Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

9 Resolutions for 2009:

1. Gain 40 pounds

2. Be a less patient Mother

3. Not make a lot of money

4. Love my husband less

5. Be less organized

6. Have inconsitent time in Gods word

7. Be unprepared for homeschooling everyday

8. Fix nothing in my house

9. Eat food that is bad for me

I figure I usually do the opposite of the resolutions that I make...this way I ought to be doing pretty well next year at this time :)

Happy New Year Friends!


Heather said...

You CRACK me up!!!! The things you come up with I think you should right a book it would be on the top 10 list for
Love, Heather

care-in said...

That's good, at least you won't be disappointed if you don't meet these goals!

Jennifer said...

i love it!

Michele Williams said...

Well considering resolutions usually don't come about, you should be in good shape by the end of the year....You are too funny child!! I'm old... I can still call you a child! And don't sas back at me dear niece or I will swat that butt!! lol.... love you

Marsha said...

I love these, you nut job! Where do you come up with these things?

Dollar General said...

I never thought I would say this...BUT, I hope you fail ;)

Rachel Garcia said...

I love it!! this is awesome and inspiring! lol