Tuesday, November 18, 2008


OK, so I submitted this picture of Lana from 2 years ago, to WDJC's contest to win 4 tickets and a walk on roll to the ROCKETTES!
Well I just got an email that she is one of the 10 finalist!!!!
Can you please email - contest@wdjconline.com and vote for picture #10-Lana Lowery.
Lana and I have been wanting to go to the show so bad, but tickets are enourmously expensive. Plus, if she wins, she gets to be part of the nativity scene in the Rockettes show!!!

The rules are 1 entry per email address....so use as many email addresses accounts as you can!
The deadline is Thursday night! Winner is announced Friday.
Thanks my friends!!!


Anonymous said...

I voted! I can be your bff now!

Virginia said...

I just voted twice since I have two email addresses! I hope she wins!

BP said...

That's a really cute picture! I'm gonna send in my vote.

Jeanny said...

I voted! SHe is so cute! I hope she wins!

michelle said...

yay, I did it.

Graced said...

Voted with both emails.

I hope you win.

Dollar General said...

OKAY, I voted FIVE times! I used my 2 emails + my work email + my bosses email + Jasons email...So, I did all I could do ;) Maybe I'll win too!!

But honestly...I think she was the cutest! Not just b/c I know her! That was cute!!

valerie said...

I voted with my two emails, terry's email and then passed the word on to all my friends, family, vendors and customer base to vote for her too!!!!

Abbey said...

Yay me too! Go Lana!!

Michele Williams said...

Just voted!

susansspace said...

Hi, Missy!
I voted, too! Good luck, Lana!
Hope you win!!
S: )

susansspace said...

Hi, Missy!
I voted, too! Good luck, Lana!
Hope you win!!
S: )

Heather said...

I voted with all our e-mail addresses, she is really cute. I'm praying that she wins, good luck you 2.
Love, Heather