a very painful ingrown toenail.

10. Unless a miracle happens tonight, I have to go to the Dr. tomorrow to have toenail taken care of. I don't think puss, swelling, and constant throbbing are good things. And yes, I have been doing the Epsom salt soak thing.

11. Done with Christmas shopping. Still need to get something for my brother. Other than that...done.

12. Made a huge grocery list over the weekend. Can't wait to start my Christmas baking.

13. Having only one car is a pain in the butt at times...other times its nice to be stuck at home. Like on rainy days like today.

14. Still wondering why my son wrote down laser hair removal.

15. Miss talking to my parents who are in Africa with my Sister. Wish I was there too.

16. Really looking forward to the Rockettes show with Lana.

17. This coming Sunday is the Hanging of the Green and the first Sunday of Advent. Yeah!!!

18. People from church invited us to their house for Thanksgiving. That is so nice. We are looking forward to it. No Cracker Barrel for us this year. Which would have been fun too.

19. Started taking down my Fall decorations so that this week I can put up Christmas decorations! Hooray for Christmas trees!

20. Have the Nutcracker Suite song in my head.

21. I love glitter.

22. Want to do one of those paraffin wax hand treatments sometime.

23. I look like a complete dork right now, and I haven't brushed my teeth today.

24. Had to redo the budget yesterday to make room for all the Christmas parties and such that are coming up.

25. Will be paying the van off on January 31st. Then what? We have a paid off dead van.

26. 2 words- Cullen Family

27. I have enjoyed several cheesy Hallmark Channel Christmas movies this weekend.

28. Really miss my sister. And the girls. I want to give them big squeezes.

29. Speaking of big squeezes, Alli Shirleys new baby is so squeezable and cute!

30. Seriously, laser hair removal? I'm not even hairy...what is that about?


Kim said...

oh my, so funny. I enjoyed your randomiciousness.

Laser Hair Removal... I'm gonna guess he heard the word "laser" and is gonna go with that as the coolest new weapon Ever.

Mary said...

You need to get out of the house.

And guess what...I'm going to see Twilight again this week. Yes!

Ginger said...

He he he! You make me LOL frequently!
I've got 2 words for you- Tomorrow Night! I'm sooo excited about seeing the Cullen family again with you.

Anonymous said...

love your randomness. i was gonna ask how the toenail is doing, now i know! brian was saying they may have to just cut it out. painful. the laser hair removal made me laugh.

Amber said...

yipee. Tonight's the night. My first time to see it you know. The anticipation is killing me. And, I have to work for 4.5 hours first, ugh. But a good reward, huh?

care-in said...

I love you and all the random things that come with!!

craig said...

Its probably Logan's master plan to look just like his dad!

Crissy said...

"I love glitter." Hmmm... wonder why that is?