Friday, January 9, 2009

20 Things I've Learned Just This Week

1. I am a much happier person when the sun is shining.

2. Grease should not be poured down sinks, even with the hot water running.

3. Ace hardware has very helpful dudes that help plumbing illiterate women such as myself.

4. I have not had Chic-Fil-A in a while and got some today. I've missed you my precious.

5. I have TMJ. I thought my ear was exploding but instead it is TMJ and it hurts a lot.

6. You cannot take Ibuprofen for 10 tens before surgery.

7. Sleeping with a mouth guard provides a lot of drool.

8. My Grandfathers health is deteriorating rapidly and I will be flying to PA soon.

9. Upwards basketball is a good program. Despite our rocky start, they have proven to be good.

10. The nursery rhyme "London Bridges Falling Down" came about cause of vikings and ropes.

11. The Sharps are rich.

12. There are many views on what Jesus did for the 3 days after He died.

13. Kim Hill makes herself dizzy.

14. Tina Turner probably did not say "Hit me again Ike, and this time put some Stank on it."

15. For our 10th anniversary trip, we are going on a Youth Mission Trip to New Orleans.

16. According to Lana she will never ever be mad at me.

17. Some new law may prohibit consignment sales and thrift stores.

18. A guy at church has a Nintendo controller belt buckle.

19. The "Look" game does not actually involve a ball.

20. Lions attack giraffes.


care-in said...

Now don't you feel smarter? I'm curious what happened with the grease down the drain.

Are you having surgery for your TMJ?

Mary said...

I was at Chick-Fil-A today, too!
In MY car this time. :]

Mary said...

Eric Middleton.
That's the belt guy.

And the "look" game?...
You are obviously talking about Signs...
Best game ever.

jeri said...

What are 10 tens? Are you speaking in OT prophetic language, like Daniel: time, times, and times and a half?

I am sorry to hear your grandfather is getting worse. Keep us posted. You're in my prayers...

-C said...

I know of this cool free safe place where your mission team could stay here. :) And, I might add, I won't be doing that for our 10th anniversary ... kudos to you.

Dollar General said...

I heard if you have hot water running pour the grease and follow it with Clorox and hot water running it would be "OK" - still not GREAT! A plumber told me that once!

Missy said...

I meant ten can't have ibuforfren ten days before surgery.

I am having my tonsils out cause I have chronic tonsilitits.

I have always poured grease down my drain with hot water, but apperently it has caught up.
Thanks for the tip Page about the clorox too.

Thanks C! I'll be in touch with you about seeing you while we are there.

Thanks Jeri...looks like I may be going sooner than I thought.

Yes, it is Eric Middleton and I was stunned. And yes the signs game is what the where talking about and I was so confused.

allison said...

Hey Missy! I am really enjoying Athan being in upwards too, I can seriously throw down some chick fil A, AND is your pillow dry by the time your ready for bed again?!LOL

Kim said...

Glad you changed your music playlist.

Of couse I make myself dizzy. On purpose. For attention. it totally works.

How did you get ear wierdness?

Sorry about your Grandfather. I'm dreading the next few years with ours (as far as deteriorating health). Are you going up very soon? Facebook me back.

Michele Williams said...

Keep that list... especially that Lana says she will never be mad at you.... TEEN years... show her then....!\

Love you,
Aunt Michele