Friday, November 28, 2008

Twilight, Toes, and Christmas Decorations

Topic One: Twilight-
I went again this week. Loved it even better the second time around. I will go again. I tried to go today but Mary didn't answer my text. Mary why didn't you answer my text?
Anyways...I just have to say this about Twilight and then I will move on...
I love that they are vampires, and could have, do, act, however they like, and yet they CHOOSE to be upright, moral, non killing, vampires. It adds this human dimension to them of fighting their flesh, and I like that about them.
I think that Stacy and I are going to see it together next week for his birthday. Happy Birthday Missy, I mean Stacy. ;)

Topic Two: My Toe-
Crissy graciously offered to take me on Wednesday to have my toe taken care of. It was comforting to know that she was in the waiting room listening to Rob Pattinson sing, while I was having half of my big toenail removed.
I must say that I never knew that something like a toenail could cause so much pain. I had been trying to treat it at home for 2 weeks to no avail.
The worse part was them giving me 3 shots in my toe to numb it. And then as he started to remove the nail, I could feel a digging pain. Yeah, not supposed to feel that. So he had to give me another shot, straight down the top of my toe. Then he proceeded with the removal. It was a horrible sound, and feeling. I could hear the tools, and feel the pressure of him ripping out my nail. Pleasant. Then he bandaged it up all big and fat so that I couldn't wear a shoe. So I've been shoeless since Wednesday.
I even went to Thanksgiving dinner at Kim Postons with no shoes on. Which by the way was such a fun time having Thanksgiving dinner with that fun group of people! Kim Poston made everything imaginable! It was amazing!
Back to the toe- Hubby is about to remove my bandages and re wrap them smaller so that I can wear shoes. I must go grocery shopping tomorrow, and I've already been to Wal-Mart once with no shoes, I'm not doing it again.

Topic Three: Christmas Decorations-
Tuesday the kids and I decorated the den, and the kids did their rooms. Very cute they are by the way. Then yesterday we put up the tree and decorated while watching White Christmas. Can't get any more festive than that! Then today, I decorated my living room. I think I've mentioned before that I do my den, living room, and kitchen, and I do them all differently. It's just something I like to do. I like the differences. Downstairs is snowmen and silvers. The living room is golds, and more rustics. The kitchen is whimsy and fun.
And lest you all think I am rich, a lot of the stuff I have inherited...the rest I have gotten gradually over the past 10 years.
I look forward to a lot of you coming over to my house on the 9th for the Ornament Swap. If you didn't get an email invitation, consider this your official invitation! (unless you are a crazy person)

Alrighty then, I have covered my desired 3 topics for the evening. Now I will go let Stacy bandage my toe. Fun for him huh?!


care-in said...

Sorry about your toe but did you at least wear one shoe so you didn't look like a redneck?

Come decorate for me? Please??

Jennifer said...

I'm SO sorry about your toe. I had my first ingrown toenail last year, and that removal (shots really) was the worst thing I've ever experienced physically. It was worse than my c-section, or any other surgery. I totally hate that you have suffered with it. Nightmarish...

And, I do themes with my decor too. I love that. I love Christmas.

And, I love Twilight. And the soundtrack. And Rob. And, the whole blamed thing. It's so great....

Love you too!!!

Anonymous said...

Whats the big deal about going shoeless at Walmart? You'd fit right in, girl?

I'm sorry about your toe. I hope everyone feels better soon. You were missed Friday night. That crazy Crissy called my house at 6:30 begging me to come over! I told her I wanted my props when I walked in. I got a lot of silent cheers. Chris was sleeping, so it was kinda like the Scott tissue commercials where everyone is whispering. It was funny. I told them I felt like Kim Hill walking in the door.

Mary said...

What?! I never got a text!!

Missy said...

Houston we have a problem!!!
When I just saw that Mary said she never got my text, I looked at my text messages. Guess what happened. When I was sending Mary a text about babysitting, somebody called me at the same time and the text went to drafts, and didn't get sent. OMG! How annoying!
I want to see Twilight!!!

Mary said...

Thank you.

Stace' said...

Won't you please post directions to your house on your blog? Your mom did!


heather said...

The toe thing really shots in you toe, that is the most worstest thing I ever heard. Next time I will take you so I can watch,how much toenail did they take off? I am very curious.
I am looking forward to the ornament swap. Fun times.