Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tagged and My Grocery List

Well first of all Virginia tagged me to tell you 6 things about me. I feel like you should all know everything there is to know about me by know...but just in case, I will give you 6 more yummy nuggets of randomly randomness.

1. I am currently counting down the days until the Twilight movie comes out. Oh yes, I WILL be at the midnight showing with Crissy, Ginger, and whatever other crazy people are joining us. We are currently at 8 days, 1 hour, 55 minutes.

2. Unlike Virges aversion to Facebook, I am, well yes, I can say it, a wee bit obsessed with it. Who knew status updates could be so much fun!

3. I obsess over money. We just did our budget for Nov.15th -Dec.29th, and yes, every penny is pretty much allotted. Of course, my going to see Twilight money is budgeted in that. Well actually, I think Crissy bought my ticket on line. So I will drive us there since it is across town, and I will purchase snacks. Yes, you have to have snacks at a midnight movie!

4. I like Amish books. Jah, I do. I just finished one today. Although, I am an Amish novel purist. I only like Beverly Lewis because I consider her the first lady of Amish books.

5. I used to have a pair of red, white, and black PJ's that had a panda on them. I loved those PJ's. They even had holes in them. Kim Hill always made fun of them in college. After a year or so of marriage my husband finally made me part with them. I still miss those PJs. They where so comfy.

6. I love me a good grocery list and meal plan.

Which brings me to my grocery list portion of this post.
I have just put together a 2 week grocery list, on my master grocery list of course, and planned out meals for 2 weeks based on a $100 budget. I can't believe it. But its true. We are poor this week so I am forcing myself to use up what I have and be extra thrifty with what I have to buy. And I must say that $20 of that is non-food items that I need like TP, detergent, and other stuff like that.
I look forward to my two weeks of bare necessity's. Stacy and I are definitely learning to live on less right now. Not that we've ever lived on a lot. But since I've stopped working, things are definitely tighter. We are also down to 1 car since the van is completely dead. So I will be taking him to and from work on days that I need the car. Sounds fun doesn't it!? Such is life. People do stuff like this all the time right. God is still good. All the time.

I just thought of a 7th thing about me. I am "I'ming" with my Mom while I type this post, and I crack myself up. Number 7- I make myself laugh. That will come in really handy when I'm in a loony bin some day.

Night peeps!


Marsha said...

I remember those red panda pj's. Funny, I thought I just remembered seeing you wear them not to long ago. My how time flies.

You and Cel.... you can obsess over Facebook together. THAT is why I CANNOT do it!!!! I don't need one more thing to obsess over.

The Sawyers said...

I think I remember those PJs too. I'm sure you will do great with your shopping. I love you. By the way I LOVE the pics of you!!! SO funny!

Michele Williams said...

You are crazy girl!!! Do you have a facebook account? How do you do two weeks of groceries for $100?

Stop by my blog I have some awards for you!

Aunt Michele

Anonymous said...

help me with the grocery thing too. i spend at least 100 dollars a week.

care-in said...

I can totally see you entertaining yourself in the loony ben. That's probably good!

I hate when I have to spend grocery money on detergent and such.

You'll get used to the one car thing, we did it for almost 7 years. But we do have a pretty good mass transit system. Wish I was there to help out cause I've totally been there.

jeri said...

It can be kind of a fun challenge to see how you can make up a menu list using up all the stuff you already have. In fact, I took a picture of my empty freezer the other day after I threw out the expired stuff and had used up the rest. My shame at my wastefulness had prompted me to do so.

I laugh at my own jokes, too. My oldest daughter Rachel doesn't laugh at herself when she says something funny and it's so much more effective.

Jeanny said...

I am going at Midnight too! Maybe I will see you! :)

allison said...

ok, you becoming a man and then seeing your brother - cracked me up! Also, you have inspired me to go cheaper...after my dad's visit. When he is around I feel the need to cook more food, really good food.

michelle said...

I remember the jammies :) Good times. Good times.

Mary said...

Anyone who plays a two in the morning game of Balderdash with you will know just how hilarious you think you are.

And I for one will not be eating anything when I go see Twilight. Because to eat something, you have to drink something. And with my pea-sized bladder, that will mean bathroom breaks.

That is just not acceptable.