Friday, January 2, 2009

Wii Bowling

Our Family has become obsessed with Wii bowling.
We've only had the thing for a week, and we have already hit obsession mode.
Of course when we start back to school on Monday, that will have to change, but for now, we are enjoying the wii!

I won't tell you who the Pro is (me) and who has the highest score (me) and who has the best ball because of the pro status (me), but I will tell you who has the most unique Wii bowling stance and throw of anyone in the world. Weee little Lana. It took her a few days to figure it out, but today the Wii light went off, and she is on fire! She scores really well, but her technique is hilarious. I tried to capture it on video, and it just doesn't do it justice. But it sure is funny to watch her play...and play well!


Marsha said...

I see nothing wrong with throwing a bowling ball like a softball pitcher. Very similar. You go girl!
Love, Marmi

Stace' said...

Watch and learn!

jeri said...

Very cute! Happy Wii-ing!

valerie said...

I say whatever works!!!!

care-in said...

If it works I say go for it!